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  • adarshbohra697 February 2017
    Warning: Spoilers
    Usually I Don't Watch Bollywood Movies Or Series Or Whatever Crap They Make.But From Youtube I Got To Know About TVF,I Watched Pitchers And Permanent Roommates Before,And Both The Shows Were Quite Good,Ideas Were Mostly Adopted From Various Hollywood Movies & Series But Still From Acting To Direction,Script And Characters All Were Good,Where As In Humoursly Yours Acting Is OK,It Started Well,It Had Potential But It's Mostly Copied Also. They Showed Vipul Had No Money To Hire Manager & He Could Not Find Right Guy For the Job After What His First Manager Did,It's Taken From Better Call Saul,When Saul Goodman Himself Acts As His Own Secretary,Then Vipul's wife Feels Attracted To Ranjeet Walia Self Of His Husband It'S Taken From Modern Family.Adapting To Ideas and Content Is Not bad But What Hit Me Is Pepole Calling It A Masterpiece.I Saw Pepole Calling It A MasterPiece And All that In Comments On Youtube,So I Had To Watch Whole Series So I Can Give Review Here,So Till 3rd Episode It was Average Show,Episode 4 "Dude,Where's My Phone" Was A Disaster,It Adds Nothing Nor It Was Needed To Be Part Of This Show. And Without Doubt Finale Was The Best Episode Of This Series. Some Scenes Like His One Video Got 3 Million Views And From Just That It Changed His Life and Everyone Knows Him Everywhere It Was Bit Unrealistic,Apart From That It Was Very Well Executed Episode And Leave The Viewers With Satisfaction. So I appreciate TVF Cast And Crew For Trying To Make Good Content Which Is Far More Better Than Bollywood Pathetic Movies,You Are Doing A Great Job Guys,Keep It Up. And For Some Of The Audience Don't Be Stupid Guys,You Don't Even Know M Of Masterpiece.On Regular Basis I See Pepole Here And On Social Media,Comparing Average Movies And Shows Of Here To The All Time Greatest Movies/Shows Of Hollywood,Stop Doing Comparisons Like This That Is What Makes You dunce
  • pandiriadarsh7 January 2017
    Here comes another killer series from the makers of "Pitchers", "Permanent Roommates" and "Tripling". TVF is perhaps the only company/studio which is making THE most sensible content in India.

    I think this show is one of a kind which portrays the struggling life of a stand up comedian, of course in a light-heart-ed way. I loved how it doesn't take you to a level of being over dramatic, as most of the shows tend to do it. It just shows the drama in his life as a Stand up comedian, hence the tag line 'Drama behind the comedy'.

    Writing = 10/10 Direction = 9.5/10 Acting = 9/10

    Thank you TVF, for making yet another Web-series with such a good content and showing what the Indian writers are really capable of.
  • The Viral Fever (TVF"), the team of intellectuals behind "Pitchers", "Permanent Roommates", "Tripling" and several other awesome original contents, comes with new web series "Humorously Yours".

    It tells the story of a stand-up comedian, who is judged and challenged, the problems he experiences in life, marriage, friendship and how he manages to make us laugh. It depicts what we never think and understand, in a humorous way.

    I must say, we have been witnessing that TV shows have become unimaginative, nonsense and decayed. We see saas-bahu soap operas which are an illustration of insipid dispositions, mythological shows which do not have any substance but six-pack abs, reality shows which are more melodramatic than regular saas-bahu shows, fundamentally inventiveness is scanty these days.

    These shows have entered our dining rooms or even kitchens with a bang and have demolished the basic idea of intellectual entertainment.

    The youth of India is at the mercy of Hollywood TV series and the rest of TV audience is stuck to the content which is being served to homemakers and even working feminine gentry is gobbling around it.

    So, we essentially require some respite, and TVF is doing it brilliantly. The writing, acting, direction, screenplay, everything is like a fresh breeze. It is conspicuous that it has the nexus of talented people and they are doing their best.

    "Humorously Yours" will make you fall in love with its absolute creativity, its lovely characters, its immaculate writing and original content.

    Kudos people, you make India proud.
  • It's obvious when we watch the web series like this in India that they contain struggling story but this struggle is the best one.💜💜💜
  • tusharkshirsagar-6711918 September 2020
    If you looking something refreshing this is for you must watch. I have just finished 2 seasons.
  • This web series is a complete joyride.. Background music indulge you in the screenplay so much so that you cant leave this without finishing it. Vipul Goyal and Rushika Duggal as couple shares a special chemistry and the Hatoda Tyagi Abhishek Banarjee plays vital role. TVF is the undisputed KING of Indian WebSeries.
  • reachpritamdas16 January 2017
    Okay I left midway in the Episode 3. The show isn't bad, no. It is about a comedian who isn't famous yet. I would have liked more scenes of stage performances but it isn't there. The Bushi character was annoying to me. I love TVF shows, huge fan of Pitchers and really liked Permanent Roommates Season 1 but this show was quite off to me. Although the concept was promising, t lacks a solid script. It also lacks funny scenes. The most off thing about this show was the over the top promotion of a phone brand that sponsored the show, scenes were written to promote that product which kind of sucked. I expect better from TVF, I love their content. I enjoyed Episode 1 to good extent too. But HY overall doesn't hold it for me.
  • 5 Episodes, each one better than the previous one. Hats off to the team of TVF for making such awesome show. We know what stand-up comics deliver, but the efforts they take are shown perfectly. Everything is perfect. This is the scale anyone other show has to reach if they want audience to appreciate them. The Background music is bliss. Drama, acting, music, story, characters, each and everything is picture perfect. Not even a single scene was repeated. Creativity and Out of the Box thinking. Every actor has lived up to his/her role. Story was great and acting and background score added spices to it.

