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  • A brilliant and very well made movie. A innocent young man from small town with his lady love comes to city after a tussle with family to settle down with help of his friends. He has concern for his people and his surroundings which makes him to face the underworld of the city and gets a chance to wipe out the underworld don of the city. He plans it very meticulously to eliminate the don through the help of police and he is back to business of leading a normal life with family. Later, when Mumbai underworld tries to enter the city, the police suggest that he occupy the donâ s seat in order to keep a check and avoid Mumbai dons entering the city with their activities. You should watch the movie to know what happens later is very interesting as the protagonist goes on to control international underworld and finally when he gets a chance to serve the nation he utilizes the opportunity brilliantly and executes a wonderful job for the motherland.. A very focused story line with a tight script and screenplay, a gripping narration with brilliant editing, mesmerizing photography and locations and very melodious music and justice from the lead actors and supporting actors for their roles makes the movie a definitely enjoyable to watch with the whole family. Itâ s really value for money, just go and watch itâ ¦. Verdict â Overall a wonderful movie in the recent times..The movie has a very good social message to the viewers not to think much and utilize any opportunity that comes our way to serve the nation.