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  • Starting "Final Space", I found the lead characters oddly annoying and obnoxious, even though i generally like stupid silly, yet oddly witty humor, it was just too much too soon. But the more the main plot-line proceeded, the better the characters became. The character development in this show is brilliant. Towards the end, one cant help but really feel part of the squad and understand the relations and struggles the characters have towards another.

    The plot of "Final Space" is a little bit all over the place. However moving on through the episodes, one couldn't help but feel like it some how all made sense, the different cliche's and scenarios were all the right ingredients which in turn are what gave it a true Science Fiction feel.

    THE MUSIC IS SPOT ON. Oh in my opinion by far the greatest aspect of the show. Firstly congratulate who ever selected the sound track and audio. The music hit the scene perfectly almost every time and really added that final touch to make it truly feel like a sci-fi show rather than just another animation.

    If you can get past the initial 3-4 episodes, I assure you, you will want to know what will happen next.
  • First episode I thought it was an annoying, try hard, Futurama wannabe. But the character and story development is amazing, "Chookity".
  • I hated the first 5 minutes. Seriously, I thought here we go again another lifeless satire show of the space genre... Boy was I ever wrong. It was 2am, I was tired and the show sucked me in so much that I stayed up all night binging the entire thing. What an experience.

    The voice acting is stellar, and animation is on point and interesting. The story sucks you in and makes you invest yourself in the characters.

    The humour takes a little bit to become funny. The show has a particular brand of comedy and satire but they absolutely nail it.

    The plot is pretty interesting too. Aspects from the first episode are still relevant in the last episode. Seriously, great great great show. WATCH THIS!
  • When bored on Netflix your tempted with a lot of films and tv shows. As a fan of rick and morty, "final space" looked something I would probably watch with ease and maybe even enjoy. The first episode leaves you wanting more and by episode 4 you're a fan. Despite only 20 minute episodes the series does well in introducing all the characters and creating an intriguing storyline, but what surprised me most about this series is the emotional effect it had on me as a viewer. The humour is great, character development is on point and the storyline twists surprise you. A great little series to get involved in for a day until you've finished it.
  • That is what kept me in the moment. The story telling was good, the character development also good; but the music was great and kept me in my chair.
  • While some episodes struggle to maintain the balance of the show's multiple genres, I can't help but feel that "Final Space" is a perfect example of Western animation and science fiction as a whole.

    This show manages to represent a vastly unrepresented genre: the heartfelt comedy. Something that can make you laugh without shame or insult, but only until you realize how much you feel for the almost absurdly relatable struggles we feel alongside it's well-developed characters.

    I would highly recommend "Final Space" to anyone looking for a pleasant and meaningful introduction to the sci-fi genre, and will happily follow Gary, Quinn, Mooncake, Hugh, and yes, even Kevin, into any and every future story Olan Rogers has to offer.

    TL;DR, 11/10, will definitely own on Blu-Ray
  • It was fun... Crisp and exciting awaiting for more excitement. The room to expand is in place go.....
  • koglamogla19 March 2018
    I was looking for something like Rick and Morty and were plesently surprised that it's different! With every episode it's geting more and more interesting. Great show!
  • eliora-6647822 July 2018
    Honestly a masterpiece. Everthing is perfectly put together. The character buildup is amazing. Thank you Olan Rogers for one of your knew masterpieces. I hope to see more of it in the futures!!
  • These days, apart from the notoriously annoying kids shows, there are no animated shows that aren't excessively vulgar, with a good storyline and animation. However with final space, that all changes. Final space is like a play on guardians of the galaxy and every mature animated show you've ever seen, however manages to do that without being crude or vulgar, The story starts off with Gary, an intergalactic prisoner finding a green alien, who he names Mooncake. The first five episodes are fun, but a bit off putting due to the lack of character and story development. However, starting from the sixth episode, that all changes, and the story takes off. I highly recommend this show, so stick with it for the first few episodes, and you'll have the time of your life after that.
  • I have not binge watched anything in a single session in along, long time. I have seen almost everything science fiction thats ever been made since 1970ish. Its my crack. This was like the feeling of smoking crack for the first time, even tho ive been a scifi junkie for 25+ years. Its some super space crack. And i liked it. Allot. Dont get deterred by the first couple eps, it picks up major steam after them. I did not expect to like the characters and connect with them on any level.. Its just not something that happens with any animated series to me very often. And im a big anime watcher. But i almost felt myself laughing out loud, and then getting a big ol' hold back a tear lump in the back of my throat within the same episodes. So rare for a something animated to make you feel that kinda of range of emotions, and care for the character. Do yourself a big favor and watch this series. I still cant believe its made by a simple youtuber either. Whos content is very mediocre to me. But most youtube persons are to me. I guess The great red man Conan saw something in this guy that meant he was destined for much greater things. And he was on the money with this guy. Far out. So good. In some ways its even better than rick and morty.
  • So let me say off, I just finished watching Episode 6, and holy guacamolee it blew my socks. The amount of detail and care that has gone into this series is incredible, from music to direction to humor (although, Gary does get a bit on my nerves sometimes), every aspect of the series has been carefully crafted.

