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  • A multifaceted epic with stunning performances all around. A classic tragedy set in the shifting sands of the Narco wars, revealing a web-like entanglement that spreads from a poor family in El Barrio to a falsely protective, naive upper middle-class family that ignores the crime that surrounds them until it's too late.

    Studies of choices in stupidity and infidelity reveal a cascade of events that engulf the 'elite' in a downward spiral until the separate societies; struggling poor and sheltered rich, become leveled in a Shakespearean-like tragedy where all resemblance of former lives are consumed and changed forever. The criminal intrigues pollute the loyalties of both sides which fray and disintegrate into tragic consequences.

    Enmeshed within this tale is a love triangle, thankfully minus the obligatory menage-a-trois scene but a fatal love triangle nonetheless. The sympathetic victim-becomes-hero protagonista is an all consuming force-of-nature that along the way pulls all the strings, calls the the shots - no pun intended. Character development on steroids; occasional gore but only in microseconds; intimacy without any frontal nudity. Not a 'fun' film but a shared experience of people's inhumanity to each other amid the compulsion of lust and the passion of love that survives and even flourishes within this striated and fragmented world. Great directing, only a few plot flaws but acting at the highest pinnacle; highly recommended.
  • encore_je-486968 February 2020
    Disgusting script, overrated production and performance of Barbara de Regil is like throwing up and swallowing your own vomit while they make you an enema and empty in your face
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Watch this program if you are interested in seeing what you should NEVER DO when it comes to making horrible use of your talented actors, poor camera use, terrible storyline and worse directing decision since the dawn of moving pictures.

    The directors make some of the lousiest decisions in order to keep the story moving forward as do the screenwriters. This program is riddled with problems on every level: technical and creative... mostly creative which makes for LAUGHABLE AND PREDICTABLE CONTENT.

    EXAMPLE 1: A naive overly zealous boy want to get into a highly fortified house by walking alongside a vehicle on the exact same side were a corrupt politic is sitting. So the directors expect us to believe that this politician never saw the boy, nor any personnel, nor the driver through his sideview mirror.

    EXAMPLE 2: Two individuals try to sneek into another fortified place by hiding in the back of a truck. The guard is instructed to check the truck out. He opens the truck, looks into it without even getting inside to get a full view of the content. (ROLLS EYES)

    EXAMPLE 3: Most shots are either only wide angle shots or close ups, with little to no variety which makes for boring and unimaginative visual storytelling.

    EXAMPLE 4: The actors are so poorly used that even some who I know to be great actors as I have worked along side them look like amatures who wouldn't be able to hold up a candle to even a first time Harry Potter child actor (excluding Emma Watson who is a prodigy in her own right).

    ANd I could go on and on and on and on... This is the WORSE program I have ever had the chance coming across in Netflix. It should be removed or improved in they decide to keep it on by firing their entire production and ccreative team and bringing on competent individuals who could be college freshmen as they'd probably do a better job than what hass been done thus far.
  • There are a few versions of this show around; IMO THEE Best is the one featuring Mexican actress Barbara de Regil, who again IMO, has the best Abs in the Biz (check out her Insta. page pics and see for yourself.)

    Story is of a poor girl who grows up in the crime ridden Barrio and after a wild start becomes a 'hitwoman' for Drug Cartel bosses and who can kick major butt and is the fastest gun around. There are two series available in the US and the third is running on Mexican TV right now - watch for it in 2021.

    Of course Rosario falls for the wrong guys time and time again, and she may even want to quit - but once in, there is no turning back, right?

    You will find out PDQ in episode one, series one, where Rosario gets the name "Tijeras" (scissors) - let's just say, don't mess with Rosie. Ever. By the time you've watched about 120 episodes - you will be ready and waiting for the third series; the very end of series two - is a showstopper.