Was originally meant to be a ten-part hand-drawn series on Olan Rogers' YouTube channel under the name "Gary Space" in 2010. However, Rogers decided to reboot it as Final Space (2016) after three episodes. With help of Conan O'Brien's company Conaco, this pilot was successfully pitched and transformed into the full series Final Space (2018).

Based off the short video Final Space (2016) which was intended as the pilot for the full series. However, several aspects of the pilot were changed for the series: 'Gary Bisby' was renamed 'Gary Goodspeed'; most characters were re-designed (especially Quinn and Lord Commander), and some dropped altogether. Many of the roles in the pilot were recast for the series: while Olan Rogers and Coty Galloway retained their voice roles as Gary/Mooncake and Avocato respectively, David Tennant was cast as Lord Commander, a role Rogers had voiced in the pilot. Additionally, Fred Armisen was cast as KVN, a part originally voiced by Mitchell Davis, and Tom Kenny was as HUE, who Jake Sidwell voiced in the pilot.

The show bears a large similarity to Red Dwarf (1988), an earlier series about a man who ends up alone on a space ship as a result of punishment, his only companions a hologram version of his superior officer, a vain half-man, half-cat, an android he found on his travels and a computer whose job it is to control the ship. Furthermore, he spends all of his time pining for a female officer he barely knew in his past life.

The phrase, "It's a Monday" is inscribed on a wall onboard the Galaxy One. This is a reference to Olan Rogers's most viewed YouTube video (13M views), "GHOST IN THE STALLS".

The first announcement for season two was by way of Olan Rogers' YouTube channel.

Final Space has David Tennant back in space, after earlier travelling in space when he was the Tenth Doctor in Doctor Who (2005).

Arachnid creatures from Season 1 Ep. 3 where Mooncake fights in a gladiator arena; bear strong resemblance to Zerg Hydralisk and Ultralisk character units from the Blizzard Entertainment RTS: Starcraft; which also features strong elements of a dystopian future with colliding political angles amidst a cosmic backdrop.

Fox and Ash do the Ginyu Force dance when they are introduced; an homage to Dragonball Z.

H.U.E is inspired by the artificial intelligent computer HAL 9000, from the film 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968).

The small fighter ships used by the Infinity guard bear a resemblance to the fighter ships from the sci-fi show Battlestar Galactica (2004).

Keith David Is voice for Steaming from Regular Show that's why Bolo sounds familiar .