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  • sanroo-1451217 May 2018
    Sorry. This series does not create any feelings, yet. Just waiting for the old characters to jump in all the time. And the new characters feels more like bad coopies of the old ones. But it seems that they trying to lay the foundation of a really big story. The question is whether you manage to watch it until it blossoms. I'm on section 30 and still not hooked.
  • While I enjoyed the amazing story,action and depth on Naruto and Naruto Shippuden,I can't describe how awful and boring Boruto can be. The characters are carbon copies of the previous story,but while in Naruto series each character had depth and an amazing story background,where each villain was likable in a certain degree,Boruto completely lacks this. The main series for the series sucking so bad is ,according to its fanbase 'not enough episodes ',which I disagree completely as over 20 episodes have passed(since I'm writing this review) and absolutely nothing happened. You can compare the (lame) quality of this series by comparing it with the 20 episodes of Naruto/Naruto Shippuden. In Naruto,the main characters already learn some skills,almost die,and quite a bunch of character die too (major and minor roles) leaving a deep emotional impact and making you amazed at the main characters personal development. In Naruto Shippuden first 20 episodes again,the stakes are huge,an entire country is in peril and some major characters die while in Boruto nothing happens,no one learns any new skills and there isn't any major treat or character development(except the power of friendship if you wanna count that) . Someone on youtube even made a video of all the action that happens in over 20 hours of screen time in Bouruto:an underwhelming 8 minutes of fighting from over 20 hours,out of which 7 minutes are Boruto using his shadow clones to fight. Maybe after 100 episodes who knows,maybe someone will learn a new skill or hopefully a promising villain will appear.
  • The Boruto series is by far more inferior than the original Naruto series for so many reasons:

    • No effort has been made to develop characters - Most of the children are a copy/paste version of their parents - Despite a thrilling start in episode one, story development has been both horrible and slow - Boruto's character is completely uninteresting especially that he hates Naruto - automatic loss of respect for Boruto's character - Naruto is not as passionate and emotional as he was in the original series - you would think he'd pass that on to his children - The sequel is less emotional compared to the original series and it doesn't stress the values that the original focused on i.e. love, friendship and sacrifice to protect your beloved. Instead, it reinforces rebellion against parents - The sequel seems to be directed towards young viewers - Boruto is too arrogant and doesn't have a rival - A Jedi warrior is boring if he doesn't fight a Sith lord

    In short, the sequel lacks a good story line, depth of character, and the passion of the original NARUTO series
  • Lets start off to why this was a bad series. Like the title says, its very childish and is set in an all " Sunshine and rainbows" world and utopia. The whole point of naruto is that its supposed to be action packed and appeal to audiences of all ages with its unique fights and strategy in battle. Boruto scraps that all away and puts a ton of filler and when the canon events appear they're usually under performing. Moving on to unoriginal, if you compare boruto to both parts of naruto youll notice their children havent really developed their own skills, just copies of their parents and also the plot is so shallow it signifies nothing no symbolism, no philosophy, no talk no jutsu, they threw that all out and made it a barney kids show. I just explained how it lacked depth, but still this isnt written by the original author of naruto and its not performing too well in the anime industry so what i suggest is dropping the anime and watch the better anime out there and if you really like boruto read the manga it isnt as awful as the anime but still underperforms.
  • The anime is only running due to Old Naruto and Sasuke fans. But due to awful stories and episodes I think we need to let go the franchise and remember the memories of the Naruto series. This series is just a bunch fillers and fillers, lowest quality of arcs which are only stretched illogically. I hope they keep their focus on Boruto and its story, rather than telling stories about all the 20+ useless characters. Otherwise there is no future of Boruto.
  • ashayakhare2 July 2017
    Warning: Spoilers
    Over powerful character from the start, lack of story, lack of main motive to begin the adventure. After the epic series this series will make you vomit. New characters designs are also very poor. The villain before the start of story becomes the main interest but you will hate it the most when you got to know that the story starts before the movie 'Boruto The movie' and even before the manga, and that fight will most probably occur after the story of movie.
  • agrajat13 November 2018
    Why did they even make this anime it is insult to naruto anime ,the only reason this anime is being watched is because of the fans of naruto wants to see naruto
  • Boruto serves as a good continuation to its predecessor, Naruto. It pleases the original fans with a new take on classic characters like Shino, Naruto as a Hokage and his wife Hinata. Meanwhile, it introduces potential newcomers to the basics of the universe like chakra and the multiple jutsus. Considering the fact that the creators of the show have to build a new franchise that already had a movie based on it (with an end of the world-like plot) before it even began, i'm equally worried and intrigued. The low point for me is that all the main characters, which are the children of naruto's friends, are basically copies of their parents and fail to feel fresh (including Boruto). By chance, the arrival of the mysterious Mitsuki adds a little suspense to the show, and the opening scene of the first episode promises some real good action in the future.

