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  • Warning: Spoilers
    I LOVE These Hallmark Royal films!! (Christmastime and Winterfest are my faves). This movie was exceptionally good, and looks like it was filmed in the same location, as A Crown for Christmas. This is equally well casted and scripted as 'A Crown for Christmas', and 'A Princess for Christmas.'

    Maggie, a recent law school graduate from NYC is deciding what direction she wants to go in, and gets invited by a girlfriend to go on a vacation to a small European country to think things out, and get away from the pressures of her dad. While there, she meets the handsome, and fun Prince Adrian, but she doesn't know he's a prince, and It's chemistry at first sight.

    I love the actors! It's refreshing to see new faces in Hallmark flicks. The movie, like most is predictable, however, it wasn't what I like to say "saccharine-sweet" which is awesome! There was wit, great dialog, and beautiful sceneries. I hope, and look forward to more Royal-themed movies!!

    Keep it up, Hallmark :)
  • The story is pleasant enough for a romance movie. Maggie gets swept off her feet by a wonderful man who turns out to be a prince who is about to be crowned. Like many Hallmark movies, at least one of the lead characters has none of the personal traits required to hold the position they hold, or aspire to, in life. In this case Maggie is too laid back to be a corporate lawyer. She is timid and indecisive. Meanwhile the Prince is the clich√© "playboy prince" that he is reputed to be. He has avoids important duties and responsibilities and he wanders the town apparently flirting with girls. This is mitigated in part by his special foundation. Another trait of Hallmark movies is how minds and even personalities do a complete 180 all of a sudden. And the climax is pretty much predictable. This movie lacks anything that stands out as special, so although it is pleasant, it is also just average.
  • While the female lead is supposed to be a corporate lawyer, the story states up front that is not where her heart is. So she is not portrayed as the typical corporate lawyer. The character of the prince, on the other hand, is played as the typical playboy prince he is supposed to be. As mentioned by other reviewers, he does do a 180 degree change in the middle of the movie, but he has good reason, he has fallen in love. And the young woman has found a kindred spirit; one who is interested in the betterment of common people. The best thing I like about this movie is the actor playing the female lead is actually the age of the character she plays. She is not in her late 30s or early 40s playing a character in her mid to late 20s. And she is not already engaged to a self-centered boyfriend with greased back hair. Why are so many other Hallmark female leads who are supposed to be so smart, actually so stupid to date these guys?
  • I loved the movie, A Royal Winter! I would like very much to get a copy of the CD, but I don't see it advertised for sale. I also hope there will be a part 2 of this film. The actors in this film were all very good, very genuine. Be sure to see it! You'll love it!

    This movie is a love story about a young woman from New York who takes a European vacation to a mythical country named Calpurnia as a means of relaxing after a very taxing schooll year. While there she meets Prince Adrian, but in initially she doesn't know he is a prince. The characters in this movie are excellent, I highly recommend it.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This may be my favorite Royal Hallmark Movie so far. (I haven't actually seen so many) I absolutely loved it! I know a movie has accomplished it purpose when it's theme reached me (Christmas, Summer, Halloween or in this case Winter) It's summer in my country and I ate ice cream while I was watching this movie but part of me felt that was in Calpurnia all cozy snuggling in the couch because of how cold it is.

    To be honest, when I found out at the beginning that there was a job offer in the table I got mad because I thought that the leading lady would give it up because of a guy, however charming he might be, she just met days ago. I'm glad Her Majesty the Queen did THAT and because of that the plot was somehow accurate: Maggie felt that she didn't earn it, so it i'm glad of how the story actually made sense.

    (The set with the fountain looked familiar, I think I have seen it on Once upon a Holiday, correct me if i'm wrong)

    Both actors were amazing, I feel I see "Maggie" in every Monarchy out there (You know, "The Royals" on E!), and the leading guy, "Adrian" was a sweetheart. Not only did he do good, and helped children, but he was also caring, and charming.