    Thank You TVF..!!! This was a pure entertainer.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    (This review does contain last episode highlights, but definitely not spoilers)

    I am a big admirer of TVF. They have successfully and consistently churned out content which has connected with me as an audience.

    Welcome to Humorously Yours, the life and times of Vipul Goyal; a stand- up comic who is on the brink of stardom. We see how his real life becomes immensely interesting material for him to perform onstage; the ups and downs of his relationship with his wife Kavya (played by Rasika Dugal); who happens to be the partner with a more stable income and job in the family. His friend Bhushi (played by Abhishek Banerjee) tags along with him; providing a cynical yet amusing take on his life.

    This story is simple. What makes it effective is the way in which it is woven in real emotions, first on paper by Vipul Goyal, Anandeshwar Dwivedi & Anant Singh (Writers) and later on camera by Amit Golani (Director).

    Its a pattern that TVF has followed. They start with a Bang. Episode 1, Episode 2 and Episode 3 are awesome with special appearances by a herd of Comic stars. Episode 4 was light and funny, though I didn't enjoy much, it was good fun to watch 3 guys stoned. The best episode has to be Episode 5 (the finale).

    I love Episode 5 for lots of things : - Kannan Gills act in a single scene.He is awesome and what he does for finale is more better. - Rasika mam's brilliant advice. - Chairman Uncles and other society uncles roles. - Vipuls determination in preparation - Bushi's quirky discussions with society elders.

    At the end you are left with questions like, - What was the joke Vipul shared with Chairman uncle? - Did Vipul get a Parking Slot?

    A wonderful series which I am going to watch, again and again.
  • sabrish_nair15 January 2017
    You need to be smart to get the jokes that are placed here. This is actually the case with all TVF series. Its not just another comedy series. It very honestly tries to show the real life of comedians. The truth that they are not always joking around in their lives. That they have their own set of issues, problems struggles. But they find the time and courage to prepare and perform, to give joy to others. That it is purely passion for the art that keeps them going.This is definitely a must watch. Also do look out for the crackling chemistry between each of its characters!TVF Rocks.You cannot miss this guys!! As a media house that is producing top notch content almost 80% of the time. This production of TVF is right up there!!...with the top ones.
  • Right from the technique used to display technicians and actor name in beginning to the screenplay, everything was perfect. I love the way TVF mixes all the elements in their series like humour, satire and emotions. The connect u bring from your series is worth appreciating. Every TVF series has a totally different theme and never failed to impress me. This one also gave a bonus including Kenny and others. Special mention to Kavya and Bushi. Both of them were extremely impressive. Best part of the series is how can humour erupt from a small daily activities. Expecting a lot more similar series from TVF. Kudos to team TVF.
  • Being in a foreign land I can't help but compare the entertainment industry in India to what we have here in the US. Craving for new and on demand Indian content which reflects reality in a non-exaggerated way is now satisfied by efforts of TVF.

    This series is the story of an Indian comedian(Vipul) trying to make his mark. Balancing his relationship with amazing wife(Kavya), his stuck career in comedy and a super weird friend Bhushi.

    Things I loved about this 1. Casting: Whoever did the casting for Vipul as Vipul is a genius. With his no so much career in acting, he will definitely convince you that everything that is happening in the series is actually true. He was awesome throughout all the episodes.

    But I loved the character of Kavya the most. She is the one who cares no matter what and it shows how a mature, fun loving women can make a tough journey a still tough but fun journey.

    Bhushi's character is the most annoying. He speaks his mind and I can't stress on the fact that how much alike most of us think now a days. He is practical and in your face. His ability to annoy me was the convincing factor of his ability to act. From his monologue in TVF Pitchers to his zero F**K giving attitude there is a lot to praise here.

    Overall really refreshing and definitely worth watching!
  • One can find this as one of the best comedy series in India by the best protagonist Vipul sir. You can find many shows, in many metro cities of India, of best stand-up comedian Vipul sir. Each and every joke is quite sensible and related to our day to day life. And the excellent character of this series is Rnjit Walya. So guys you will find investing your time in this series really worth-full, and yeah you might have seen many of the mini web series but this one is really outstanding.