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  • Comedic, entertaining stories of Black excellence. See it with the entire family! Through funny reenactments and a puppet show viewers learn that Black people in America have made wonderful contributions for the greater good that go far beyond slavery.
  • The interaction between Kevin and 'his' daughter felt stiff, but the overall reenactment and pace of the story was interesting and informative. There are going to be lots of negative or 1 star reviews because you know, America, but do not mind that. If you like history and reeanctment in an short comedy-style, you should watch this!

    I am from Europe and knew most of the people mentioned, but now I know other not so well-known people. Yes, I did learn today!
  • The show and most of anything (that is made by Americans) that is titled 'Black History' seems to forget that the US wasn't the only country to have black people. The show doesn't mention anything about non-American black people which is amazing. To add (and I'm black), the show skips over making the point that violence (or unfounded hate) against white people today is wrong. Love Kevin Hart, but the writings kinda trash as well.
  • anthonysithole9 February 2019
    This is soo good, I posted on Instagram yesterday that our children need to be taught black history and Kevin just did that and I'm proud that this show was more educational than funny and it accommodate everyone. We need more shows like this.
  • I love the fact that Kevin discusses the positive strides of African american history. I feel these things are often forgotten and the whole black history month becomes about "white man bad" and slavery instead of it being a celebration of progress and bravery.

    I wish it had been longer.
  • As a white, strait, southern (Alabama (and now Georgia)) Christian male, I usually don't sit around watching black history programs because it recent years, it's less about the great things that were accomplished during times of strife and more about claiming victimhood and blaming white men for everything. While I acknowledge that black folk have gotten the short end of the stick throughout history, I am overly tired of being blamed for it just because my great, great grandparents were white southerners... though not near rich enough to even think about having servants. In fact, a large portion of my own ancestry was sharecroppers and indentured servants, themselves. While not completely relatable to forced slavery, it's still a far cry for being rich slave owners. That being said, I really enjoyed Kevin Hart's special. It was a bit too campy and corny for most people - some may even find it offensive if their underwear's on too tight - but he gives a ton of information that I've never heard before. It's packed with stories and info of lesser-known people within black history that did more to advance their situations than most anyone alive today. Kevin doesn't present this film with a preachy tone; rather, he comes with what appears to be a light-hearted approach that many people can appreciate without feeling blamed or vilified for once. I'd give it 10 stars if it wasn't so corny.
  • Very good educational movie My daughter loved it Kevin Hart should make more of these teaching other parts of history. I definitely would spread this movie around. Funny and educational my daughter learned a lot from it.
  • I loved watching it with my children. From a historian's point of view the information was accurate, and the delivery was even better. Well done, I loved it!
  • This film shows that Black History is not just about slavery, instead it focuses on the positive, creative and innovative contributions that African-Americans have made towards society. Although there is a comical side to this film, it downs not overshadow the truth and seriousness of history which I love about it. Great film.
  • It's a fun, educational, and overall positive. It has random comedy and reenactments. It briefly mentions the slavery and then shifts to mostly positive tales exemplifying some lesser told stories of black history. I think it sends a positive message that is wholesome.
  • This should have been a series. It still should be. Kevin Hart has done an outstanding job of showing the true history of American men and women unsung in the annals of most popular history books here in an easily digestable and fun way. The fact that they happen to be black is a selling point, but honestly this stands on its own. He does such a great job telling their stories in a relatable manner it would translate into any subject, and it empowers him weaving the stories of African Americans to a high degree.
  • nbadillo-5290713 February 2019
    Of course he's getting one and two story reviews ! People are use to watching Kevin on rated R films and expect him to take that kind of humour wherever he goes, people must realize he's trying to EDUCATE us and our children. Also, today's racial divide of the USA is going to affect the reviews of these kind of films.
  • pbaruch-4028410 February 2019
    Much needed genre..enjoyable and fascinating learning all in a fun upbeat package with great production values.
  • vogdanosr10 February 2019
    There's not much to say about this film. It's pretty much awful and another example of today's medias forcing agendas on people (dear white people etc.) Reaching hard for humor, bad set up and inaccurate information. Poor Kevin Hart, he's played in such good films, yet money is money I guess. In conclusion: a very bad try to disguise a proaganda as a film.
  • There were some funny parts and I enjoyed watching this but there were a lot of historical errors and this was really just propaganda of 'blame whitey for everything'. When Kevin said the civil war could be summed up with one word: slavery, I knew there were no historians involved in this rather Hollywood writers pushing their agenda.