    It is so refreshing to see a plot coherent series like this that feels more like an epic than just another animation.

    I have not enjoyed animation like this since Regular Show, so, in a nutshell, give it a chance, you will NOT regret it.
  • Only one episode in (just finished the series premiere), and already I'm a fan. Show seems to have great potential!

    It's about Gary, a prisoner on some sort of free-range, lonely space jail with little to no privileges or commodities. He finds a cute green blob that seems anime-inspired, and appears to be quite easily underestimated based on appearance alone. First episode sets the tone that Gary and his new jellybean-pal is set for various adventures, accompanied by a smart chick Gary has an ill-fated crush on, a cat-dude who seems kinda like Boba Fett, and who knows who else, this is just the start!

    It's like they crossed various modern adult animated shows with space movies like "Moon" and "Inception." It has enough originality to stand on its own, so you shouldn't feel like it's a rehash of anything, and contains some excellent references to tv/movie culture.

    Gary himself can be a little annoying. He talks too much, has some corny lines, and occasionally spouts desperate-for-attention jokes that only middle-school aged children and younger must laugh at, but for the most part he's funny, likable, and pleasantly obnoxious. He has a tenancy to over-react, and his screams are as shrill and hilarious as Steve's from American Dad, makes for some good moments.

    The animation appears simple at first, but judging from a few scenes in the first episode, I'd say we're in for a gorgeous and aesthetically pleasing ride for the eyes.

    There are other pros/cons, but it may be too early to give too much praise or nit-pick, so an edit to this review will come after the whole season has aired.

    I'm sure the remainder of the show will quickly gain a cult following, and we may have a new late-night animated fun fest for adults to join alongside "Rick and Morty," "Bob's Burgers," and others (although at the moment isn't nearly at those other show's levels, but we shall see!).

    So grab a cookie and give it a try, cuz it's fun fun fun in the sun sun sun!
  • Aaargh, it's so hard to write this review given how great the first season was and how awesome it was compared to the disaster that is it's second season. The first season was just great. With superb character development focusing on the relationship Gary has with each of the shows characters that all have complex, believable and most importantly, interesting backgrounds that you want to know more about while they turn from being mere strangers into a group of people who will do anything for each other. Combine this with excellent writing and a great soundtrack, you got an animated masterpiece that most people loved. The second season is what you get when a new group of writers take over, understanding nothing about the characters and why people love them. A group of writers who merely read the synopsis on each character, watched one episode, misunderstood the entire reason why it has such a solid following and convinced themselves that they could do it better by changing every aspect of what makes it great. It really is that bad. Gross out humour has replaced intelligent humour. Incoherent storylines with no clear path of rhyme or reason replaces smart, story driven coherent and purposeful episodes. And vapid, uninteresting and expendable characters replace lovable and necessary people you want to learn more about. Seriously, the characters are so polar opposite to what they were in the first season compared to the second that they weren't even recognisable as from the same universe. Season 2 is what anyone with intelligence dislikes about the majority of animated series. They're just noise, chaos and anarchy with sound bites of adult humour thrown in that just results in white noise. Completely empty and 100% expendable. I'd still recommend watching season 1 atleast. If you love it like most did. Do yourself a favour and don't even try season 2 so that you don't have to experience the pain we all just did.
  • I have laughed, I have cried, I have built such a connection to all of the characters. The story line keeps me gripped. It's so incredible. It doesn't rely on cheap jokes or constant cursing like most shows, it's juat genuinely good.
  • That's the one thing I'd say to Gary, the main character. And that's the only reason I'm not giving this a full 10 stars. Because's fantastic! The plot, the characters, the look & feel. So unique and original. And Mooncake is amazing!

    Gary for me was the only slight tripping point. And it's not even the character... because he's well thought-out. It's just the delivery is off somehow. Honestly, Olan Rogers reminds me a lot of Chris Pratt... and Gary actually reminds me a little of Emmett from the Lego Movie. The difference is... Chris Pratt has better pacing. He just sticks his landings better on his lines. I get that we're aiming for a fast-paced style of humor here, but it's funny without having to be so frenetic. It just has to... breathe. Maybe Mr. Rogers had one too many espressos before he went into the vocal booth for these first few episodes. I don't know.

