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  • This was one of the most fun and entertaining anime I have seen in a long time, instead of relying on fanservice or moe jokes, Little Witch Academia is a show with light humor and a really enjoyable quest of Akko trying to be like her idol Shiny Chariot, but constantly fails at it

    One of the things I like about this show is the characters, most of the characters have really distinct and likable personalities, they may not be really complex characters, but they provide an enjoyable dynamics and interactions with each other, even Akko, who can get really get annoying some parts, still is really lovable and full of personality

    Other thing I like about this show is the world-building, this show such a fascinating world that makes you interested in the different types of locations the characters explore

    And finally one aspect I really like is the animation and art-style, the staff did an amazing job at recreating the magic and emotion of classic Disney, with such vibrant colors and amazing character animation and expressions, and although there are times when the animation quality can be inconsistent, the show has a really amazing animation, and probably the best in the studio library

    However, the show isn't perfect, mainly because of pacing issues, that some characters aren't really developed as others, some writing issues, and that some episodes aren't as good as others

    But despite all its flaws, it's still a great anime series full with likable characters, good writing and humor, and amazing animation, it may not be one of the best anime ever made, but is still a show I highly recommend
  • With such short watch time (around 9hrs total) the series is able to do so much. There is nice character development for Akko as well as for side characters, some good laughs and beautiful animation. The story is well planned and every thing connects so nicely in the end. People who had a hard time in life but they over come the circumstances will sure be able to relate with Akko. It had me in tears at times for some reason.

    The thing I liked the best about this anime is that it dose not use cheap tricks used in other series. There are no cliff-hanger at the end of any episode nor at the end of the series and almost no filler screen time. Also there is no fan service, because it doesn't need to have it, as it can captivate the viewer without that.

    Ten outa ten baby, one of the best anime Ive ever watched.
  • LWA has plucky characters with genuine character depth and chemistry, snappy and colorful art style, and unique interpretations of mythology. However, Akko and Ursula's relationship, which while sincerely heartfelt, doesn't pick up until halfway through the season, resulting in a first-half that's all filler. While the filler episodes still manage to dazzle, the overall story arc can be considered unfocused. Despite that, LWA is one of my all-time favorite animes. Oh how I love Sucy!
  • 'Little Witch Academia' is a beautifully animated series with great characters. I will not write much about the animation because anyone who watches a few minutes of the show will notice how well done it is. On the character side, the two leads, Akko and Diana are fantastic. Both are very strong and well developed in their roles. The (original) voice acting is good, and even the secondary characters are memorable (despite their tendencies to meld into the background). As for the story, I thought the first two seasons were well done (peaking in the second half of S2) and I cannot wait for the next adventure.

    Really the only downside is that the English dub is terrible (common in anime) and that the subtitles have a few grammatical errors and sometimes do not articulate what's actually happening on screen. Overall the first two seasons of LWA are a solid 9/10 and I believe it can get to 10/10 if it continues to improve.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    As I have mentioned on my review for the pilot and Enchanted Parade I will go into more detail of the series when I review the anime itself.

    Quick summary: Little Witch Academia is about a young girl and a very beautiful one might I add called Akko. Who came all the way from Japan to join Luna Nova, a school that trains and educates young teenage girls to become witches. However Akko is only interested to become like her idol Shiny Chariot and ends up constantly failing.

    In terms of animation and art style it is very colorful and very cute when it comes to drawing girls. I also think the use of graphics and magical effects in this are very amazing. You can tell that the creates put effort into it.

    In terms of plot it is good, however when I first started the anime I actually thought it was very annoying because I wasn't too keen on the main protagonist (Akko) to begin with because of how annoying and disrespectful she was to her friends and her teachers. Also because of her jealousy to Diana; they become friends later on. However as I kept on watching the show I got used to Akko and especially in the second half of the anime that where things got interesting. I won't spoil much but only say this: Professor Croy.

    As a whole this is an very magical anime and I would recomand it if you are into W.I.T.C.H's series, Harry Potter or just anime in general then you may enjoy this.
  • I going to be honest, i had not any expectative about this anime, even when i hear that wass ne of the best on 2017, I finally watch it becuase i don't know, and i just can say WOW. I realy enjoy the series. It's fun without be inmature, the dramatic parts are fine, the history is simple but is catchy. I actually think that it becomes in one of my favorites,manly the second part. When the history had well difined the characters, starts to the main conflict, and it works. I really think that this is the clain of anime that everybody must to watch at less once on their lives. I put 8, but it's really an 8,4. Despite all the god points that i describe, the history had some little mistakes. For example, the first part of the history really fell like it's going nowhere, like a clasical students anime but with magic. From the episode 12 is when it starts to take a diferent way. I really enjoy and I recomend it.
  • Miranda199619 June 2018
    This is such are great show with so many cute characters! My favorite episode was Sucy's episode! ^_^
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  • Overall, this show is a lot of fun to watch. The animation is smooth and unique (what else can be expected from Trigger?), the art style is quirky and eye-catching, and the character designs are all fascinating and eye-catching, the exception being Akko, whose generic look works to stress her normality compared to those around her anyways. If I did have one complaint, it would be that the world building is vague and overlooked. The magic system is nebulous and not well outlined, the concept surrounding the spirits and magical creatures isn't as explored as it could've been, and the setting itself is more vague than a thirty-second-long game review. Still, it's more than worth the time to watch it as a relatable story about a girl who won't stop climbing the latter no matter how many times she slips or gets kicked from above.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    "Little Witch Academia" is Netflix-exclusive Anime that's worth watching, and for a handful of reasons.

