Man Singer: [Opening lines] Big Bang! Happy birthday to the universe and Earth. Galaxies colliding, Woo-hoo, Woo-ha! Magma volcano eruptions, lava all over the world. Clouds, water, rain, river and oceans. Woo-hoo, Woo ha! Tyrannosaurs, brachiosaurs, spinosaurs, triceratopses, Cambrian, Devonian, and Jurrassic Woo-hoo, Woo-ha!

Children Singers: The planet we live on was born in darkness, Happy birthday! A miracle happened in the vast oceans, Happy birthday!

Man Singer: The wonderful wonders of life Woo-hoo, Woo-ha! Good morning to 4 billion years, Woo-hoo, Woo-ha!

Children Singers: Australopithecus, Cro-Magnon, and Human there's nothing to be afraid of, lets keep on marching forward!

Man SingerChildren Singers: Our planet was born Woo-hoo, Woo-ha!

Speedy Train: Hello, I'm Speedy. I'm going to deliver fruit. I have a banana, apple, orange, peach, strawberry, and grape.

[Then speedy pulls up and meets Shimajiro the tiger at the train station]

Shimajiro: Hi Speedy! Where are you going?

Speedy Train: I'm going to deliver fruit.

Shimajiro: Can I go too?

Speedy Train: Sure, let's go.

Beepy Car: [after Beepy car runs over a sharp rock and gets a flat tire] Oh my God, sigh!

Shimajiro: [Then Speedy Train with Shimajiro stops for Beepy Car] Hi Beepy! What's wrong?

Beepy Car: Look at my tire! I can't go!

Speedy Train: I can carry you. Come on.

Beepy Car: Thank you!

Shimajiro: Let's go!

Shimajiro: More please! A pancake! Smells good. I want a pancake please.

Shimajiro's Father: Okay. Here you are.

[Then Shimajiro is served a pancake on a plate and eats at the table with his family]

ShimajiroShimajiro's FatherShimajiro's MotherHana: Thank you!

[Shimajiro eats his pancake real fast]

Shimajiro: Yummy! More please!

[Shimajiro gives his dad an empty plate]

Shimajiro's Father: Okay. Here you are.

[Gives Shimajiro a second pancake]

Shimajiro: Thank you! More please!

Shimajiro's Father: Um Okay.

Shimajiro: More please!

Shimajiro's Father: Okay.

Beepy Car: Let's say hello.

Shimajiro: Okay.

[Then the Hello song starts]

Beepy Car: Shimajiro look.

[He looks at the bird]

Bird: Hello.

Beepy Car: Hello bird.

Shimajiro: Hello bird!

ShimajiroBeepy Car: Hello! Hello, hello, hello, hello, hello cat.

Cat: Hello.

ShimajiroBeepy Car: Hello! Hello dog.

Dog: Hello.

ShimajiroBeepy CarBirdCatDog: Hello! Hello, hello, hello, hello!

Shimajiro: [Holding Hands song English translation] La la la la la la la la. La la la la la la la la. La la la la la la la. La la la la la la.

Shimajiro: Holding hands, will make us happy. Holding hands, will make us happy. Hand in hand, and we'll be glad, we'll make a circle around the world.

Shimajiro: La la la la la la la la. La la la la la la la la. La la la la la la la. La la la la la la.

Shimajiro: When we smile, we will be happy. When we smile, we will be happy. When we smile, we will be glad, we'll see the sunshine smiling too.

Shimajiro Shimano: Hey mom! Hey dad! Good morning!

Shimajiro's Father: Good morning.

Shimajiro's Mother: Sit down Shimajiro and Hana, mom and dad are here waiting for you.

Shimajiro Shimano: Okay!

Hana: [Hana crawls over to Shimajiro and wakes him up] Shimajiro, Shimajiro.

Shimajiro Shimano: Um, hey Hana, morning. Ahh!

[Shimajiro falls out of bed on the floor]

Hana: Shimajiro, sun warm.

[Shimajiro opens the window]

Shimajiro Shimano: You're right! Wow! What a great day!

Shimajiro's Mother: Dig in everyone.

[Shimajiro, Hana, his mom and dad eat at the breakfast table. Shimajiro pushes his green beans aside]

Shimajiro's Mother: I saw that Shimajiro.

Shimajiro Shimano: Huh?

Shimajiro's Mother: Eat your vegetables. I don't want to see any waste.

Hana: Waste bad Shimajiro.

Shimajiro's Mother: And stop being so messy. Your a big brother, be a good example for Hana okay?

Shimajiro Shimano: Okay.

Shimajiro Shimano: See you later! Flappie! Mimirin!

[Shimajiro runs out of his house and meets his 2 friends]

TorippiiMimirin: Hey.

Shimajiro Shimano: Hi!

TorippiiMimirin: How's it going?

Shimajiro Shimano: It's such a great day! I'm so excited, I can't wait to do something!

Mimirin: Me too.

Torippii: I feel like bursting into song or something.

Mimirin: It sure feels like spring.

Shimajiro Shimano: Mimirin, where did you get that brooch?

Mimirin: Oh, you mean this. Mom gave it to me. Isn't it pretty? I love it so much. Oh!

[Shows Shimajiro her strawberry brooch on her shirt. Then a dragonfly insect flies by]

Torippii: Oh a dragonfly!

Shimajiro Shimano: I've never seen one like that before.

Mimirin: It's so pretty.

Shimajiro's Father: [Shimajiro's dad walks up behind them] It is pretty. That's why it's called the damsel fly.

Torippii: Yeah, that makes sense.

Shimajiro's Father: Hey, why don't you go and see what other insects and plants you can find.

Shimajiro Shimano: Yeah let's go!

TorippiiMimirin: Okay.

Shimajiro Shimano: Goodbye dad!

[Shimajiro, Flappie, and Mimirin run off]

Shimajiro Shimano: [In the opening title card] Island Adventures!

Man Camper: How is the weather? How is the weather?

Shimajiro's Mother: It's sunny.

Man Camper: Oh that's great! How do you do?

Dog: How is the weather?

Mouse: It's sunny.

Shimajiro's Mother: Okay Shimajiro. How is the weather?

Shimajiro Shimano: It's cloudy.

[He speaks Japanese. Then it starts to rain]

Frog: How is the weather?

Shimajiro Shimano: It's rainy.

Frog: Oh that's great!

Shimajiro Shimano: How is the weather.

[He speaks Japanese]

Shimajiro Shimano: [In the opening title card] Come back birdie!