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  • I review this based on a comparison with other Asian dramas.

    If you like drama/romances where both main characters are immature and innocent, this should appeal to you. It starts off with instant conflict and, as most Asian dramas, the drama comes and goes without really being totally resolved until the last episode or two. The story revolves around three main couples who are related to each other. One rich family who owns a resort/hotel/zoo and the romances of the daughter and two sons.

    I do have a few issues with this. The audio is horrible, sometimes the music is louder than the voices and in one scene a car is driving on what must be a cobblestone street where not only does the audio bounce but the video as well.

    The other thing that bothered me was the business decisions. Even in Asia it makes no sense to have the legal department punish an employee when they make a mistake. In most of the companies I've worked for, mistakes are expected and you learn from them. Getting the legal department involved is idiotic, as well as firing an employee just because of a mistake. Pure lunacy from a management point-of-view.

    Overall, worth watching, there is good chemistry between the characters. Just don't expect U.S. production values.
  • Enjoyable at times but way too long, All the young actrices are gorgeous. Love Annie Chen. I find the main couple's behavior because for over half the show, they are in love and nothing happent between them. You will have to fast forward quite a bit!
  • Enjoyed this show! It was really good. My only issue was it's on the long side. Especially with the couple, it just took forever. I think it could've been shortened to 40 episodes probably. It got tiresome towards the middle when you thought "this is it, they're together!" But then it's like no, no they're not. Ughh kinda annoying but the endings worth it for sure. So if you have Time and enjoy drama nevertheless, you'll probably enjoy this one. It's really good, I did like it and the actors and the storyline. It's really good, seriously. :)