    Mainly, the best parts of it are the characters. They're vary. Akko, i.e. the main character, is the optimist, Lotte is an average girl with glasses, Sucy, although a good person, is a goth-like character that can be malicious to Akko for the fun of it... and has a thing for mushrooms. And yet, these three are close friends and roommates. In season one's episode, "Sleepy Sucy", while in Sucy's consciousness, in an attempt to wake her up to prevent a catastrophe, Akko learned that Sucy, despite pulling that snake trick over the bridge, on the first day of school, appreciated meeting Akko that day. It's a subtle moment, and one of the show's many.

    This doesn't include supporting characters like Amanda, Constance, Diana, Andrew (a son of a politician who doesn't like witches), or even some of the teachers, and how Akko interacts with them throughout the show's run. It was especially interesting seeing how Akko became friends with stick-in-the-mud characters like Andrew and Diana, to the point of knowing a lot more about them.

    Another charm to LWA is Akko's journey as a fellow student of Luna Nova, with fans wondering how good she'd get in magic, and if she'd ever find her childhood idol, Shiny Chariot.

    (Spoiler alert!) Akko's closest teach and mentor, Professor Ursula, is actually Shiny Chariot in disguise the whole time. On the other hand, viewers should have realized this since the first episode, since only Chariot could have possessed a unique wand called the "Shiny Rod", which Professor Ursula magically handed over to Akko, in an attempt to save her and her would-be roommates.

    With that being said, apart from Akko, it was interesting to watch Ursula/Chariot, since she was throwing hints that she had self-doubts, despite what she told her audience, including Akko, 10 years ago at her shows. This is also made interesting when you realized that she planned to tell Akko everything, not to mention the events of season two.

    This is probably why S2E10, "Yesterday", is my most favorite episode of the entire series. Following Akko and Chariot's journeys from the first episode, adding Akko's feeling of betrayal by Chariot, and Chariot's backstory on trying to get the Shiny Rod to work as intended, you'll feel the emotions, from when Akko's classmates worrying if she'd ever return to Luna Nova, to Diana yelling at Chariot for not stopping Akko from running away. The whole episode, and what Diana revealed about her childhood to Akko, to even Lotte breaking down in tears over Akko's disappearance, it felt sad, but ultimately heart-warming.

    Overall, add all the characters, their interactions, and journeys together, with a good mix of action, comedy, drama, and suspense, LWA is worth watching.

    And before I forget, the English voice-acting, since I prefer English dub, was really good, along with the music, soundtrack, and the rather unique drawing style of Anime characters. The art style wasn't like any Anime I saw, which got me getting used to eventually, but especially liked the season one credits because of this, plus the coloring.

    But, I also do have some minor complaints. Not of anything that ruins a show, but still worth mentioning.

    Firstly, season two sets a different tone to LWA from what we got used to with season one. Season one, in most parts, is about Akko trying to learn magic at Luna Nova... and sucks at it, while salivating over the name "Shiny Chariot". We also got to see her interact with her classmates, even Diana and her associates who can be described as being "mean". Season two, on the other hand, puts more emphasis on the new teacher, Croix, doing something sinister within Luna Nova, and Akko going on misadventures outside Luna Nova with her classmates... from entering an all boys' school that'd gladly kill a witch in an instance, to finding out more on Croix's schemes. This is not to mention the rivalry between Chariot and Croix, with Chariot making the start of S2E11 feel like I was watching "Star Wars".

    Overall, these things make season two feel like I was watching a very different show, probably due to its nature as rounding up the entire show's plot about Akko being a witch in-training, and meeting Shiny Chariot at last.

    Another issue seldom mentioned, was that, other than witches being "obsolete" compared to today's tech, they didn't properly explain why witches were hated that much by politicians, or why their kids had that anti-witch club at their school.

    Shiny Chariot, under pressure at one of her shows ten years ago, fired a projectile to the moon with the Shiny Rod, but it wasn't explained well what that was, what that tend on the moon was about, or why the younger Croix proceeded to erasing people's memories. If an explanation was given earlier, a reminder would have been appreciated.

    Speaking of Chariot, how come, under her alias "Professor Ursula", she didn't just tell the other teachers and the headmistress about Croix's plot sooner?

    Andrew was supposed to have returned Akko's hat, but a commotion in town distracted Akko from collecting it. I assumed that we'd see Andrew try again, or if he and Akko would get closer. Neither got addressed by season two's finale. (Update: Apparently, Andrew returned it in the final seconds of the last episode, but it happened so briefly that I didn't notice the first time.)