    For now, the plot of the first arc seems pretty basic and straight forward, but it's perfectly fine considering that every anime that wants to run for a long period of time has to lay down some bases and introduce the new characters before diving into the core content. What makes you come back for the next episode is the immense potential of the show that could mix nostalgia and hot action in the future. With all the colorful characters that were established in the show's ancestor, there is no doubt that the viewers will soon be rewarded with quality television.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Boruto : Naruto Next Generation is a continuation of Naruto Shippuden which is my favorite anime. It's take several years after Naruto Shippuden ending. Just like its title, Boruto Uzumaki (Naruto's son) is the main protagonist replacing his father on Naruto Shippuden. With new fresh characters this show trying to differentiate its stories from their previous shows (Naruto and Naruto Shippuden). These new characters have great chemistry with Boruto and they created a good foundation for this show. The animation style had been enhanced, so the action pack looks really awesome. This show looks brighter than Naruto Shippuden which works pretty well with the story. The only problem that I have is the first episode that contain a glimpse of Boruto's future that I found isn't that interesting. Overall Boruto : Naruto Next Generation is very good. From its animation style to its well told characters. This new fresh anime is worth to be waited every week.
  • The first arc of the new 'Boruto Next Generations', has come to its conclusion with episode 14. The whole arc was laid out well, with new exciting characters being introduced and old characters revisited. The animation and combat scenes absolutely blow both Naruto and Naruto Shippuden out of the water. The series so far is also much more fast-paced and fresh, probably to accommodate for long time fans who grew tired of flashbacks and fillers in the previous series. I can't explain in words how excited I am for the coming arcs and adventures Boruto and his friends will embark on.

    Do not pay any attention to the negative reviews, these people are incapable of appreciating quality anime. Enjoy the new series for what it is!

    If you invest time into watching the first 14 episodes, I promise you will not regret it.
  • Kisimoto has passed down the lesson teaching feel and the variety in the characters. As the series has just started its not fair to judge it but many episodes do make you feel like your watching an episode from Naruto. The series cannot be compared with each other as the universe of the two shows is quite different from each other. Hope to see a show at the level of Naruto in Boruto.

    Please state the review useful if you found it so. Thankyou
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I think boruto naruto next generations has started of perfectly. In Naruto Shippuden it was Naruto's dream to create peace and as we see so far in the Boruto anime that Naruto has made that dream a reality, However, in order, to have a story you need to have villains and this anime is introducing villains but not showing there faces which makes the viewer want to come back for more. Overall, Boruto seems to be headed in the right directions and the art and animation is great as well. Finally, this is a good show and Naruto fans are in for an amazing ride it seems.
  • JVPage98 September 2017
    Sakura finally became an interesting character. Sasuke is way more interesting. More life's subjects are approached than in naruto and naruto shippuden. Not everything is centered to Boruto. The fights and animations looks better. Characters are more developed than previously. more interesting discussions, less Manichaean patterns etc and original adventures. I like it a lot.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Obviously to many people are comparing the start of this series with Naruto Shipudden. That's not OK. Boruto hasn't even completed chunin exam when this series starts. If u think back there're a big difference between Naruto and Naruto Shipudden, especially in terms of the age the anime turns to, where "Naruto" being more childish than it's follower.

    Those later episodes in Boruto has become more and more interesting. Regarding how to grade the anime, it's to early i would say. Naruto and Naruto Shipudden was about 720 episodes? I guess we need to wait before we get to conclusions how to grade this series. But I can say, after about 20 episodes this anime starts to get really interesting and I think the potential is endless. It's just up to us "old" fans to show some stamina.
  • vmarkuls19 October 2018
    A failed sequel to a once great series also drives attention away from naruto and assume and focuses only on the new generation poor character development and poor storyline
  • The entire series feels like a OVA/filler formula that doesn't progress on the overarching story.

    I saw this and thought it would be cool to revisit my childhood series. After seeing a few episodes I just felt too old as it's focusing on their academy life. The challenges that the characters face are just trivial AF and doesn't bring any sense of importance.

    There is just a lack of a good story arch and development in characters. The characters feels very 2 dimensional(no pun intended) as they are basically copies of their parents and nothing more. There is no seriousness or emotional moments which is what made Naruto work. There is no forest of death where you feel that there is a real sense of danger and that the characters actually can get hurt or killed.

    The animation is pretty good tho which is why I give it a 3/10.
  • Honestly, a disgrace to anime and Naruto. This series has no good story, humor, or anything linked to the impact Naruto has had in our hearts. It's an utter waste of time and I hope the creators look into this.