    The acting between Kevin and his daughter was really stiff.
  • Unfortunately this is just a bad copy of "Latin History for Morons: John Leguizamo's Road to Broadway"
  • Although I saw the appealing trailer shortly after this was released on Netflix, it took me a while to get round to watching it. I'm glad I did though. Some of the information was familiar, some was new, but it was presented in a light-hearted way that did not diminish the seriousness of the conditions over which those courageous individuals triumphed. What gifted comedians! At times I laughed till I cried.

    Please, Netflix, make this into a series. BUT. First, please, address four areas. First of all, as has already been noted, claiming that the cause of the American Civil War boils down to slavery, is a gross inaccuracy. Certainly, it was an important component but part of a complex situation.

    Secondly, the father-daughter relationship, looked staged and awkward. The script may have been partly responsible. It was rather teachy.

    Third, father Kevin's immediately preparing to meet possible violece with violence, when a difficult situation involving his friend arose, was maybe not the best image or example for children. Where was the attempt at negotiation?

    Fourth, and I realise that this may be a sensitive area, the relationship between the black and white members of the cast. Kevin's daughter's friend appeared to be uncomfortable to point of fearful, and his father had to ask for weapons to be lowered even after it was clear that he was not the bookie. He was not treated as a friend, not offered any kind of hospitality, and it appeared that he and his son couldn't get out of the atmosphere of hostility fast enough.

    So does this mean that this program is only for black people? That white viewers are not being invited into the experience of education and a better understanding of the part played in history by African-Americans? Surely the program-makers have an audience of anyone who is part of minority that faces discrimination, and many of the people in those minorities will be white.

    So, overall, a splendid effort. Just tweak those areas and I'd love a series. A Latino-American one too? Yes, please!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    #KevinHart I just want to THANK YOU for Executive Producing Kevin Hart's Guide to Black History!!! Kids need this, Adults need this, Ladi Dadi EVERYBODY need to watch this! I learned so much, before this I didn't know anything about #RobertSmalls, #MatthewHenson, #BessieColeman, or #VivienThomas! Thank you and the crew for shinning the light on Black Unsung Heroes. I liked that yall added comedy to the different stories to keep folks wanting more. Great History Lesson! Thanks Again!
  • Being Canadian, I don't know much about US history or black history. So my review is simple - Watch it, educate yourself, base an opinion, keep the negativity to yourself, read a book and keep learning. Thank you Netflix and Kevin Hart for taking a serious subject and making it viewable for all ages.
  • MahMahOne15 February 2019
    A wonderful way to touch on history for kids. Everything except the devil worshipping sell your soul portion was well done.
  • I learned more from this 1 hour show than in my many years on earth. This is coming from a black man. And it's funny to boot. And this is coming someone who's not a huge Kevin Hart . I hope they do more. Excellent work.
  • Ok. To be clear. My reasoning for the score given does not equal how I feel about the work. This was meant to be a very funny take on #BlackHistory. Only, it wasn't so funny. Not at all. Not a little bit. It was...obvious and tried extremely hard to be...but fell seriously short of reaching actual funny. It did give me two to three moments where I chuckled quickly then stopped. But overall. Nah. Just...nah. Now...I gave the show an 8. i gave to such because it truly was full of knowledge and facts. For those who only know the standard six/seven black folks from history we only seem to discuss (Harriet Tubman, Dr. Martin Luther King Junior, Malcolm X, Madame CJ Walker, etc.)...this show gave facts about to many other people of color and heir accomplishments. It's a reason to be proud. Anyway...because of the educational factor, I gave it a high score. And I recommend everyone watch!
  • dhouston1010 March 2019
    I don't get why some reviewers are saying it's anti-white propaganda, because it's not. This presentation is not meant to give a complete and total history lesson. Kevin Hart talks about many enslaved African Americans that endured and overcame their plight, individuals that escaped slavery, that helped others escape, that invented and innovated. It's not meant to teach everything, but to plant the seed to want to learn more.
  • I really liked the concept behind this T.V movie.To talk about some important black personalities,they created a father-son story which is funny,entertain,and also informative and to be proud of.Its a good watch.
  • I inherently feel aware now, was exposed to a lot of knowledge about my own race that I didn't even know. Yeah the comedy wasn't really top notch; nevertheless, the message passed was heart filling. And I do hope everyone could see it; just the way Mr. k. Hart intended.
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