    Speaking of which, if the show really ended with season two, it felt rushed. As soon as we understood Chariot and Croix's rivalry better, and saw Akko finally unlocking all "seven words", with Chariot, Croix, Akko and her classmates abruptly chosen as the "New Nine Witches", season two ends.

    And speaking of finale, season two ends with a rescue mission out of nowhere. Because Croix wanted to find the "world-altering magic" through science, she accidentally created an artificial monster that turned against her. A bit of her tech, without warning, hijacked a government missile and fired it, presumably, towards Akko's home country. This was because of the negative energy, which were collected by Croix, from British football fans who thought that they were robbed of their victory against said country. I admit that it was epic seeing Akko and six of her classmates merging their brooms, the Shiny Rod, and the life-altering magic into a space vehicle, which they used to go after the missile. Each student, due to limited magic, breaks away, relying on the remaining students, till Akko and Diana were the only two left, to stop it. With people seeing live broadcast of the students chasing the missile, everyone, much to the displeasure to said politicians, gave the students their support, implicitly restoring magic all over the world as the younger Shiny Chariot originally intended. In fact, present-day Chariot, with help from Croix, hijacked the broadcasting frequently to rally people to show the students their support... in order to stop the missile successfully. Random strangers, and even characters that Akko and her classmates came across since season one, watch the broadcast.

    The only problem, although LWA tries to keep quiet about it, is that: wouldn't people suspect that witchcraft was somehow responsible for firing said missile in the first place? In an alternate scenario, this should have made things harder for anyone studying witchcraft in the modern society that considers witchcraft "obsolete".

    The flaws I pointed out, plot holes, and minor story bits left unaddressed are among the reasons why I think that LWA is a great anime, but not too outstanding. Despite the flaws, the comedy, action, drama, and the character developments, from seasons 1 to 2, will keep you engaged. If you aren't already doing so, consider LWA as your next favorite from Netflix.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Little Witch Academia is a beautifully animated series that unfortunately falls flat with its plot and characters. While its low points didn't ruin the show for me by any means I can't say I felt entirely satisfied by the end. Before I get into the lows I want to talk about the highs.

    The best part of this show is by far the animation. Moments of action and magic are beautifully animated and give you a sense of wonder at this world. Studio Trigger is well known for their excellent animation and Little Witch Academia brings all of the usual skill you would expect from them. I don't have too much to say about the animation as all I have is praise for it. If you like a show primarily for its animation I wouldn't miss out on this one.

    While there are issues with the characters, something I will get into later, some of the characters I did like. I found Sucy a very compelling side character. The idea of a witch who works with poisonous mushrooms is interesting and I found her fun. I also liked Lotte, another side character. Though she is plain she is a very nice character with a real passion for the things she loves. Initially I did not like the character Diana but as she was developed later I grew to like her character a lot more. Now, onto the negatives.

    My biggest issue with the show is the pacing. The plot is good. Akko has a wand, Shiny Rod, that contains seven stars. With the power of those stars and seven words she can unlock the Grand Triskellion and gain access to world altering magic. She hopes doing so will allow her to meet her childhood idol, Shiny Chariot. Meanwhile, a woman named Croix wishes to stop her and gain the Grand Triskellion for herself. It's a good enough plot and leaves a lot of room for a wide variety of situations. The issue is, the series remains episodic and character focused up until the later episodes of season one. This ties into a larger issue of character that I will mention in the section where I discuss it in more detail. The plot feels like it takes forever to get going and once it does it feels rushed. A few more episodes could've helped this or some spacing out of the episodic and plot focused episodes.

    My second issue is with the characters. This is in part hurt by the pacing. In the first season Akko is roommates with two other girls, Lotte and Sucy. We spend time watching these characters develop. They're nice characters and Sucy in particular I found quite fun. As soon as the plot gets going Sucy and Lotte outright disappear and aren't seen again except in brief sections. They were initially focused on quite heavily and seemed they would be important in helping Akko, so their sudden disappearance was very noticeable.

    I also didn't like Croix very much as a villain. She wants the Grand Triskellion to thwart Chariot. When the Shiny Rod was given to Chariot, later obtained by Akko, Croix was also there. She felt jealous that Chariot was picked and she seeked to ruin Chariot's dream of obtaining the Grand Triskellion. It doesn't feel like Croix was built up enough. She came off as just evil for the sake of evil to me. Building up her relationship with Chariot with a few more flashback scenes as well as better establishing her jealousy would've gone a long way in improving her character.

    Despite my many negatives I still liked this show. I think three instead of two seasons or even just some better mixture of plot and episodic episodes would've helped it a lot. It has some excellent animation and I like the idea of combining the modern world with witches. When the characters are explored the show reached its high points for me and if the show had kept the same quality as those high points this review would be quite different. Ultimately, I left feeling somewhat unsatisfied with the show due to the poor pacing, lack of an interesting villain, and dropping of some of my favorite side characters.

    Would I recommend this show? Yes, but it's by no means perfect.