    Moreover, the animation is just poor and looks very very ugly, almost hard to watch. At this time when we have good animes like Black Clover and Boku No Hero Akademia, I wonder how do the creators of Boruto expect to have any competition when they keep living in the shadow of the success behind Naruto.
  • ganiyubaraq20 July 2018
    Warning: Spoilers
    The only time it is interesting is when the old characters are involved just look at episode 65 and see how sasuke and naruto are fighting with momoshiki. The main issue with the whole series the character development alongside the bad storytelling of the characters. They should have focused on a characted like iwabe and made a 100 episode series about him and how he is going to stop characters like momoshiki from taking over the world
  • To be honest the character designs and redesigns are bad. The anime has some pretty good arcs like the momshiki and the arc with shin uchiha. So far after 104 episodes it hasn't lived up to its potential. But one thing that's killing this anime is its fillers. Half the show is fillers and none of them help the plot or plots in any way. Plus 80% of the characters are weak. it being written by kishimoto's assistant and it's taking place in the age of peace. The anime is trying to balance slice of life and action and adventure but it's pretty uneven. Plus even though this is preferncial I dont really like the animation style
  • ibersunkaev24 January 2019
    They officially sank canon. 3 stars for the love of Naruto and the shinobi universe
  • I'm a huge fan of naruto. I hate to say this, but I have to... It's totally a waste of time watching this show. I had my patience in watching this show till 100th episode. But now I cant watch it anymore. The main story has been stopped playing long ago, nearly 50 episodes back. The episodes they are casting now are fillers and doesn't have any connection to the main story. Seriously, they are damaging their fanbase and I have no intension in watching this show anymore.
  • Boruto has a lot of things that make it unique from Naruto, but I get that same great feeling inside from watching it. It maintains a good balance of humor and seriousness, of new personalities and old personalities, and of action and character development. If you liked Naruto, you will like Boruto too. Watch at least the first twenty episodes because the series really starts to pick up after that. I enjoyed episodes 1-20, but I absolutely loved 20-40 (the most recent episode at this date). Some of those episodes could rival my favorite episodes of Naruto.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    SPOILER: A major issue people have with Boruto is that they compare it to the orginal Naruto. I find myself very unexcited during fights and overall plot of the story. I was very excited to watch the movie and had a lot of promise coming into the series, but my expectations were not met. The fights feel watered down and almost have a PG rating on them. I truely do not like the characters as much as i did in the movie or the manga following Narutos end. The villians in the beginings have been plain terrible in my opinion. Theres a lack of that classic edgy naruto villian feel such as zabuza or orochimaru. Those guys made the story interesting and set a goal. In the manga a new group has formed called Kara. This group sucks. Compared to the violent and orginal powers of the akatsuki, they just stink. I really cant see this show turning out well with borutos main story arch which is a worse version of naruto and sasuke relationship. However, the show does capture some special moments in the leaf. The story excells on showing borutos relationships with his parents and goes into an emotional development during peace times in the leaf. The animation is also very well done. Its hard to consider this show independent from naruto since naruto is involved still. Naruto and sasuke feel like they bring a breath a fresh air everytime they are on screen and i almost forget that this show is about boruto (which i like). I wouldnt watch this show week to week. Im going to continue watching it since ive watched naruto for the last 12 years and im not stopping now.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Okay my comment could have a disclaimer so you have been warned! first thing first, I totally love Naruto series and i can never get bored with it, even though it long and draggy sometimes but i still come back for more, because it funny, touching,loving and i think everyone would agree with me that Naruto is an anime that instills positive values because its touching.

    In the Boruto Series, i was really excited about the movie and also the anime. At FIRST i was a little disappointed to see that they don't make the series like Naruto series and i can make up and excuse to say, they are just a 'copy and paste' version of Naruto series but then it dawned to me, the 'older' generations in Naruto went through hell and war, and remind yourself that this is the new generation series; its simply the same for us too. in short, the whole story reflects itself on us. We are the younger generation whereby we don't go on war like the older generations did. And i think we're all probably looking at our smartphones too;myself as well. I'm not bashing out onto anyone about this, but logically speaking, we never been into war just like Boruto did, therefore the situation makes it different for the younger generations as well. It somewhat reflects on us a little, like how we carry out on our life now.

    Therefore i will not judge the book by its cover just yet. I wont go out and give comments about Boruto too soon because its too soon to judge. Just like when i first watched Naruto, i was less impressed by it but after my brother encouraged me to watch the series more often, i've changed my mind.

    I'm not giving reviews but more like trying to encourage people not to judge too soon just like how i judge on Naruto at FIRST. I know i cant change what others might think because we all have our perspectives, but Boruto is not as bad as you think it is, as long as you have set our mind that this is a peaceful life lead by Boruto if compared to Naruto whereby he was always at war. We're thinking too much and we set our expectations high and i understand that because i was thinking the same at first too.all i can say is that just give it a go because maybe its too soon to make a conclusion.

    I apologize for my rude comments or if i ever hurt anyone's feelings too
  • The only thing that I feel interesting about the series is the cameos of the old characters. The designs of new characters are far from interesting and they made the anime even more childish with all the colorful stuffs and their academy things, I mean it IS a ninja anime right? Well none of them looks like ninjas at all! Except from sarada, she fits very well into the anime but still altho being an uchiha, she really doesn't have any genius vibes. And as others have already pointed out, there's no atmosphere about them being in danger. They can make random new uninteresting villains but easily get beaten by naruto sasuke combos. Hopefully it will get better as the series goes or is it really intended for much younger audiences? We'll have to find out. And the most thing that I hate about the series is the hairstyles of new kids.

    What the heck were they thinking when they drew them? Heck!
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