Joan Jett wrote the song Outlaw especially for Chuck Zito. They have been friends for over thirty five years.

Chuck Zito, was a former , 25 year member of the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club

Frank LaCarver ( Chuck Zito ) is the leader of the SATANS FEW NOMADS MOTORCYCLE CLUB. Chuck hired his friends Kevin Lubic, John DeVito, Johnny Valente, Scotty Ferrara, Carl Haloi, and John Chirichella to be in the Satans Few MC.

All but two of the SATANS FEW ride custom built chopper's.

Chuck Zito, John Valente, John DeVito and Scotty Ferrara were also in a movie called Coalition in 2004.

Chuck Zito started the New Rochelle Motorcycle Club in 1974, later merged with the Bronx based Ching- A- Ling Nomads Motorcycle Club in 1976 then joined the HELLS ANGELS MOTORCYCLE CLUB, New York City in 1979, after 25 years he left the club. With his experience in motorcycle clubs he came up with the name SATANS FEW NOMADS and wrote a lot of the motorcycle scenes for the movie.

Chuck Zito also hired his other friends to be in the movie: Vincent Pastore (FBI) David Gere (FBI) Joseph Valente (NYPD Cop) Sal Mondello ( Biker) Anthony Cassazza (NYPD Swat) Stephen Villanova (NYPD Cop) Doug Mann (Biker) Stephen Loria (FBI) Anthony Lunde (NYPD Swat) Bob Curto (FBI) Louis DiMeglio (Prison Guard) Allen Levy (NYPD Swat) Charlie Terranova (Biker) Mike Contee (NYPD Swat) Mathew McKay (NYPD Cop) Will Mulaney (Biker) Joe Angeletta (FBI) Ralph Mercoglano (FBI) Neal Lubic (Biker) and the Harlem Pearl, Joey "Cupcakes" Urgitano (Biker)

Chuck Zito wears all his own personal leathers from his HELLS ANGEL days, Fringed Indian jacket, chaps with silver conchos and his red Phyton boots with silver sterling tips and heels. That will be featured in the movie. Chuck is even riding his1968 custom Panhead chopper that he built.

Back again for the first time working together are Chuck Zito and Robert Clohessy since their day's on the HBO series Oz.

Chuck Zito won the AOF Film Festival Award in Las Vegas August 23, 2018 for Rising New Action Star in a feature film for his role as Frank LaCarver in "HONOR AMONGST MEN". He also received the ICON AWARD.

The Dinosaur the movies name was later changed to "HONOR AMONGST MEN"