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  • Warning: Spoilers
    I really enjoyed seasons 1 and 2 of The Chi, good story lines, great acting and was looking forward to season 3. Have only seen first episode, but was so confused. Starts with wedding Of Kevin's mothers and he goes off to a funeral. We see casket then camera pans over to photo of Brandon, the central character. He was getting set to bring Douda down, and now is mysteriously killed off. Have since read he was sacked. So now there is no real story. Ronnie's grandma seems to have disappeared too with here house locked up and furniture lying out front. An attempt is being made to start a new story with introduction of Reg's older brother, but it's not really convincing. Reg and Jerrica were also dropped last season. The Brandon character was the glue, the main guy that everything And everybody seemed to connect to in some way. Now he's gone there's just lots of loose ends struggling to remain relevant. It's very disappointing as it was a great show. I'll give it a couple more episodes, but not really hopeful.
  • After they fired Reg and Brandon and ruining the plot to this show out of nowhere this show will just be Season 1-2 for me and i won't continue to watch it in protest of getting rid of two important main character's that made the show. Had a Good run 👍
  • I used to like this show because it had a balance of depicting the good and bad side of Chicago. Now all the show is about is foul language, sexual immorality, & a Mayor that does not have a political or good bone in his body. This should have just ended with season 2.
  • Didn't make it past Season 3. Ep. 2 👎🏽👎🏽 Cast changes and all the raunchiness. I'm out ✌🏾
  • The first 2 seasons were awesome! They were positive, insightful, real, and fun. Then the onset sexual harassment scandal hit , and since then, it went downhill, and It's unrecognizable. Either cancel it, or bring in a new storyline.
  • winecellarwomack6 June 2021
    Without Brandon the show got worse and worse. A lot of the actors need work on their acting abilities.... It went from a pretty groundbreaking amazing show to a Tyler Perry movie that he decided not to put any effort in. I'm also certain that Lena Waithe hates white people.
  • I enjoyed this series in the beginning, but over a time, it has gotten awful and rather depressing.
  • Enjoyed the first 3 seasons. Tried to get into season 4 and all of a sudden it's a teen drama. Where all the grown folks gone, they brought the real drama. Used to be great, even rated it 8 but I'm out. I will find grown up shows elsewhere.
  • This is a show I was excited for because I have lived in or near Chicago most my life. Sadly the writers must not, because this could be any random city. There is nothing about this show that feels like Chicago. I like the story thread around Kevin and his circle, but again they could be anywhere. Season 3 has a totally different feel and it's going downhill fast. I will grind out the season and probably bail. UPDATE please turn this trash off and stop feeding the propaganda.
  • This was good when it first came out, now it's just stupid. What happened? They change writers or what? This is just disappointing, political, childish, junk now.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Once again plotholes.. unnecessary drama. Emmit and Tiff zero chemistry... keisha gonna keep that baby and traumatize herself and bore the hell out of us... I just don't buy Trig as no gangsta... and Ronnie is gone.. it's not even about the neighborhood no more. It made it more raw and real.
  • Season 3 is a mess. This should have ended with season 2!
  • The moment you start watching "the Wire" pops in ones head. Which is a huge praise. The raw, real feeling of the world, characters, complexity and interconnectedness. Great show, cool. However... With season 3 it begins to lose the spirit. But nothing like season 4. Abysmal. Crucial characters puf!...disappear, huge storylines fade off, melodrama turned up to 11 filling everything and we get these little pop farts of storylines instead of (a)strong ones.

    Season 4 might as well not have been filmed. It was a waste of time. Big idea, big story plot point, big issues. All just...left and unresolved, pushed aside to favour stupid ever revolving love drama that gets SO SO tiring and boring constantly repeating same old thing over and over again.

    Just stop... You have ruined it. If season 4 is the jump off for season 5 and the same talentless hack of showrunner remains, spare yourself the ridicule of filming more of this pathetic insultingly dull product you call a tv show.
  • What's The Chi without Brandon? It's not the same, I actually forgot the times that it came on anymore. The storyline seems to be forcing a way of life that that not all of us are not accustomed to. Yes,, I know that some people are cool with this but it's just too much for me,. The Chi used to be showing the lifestyle of Chicago but it's turn a lot of us off with this direction that they are going.
  • Wha' happened?? The first two seasons had me comparing this show with The Wire. Now it's just a confusing mess with horrible writing, wooden acting, dropped storylines, implausible plots, and non-relatable characters. Cancelled Showtime after trying to make it through the first five eps of S3.
  • This is The Chi no The L word!!! The story was Brandon, without Brandon there is no The Chi.
  • I'll tell you straight up, I'm from Chicago long time resident of the South Side and this show is by far the best portrayal of the South Side I have ever seen on TV. The Chi doesn't pull any punches and we get a show were the characters are so complicated and diverse, and the chemistry between them all is just so well balanced. The best way I can describe this show is like a fine tuned wristwatch. Don't go into this show thinking its all about gangs and poor black people living on food stamps.