    Anyway, though, I'm really looking forward to the rest of this show! It clearly has a TON of potential. And so does Mr. Rogers. Just take a deep breath, dude. You've got this :)
  • I have seen the first three episodes and this show is amazing. It has plenty of references to many older films, both sci-fi and not. Has it's own original humor that is fantastic. A story that only gets bigger, and will get more epic. It is fresh, fun, beautiful, and funny as hell.
  • Season one was a hilarious poke at self existence. Of course the main character Gary is obnoxious, annoying, like a pretender trying to be cool, but done in a very clever way to be funny, especially with KVN. The first season was comedy gold for adults. Then as i was hyping for season 2, i noticed something: it was changed almost entirely. Gary is actually likable, and the swearing is gone. And the wierdness is toned down quite a bit. It seems that season one got too many complaints so they changed it for season 2 so that dads (or parents) could watch with their kids. Because that's what season 2 is - a kids show, while season 1, the superior season (as originals tend to be) is a great adult cartoon. Still good though....ok now shut up kevin!
  • It's like a perfect mix between Rick and Morty and Futurama. It takes the sci-fi canonical element from Rick and Morty, causing you to fall in love with all of the characters by the end, even the annoying ones (I'm looking at you KVN) and mixes it with the comedy from futurama, aimed at younger audiences whilst still appealing to older audiences. Me and my son sat and watched it in one day and we're already watching it again, I thought I'd find it annoying rewatching it but it's just as enjoyable the second time through. I think this is the sort of animation we needed, looking forward to a second season.
  • I quite like this. It has the potential to become very good but the lead character is too thick. Homer Simpson was stupid but he stayed within the realms of normality. That's what made his character great. The jokes were created around real life incidents, stuff the audience could relate to. Gary, on the otherhand, acts beyond dumb in order to try and 'force out' jokes. It's not believable humour. His character does and says things that are too fake for the situation. Normal conversations lose reality as he acts and speaks incredibly dumb to try and squeeze out a joke. It's contrived humour. If his character was pulled in a bit, it would be better for the storyline and the humour. He's trying to be too 'in your face' and that's a weakness. Quinn isn't a great character either. It's the old idiot savant trying to get the intelligent female strong character. Nothing new there. Having said all of that, I do like this show. It's different and it does have a lot of potential. It's close but it's just a bit too forced for me at the moment. 7/10 P.S. Moustache Gary was very funny!
  • I don't really have much to add to the previous positive reviews. The main character, Gary, isn't very likable at first but as you watch the episodes you really start cheering for him.

    The soundtrack blows away any music in any other animated (or even live action) series.

    The first season is only 10 episodes but Olan Rogers does a great job developing the characters and the story arc in that span.Whatever you think of his previous works, I'd suggest trying and judging Final Space on its own merits.

    If it matters, I'm a 47 year old man.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    It was great until Avocado came back, because his death did not mean anything any more and there aren't any stakes left in the show when everyone can just come back.
  • This is the best first series that premiered this 2018, he was faithful to his animation of the pilot of the television series that as with the welcome to the wayne that kept his animation, I recommend seeing it because besides being a great potential, and candidate for be the best series for adults, has a good plot and fond characters, like mooncake, I WANT TO QUINN, I WANT COOKIES AND I WANT TO MOONCAKE
  • I dont understand this. The first season was just perfect. Sure, you have to get used to the silly jokes, absurd reactions and all the other crazy stuff. But it all somehow works together. Not in the second series. It all just sounds and looks so incoherent, stupid and nonsensical. Perhaps it is due to the story. You feel like there is no story at all. Its like the creators took no time after the first series and went back to work. Drained of ideas, just to milk the popularity of the product. And this is the result: Side plots are unimportant and very VERY primitive. Mooncake is just there, but insignificant and you dont care about its cute sounds anymore. HUE went from a lovable ship AI to a drab miserable existence. What replaced him is boring as hell. Three new characters that are now a part of the team are either plain stupid, disgusting or meh-interesting. I couldnt care less about any of them. Throughout the whole season you are being fed small crumbs of the "story" that is wrapped in so much nonsense! You keep asking yourself WHAT IS HAPPENING? WHY AM I STILL WATCHING THIS? I would suggest to just watch the first series and forget about this little miscarried sibling. They may look similar, but are VERY different.
  • I tend to think that animated series once they understand that there are no limits in the animation and everything can be animated without telling it in dialogue with just face expressions, motion or just music, they can be epic if the story is right.

    And oh boy, Final Space does it right.

    One of the greatest stories with amazing story telling packed in short episodes that deliver everything. One of my favorite lines from other series fits - You'll laugh, you'll cry, it'll change your life!
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