    I gotta be honest, the Monarch dating an American girl, and wanting to show the Coronation to the people? I'm not British and I think I have seen that before (Thank you "The Crown"). Anyway, the movie was lovely and I enjoyed every minute of it. So yes, watch this movie, it's the perfect one to snuggle on the couch with a hot cup of coffee or hot chocolate.
  • I am nuts about Hallmark films involving royalty, particularly those involving royal locations. This one strikes me as particularly inviting. All the elements seem to come together--casting, location, script, cinematography and abundant elements of seriousness, laughter, predictability and surprise. The choice of actors here seems particularly felicitous; the characters emerge as genuine, situations plausible and there is great warmth to the entire enterprise. Waiting for it on DVD! I have a backlog of about 15 Hallmark films to get to. i am never disappointed, and this comes from a lifelong journalist, teacher, writer and one-time actor and singe who has seen it all. It is nice to enter a world of sanity, wholesomeness charm and a happy ending I guess.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This is the send remake of Hallmark's A ROYAL Christmas which featured Jane Seymour as the protagonist Queen. This one features Samantha Bond as the protagonist Queen the mythical kingdom in which most of the scenes take place as in the first one somewhere near France. In both a woman who is settled in a career she does not care for in America is secretly courted by a European Prince who takes her to his country where his mother, the Queen at first objects but then realizes she is good for not only her land but also for her son. The first had realism in the fictitious story line which seemed for real if you did not look to closely. The glory of this film is the realism in the way this Prince has Royal personal issues and real Royal fitting into the political scene problems though the story is as always in a Hallmark film totally fictitious for entertainment. Both are entertaining each for their own reasons but neither a standout.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    My kids and I loved the movie. From Maggie who graduated from law school trying to find a path to Adrian working with kids (foundation). My kids inquired about the location of this film. We enjoyed the culture and the characters. The old cobble stone streets, homes built next to each other, wonder old fashion church, vendors in the street, cute fountain in the piazza, to the views of the city just wonderful. We liked the part during dinner where Maggie was asked about the customs on the monarchy and she replied the best way possible without insulting anyone, later Adrian came to the hotel throwing small rocks at her window so they can share time together - simple but great story. We hope there is a Part 2, we look forward to hearing from the writer. Great job!
  • Stressed out by a tough interview for a job that will make her father proud, a young woman travels to Europe at the insistence of her best friend. Once arrived in Calpurnia, she stumbles upon a charming character with whom she starts meeting. They get closer and closer as time goes by but a little secret regarding his social position will soon affect their relationship.

    It's a wonderful romantic movie, set in a cozy winter place, determined to bring plenty of emotion to any of its viewers. It has an apparently simple plot which brings a lot more than expected, helped of course by a couple of complex characters, which tend to be extremely likeable. Thus almost every feeling they have is easily sent to the viewer as well, creating some sort of bond between them.

    The dialog it presents is rich and quite intelligent, adding even more value to the plot. Speaking of the latter, it is pretty well developed overall, although it can sometimes be predictable, but nothing that can lower its quality. It brings a couple of twists into the equation, adding a small amount of drama from time to time.

    It's a very good movie as far as I'm concerned. It creates an unique winter atmosphere, presenting a wonderful love story at the same time, one which managed to keep me entertained until the end. Great characters, very good actors and a good plot make it a very good movie for everyone, especially during the winter holidays, but not only.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    ... I mean... Maggie Marks...really? Not obvious at all... It has a nice story and some supporting characters make it worthwhile to watch the movie. But it's a bit tooo much of everything... Megan...sorry Maggie is toooo nice and toooo social. She changes the whole Kingdom in one week... come on. ;) And the prince is the misunderstood good guy who drives a motorcycle... one time is def enough... ;)
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I like action films and comedies as much as the next guy, but, increasingly, it is getting harder and harder to find a quality film to watch with my wife. With all of the "crap" being produced and force- fed to us these days, It is wonderful to cuddle up on the couch and watch a fun, albeit predictable, movie with my bride. A Royal Winter fits this bill completely! While we have our favorites that we watch over and over, we have not yet found a Hallmark film that we dislike!
  • sandrinha-8491017 January 2019
    I loved it. I truly hope that part two will follow.