    As a citizen of Chicago living on the South Side, I am glad this show is showcasing how everyday life is. You watch the news and all you hear is "there was another shooting, possibly gang related.' Hence the words "Gang Related' this is the media's attempt to write off the violence that occurs in SOME not ALL of the communities on the South Side. Whenever I hear a shooting was a so-called gang hit on the news, I just shake my head. Most if not 100% of the time, shootings are the result of beefs or feuds between peoples that are not linked to a gang. And this show the Chi hits that mark square on with its first episode and its continuation. And also 100% of those shootings happen to be mistaken identity or what have you.

    But moving away from the shootings and the gangs and all that, the South Side of Chicago is so much more than this. In the Chi. the creators of the show have highlighted these aspects, things people even living in Chicago do not know about.

    If you're a TV buff with a taste for an authentic storyline, try the Chi. You won't disappointed.
  • Shady politicians, gang leaders, drug lords, the beating of the elderly, the murdering of the young, prison stints, the glorification of violence. What on earth is this teaching our young and each other?!
  • Season one and two were flawless. Acting, story line, directing, music, mood... Flawless! And then someone decided to ruin it and burn it to the ground. Season three is like watching whole different tv show. Can't even be compared to seasons one and two. Congratulations to whom ever destroyed what could've been the best show in this genre. To those who worked on first two seasons I hope you will keep working on other projects. I bet my life that I could write better story while being hit in the head with a wet rag constantly, then the one they wrote for season three.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    There's having to kill off a central character and then there's HOW you do it. Logically, it makes no sense to treat it like a blip, miserably fail at any explanation, and eradicate a big chunk of cast and storyline with them. This is a neighborhood fans have been living in for 2 years. When you disrespect your own story, you disrespect them. Being pissed at an actor and taking it out on the show is for chumps!

    The first two seasons were so good. The Chi was a place you could step into; the families, friendships, struggles, love, messiness, food. The battles to make or take a buck.

    When it was hot, you sweated. The funerals hurt.

    Two seasons of 8/10.

    But season 3 was half a bottle of white-out atop it. If you're asking the audience to forget great characters and a chunk of what they knew about the story, the writers better deliver fresh gold.

    Were there any sustaining new threads as interesting as several relationships the central character had in those first seasons? Because The Chi lost those peripheral characters, too.

    Drama for drama's sake, more like. The real feel was getting thin on the ground. Half of where the story went headed down the drain before long.

    Season 3 only looked good in comparison to season 4-when the show went all the way over the cliff.

    Man, when even a liberal's liberal calls your season a ridiculous Wokefest, you got issues! What is uuup with the showrunners??? Did they seriously overestimate how much pretentious teen navel-gazing the audience is interested in, or is it me? They took a likable, interesting bunch of kids and made them annoying af. That'd be a subtitle of season 4: The Year The Chi Made virtually Every Character Irritating.

    The larger problem is, the show got irritating. At times it felt like a systematic attempt to check off every woke headline or trend. Characters behaving against their character, contrary to any reason and/or relationship. A lot of plot just too nonsensical to buy. I won't be back.

    Season 3: 5/10 Season 4: 2/10.
  • First two season was excellent, between an 8/9 out of ten but this third season i'm at a complete lost,it's like watching a different show,it in a way reminds me of Power or even Games of Thrones both being series that went on a season (or two) to long and totally lost what I enjoyed about them,I'll struggle through season 3 out of respect for a show I really enjoyed but won't watch a season 4 if it's made.
  • vanislandr14 August 2020
    Warning: Spoilers
    Season 1 and 2 not bad season 3 is completely absurd. one dies plots completely changed, new characters ridiculous and the overall stories is a skid mark. Please cancel this show!!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I loved to see Kevin's growth and success in a white dominated field, he was the backbone of the show with the other characters growing well to loved the connection and the relatability, but Season 3 is just so bad especially the way they potray the black people
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Lena Waithe is maybe the worst writer on TV. This show had a great first season, season 2 was solid and then all downhill from that.

    The Chi has no continuity except for Darnell's bluetooth headset and the black G wagon. Storylines are written in just to be forgotten and never addressed again, characters make decisions that go strongly against who they are and to be honesr I hope they cancel this show before season 5 comes out.

    Like how are we to believe that a drug lord gangster cam run for mayor and win and then defund the police? He was under investigation for murder while running..

    Then when he kills Jemmas dad the police dont check the cameras in the house? Lena are you high on opium while writing this?
  • mike-499-20587119 February 2018
    The Chi is one of the best shows to air in a long time. Watching it after the utter dross that is MacMafia reminded me of how good television should look and feel. The writers take their time to introduce you to the characters, and give them space to develop. A rare thing these days. It's been compared to The Wire, and there are definite similarities (obviously no bad thing), but The Chi has a vibe all of it's own and gradually hooks you in. Most shows aim to have someone on screen you can empathise with, or at least identify with, but here there are so many members of the cast you genuinely want to go along with for the ride. I'm surprised this show doesn't have a higher rating. From the reviews so far it's clear some people just don't get it, or have the time to let something grow, but this is top class television and I hope it gets the audience it clearly deserves.
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