According to series creator Veena Sud, the choice of the particular New Jersey location was intentional because the rear view of the Statue of Liberty was somewhat symbolic of how welcoming 'she' is to immigrants from Europe and the East, and how ironic it is that her back is turned to those already settled here, particularly those in dire need of justice in this storyline.

Producer Jonathan Demme passed away in April, 2017, from esophageal cancer and heart disease. The second episode of Season 1 is dedicated to his memory.

In preparation for her role as a prosecutor, British actress Clare-Hope Ashitey (KJ Harper) spent time with Jersey City PD and prosecutors, the NYPD, New York City District Attorneys, etc. She also attended late-night court arraignment hearings in Jersey and Manhattan.

Regina King won the 2018 Emmy Award in the Lead Actress in a Limited Series or Movie category for her role as Latrice Butler in Seven Seconds (2018).

Brenton's uncle calls him by the pet name "Little Man". This is what Stephen Holder called boys in The Killing (2011), in particular Linden's son, Jack. This is clearly an affectionate reference by Veena Sud, the creator of both series.

Latrice Butler sleeps in hospital room awaiting her son to get better, she sleeps the same way in the movie Friday (1995) playing Craig's sister in beginning or opening credits.

The character of the boy hit by a car in the opening of the series and who is central to the plot, is named Brenton Butler. The character is named for a real Brenton Butler, a young man who was wrongly arrested for murder in Florida in 2000, picked up by police for simply being black and male. His story is told in the Oscar-winning documentary, Murder on a Sunday Morning (2001). Although his story is different to the character in Seven Seconds, show creator Veena Sud has said "the character's name was inspired by the real Brenton Butler because his story was so intensely heart wrenching and illuminated the travesties of the justice system criminalizing innocent young Black men."