Season 2 was announced on September 13, 2017

While casting True Romance (1993), which co-stars Michael Rapaport, Jennifer Jason Leigh was offered the role of Alabama Whitman. That role was eventually given to Patricia Arquette.

Michael Raparort was in an episode of The Big Bang Theory (2007) where he has a very literal and pedantic conversation with Lenard and Sheldon. There are lots of theories of Sheldon Cooper being on the spectrum although this has never been confirmed. In fact Mayim Bialik (Amy and real life neurobiologist) stated that it wasn't important to add the label of autism because it wouldn't change who he is as a person. In this series Doug struggles to come to terms but still treats Sam as if he would any other person neuro-typical or neuro-diverse.

Techopolis is a play on the real-world Best Buy, both companies sell electronic goods and their colour motif is blue.

Season 1 episode 3 "Julia Says" has an homage to the Upright Citizens Brigade in a brief exchange between Jennifer Jason Leigh (Elsa) and Nick Dodani (Zahid). Zahid explains to Elsa that he had "power" over a co-worker because he had rubbed his ass on his car. This is a direct reference to the "Ass pennies" skit done by UCB.