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  • Borefest 2020! Just two cute girls on quiet vacation, showing off their bodies when possible. Waste your time if you want to.. I can't get mine back.
  • errornl30 January 2020
    Bad acting, filmed on an iPhone, bad sound editing, bad makeup and effects. Terrible story, dumb plot.

    Do not bother with his atrocity.

    Just ignore it.

    Would give 0 stars but that doesn't seem to be possible.
  • I gave it a 2 because of the great camera work.

    Everything else is horrid. 95% of the movie is watching an uninteresting Lesbian couple walk around what looks like an abandoned resort , occasionally showing some skin.

    No this is not Zombie Strippers, this is a wanna be romance with mediocre looking women, and ridiculous action scenes.

    Just bad... just so ... so.. sad.
  • jdiz1151 February 2020
    It's 2020 and filmmakers still can't make a decent zombie film. This is terrible. Horrible acting, constant droning music in the background to make up for the lack of dialogue, and simply boring. It's basically a hot lesbian couple walking around doing nothing put on film for some reason.
  • mark-5349411 February 2020
    When it started it took over 8 minutes into the film before either of them said a word I had to force myself to watch it all the way thru so I could rate the film and do a review I've never been so bored it reminds me of 28 days later the speed the zombies run when zombie movies first came out in the 70s they use to walk really slow and films these days are making out zombies are like olympic runners very fast for a dead person.
  • fad-3879831 January 2020
    Admittedly this film is better than I could do. Having no training, no equipment and no cast, but only just.

    It's a 15 minute story dragged out for far too long.

    Poor acting, no script, too many 'make a noise and run' scenes and too many scenes where nothing happens. Literally.

    Might have been a bit better if they had employed a director.


    And if you cannot avoid, keep the receipt.
  • Even Z Nation thinks this is bad. No seriously. Like the other zombie said, girls wearing very little clothing ands zombies. Watch the trailer. Look up the "actors". It's trash. Not even "D" quality.
  • notrigaengineer1 February 2020
    Low budget movie, director has not spent more then 1000$ dollars on this rubbish movie. 80 mins movie and till 52 minutes no zombie was shown, movie is all about two lesbians hiding. Arent zombies suppose to be lifeless and unresponsive but in the movie they run defend jump. Instead of make up the poor make up artist have used powder. I wonder how much pay the actors must have received. This movie cannot be of 2020 it should be 1920.
  • billkenney-5069715 February 2020
    This is the first review I've ever left on IMDB. I felt compelled to leave it because this movie is so horrible. The only reason I watched it was because the IMDB rating was almost a 5, and I don't know what the hell people were thinking when they rated it higher than 1 star. After 15 minutes of watching two girls watch movies and create string art and dance to music, I ended up fast forwarding until around 55 minutes into the movie, when the zombies attacked. It didn't get much better after that. I wish I had never seen this movie, it was terrible.
  • homerjh29 January 2020
    I compare this movie to a toothache, it hurts just thinking about it.
  • ptrsknnr29 January 2020
    Just started watching.......2 Lesbians walking around a deserted resort with gun and baseball bat.....they arent even is annoying and drowns out audio.....did they go to acting school? I hope they die cos this movie is killing me
  • loyenfox1 February 2020
    Low budget garbage with no talent in filming, acting or developing the video. Terrible plot. Terrible script. Even nudity (of which there is very little) has no chance of making this low quality trash anything but a waste of film or time.

    I can't believe someone put money into this.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The film takes place at a resort in Thailand near the Myanmar border. The zombie apocalypse is underway and two young ladies have the resort to themselves, learning to survive by trusting no one. They listen to the news on a short-wave broadcast as the "no-go" zone inches closer to them. There is, of course, the mythical "Haven" located to the north if it does exist as it does in North American films where it makes sense.

    We know the zombies will soon be on them and then we get to watch the women fight them off in not too climactic fashion. The film leaves itself open for another one.

    Guide: F-word. Nudity (Milena Gorum)
  • I was done .... this movie is disaster i wish i could give it a lower rating don't watch it ......
  • We got this movie from redbox. We turned it off. Don't waste your time.
  • Slow and boring I thought it would be good but it's not. not Worth watching......
  • cbgsxr8 May 2020
    And that's not the only aspect that separates this movie from most other zombie movies...

    You get two lesbians who immediately go on a journey of walking to random places, starting a car only to leave it running for no reason, setting a zombie on fire that could've easily jumped into the pool beside him and avoided crisis, painting paintings that have no meaning just like the rest of the storyline; they give very little dialogue, no backstory as to how/when/why they got involved or what the main goal is other than survival..they go down to an open lake for example, a random scene of a boot briefly enters frame, I think, "over thirty minutes in, maybe we'll finally get an actual zombie", but turns out that scene must've just been a random boot that lead to nothing. Movie also ends at last! Wouldn't be a problem at all, sadly it seems to lead to a third movie, but movie cuts so abruptly; not during a scene where you get so heavily involved in it and then bam, you have to wait for the next movie. Nope, nothing of the sort.

    Just completely pointless and one of the worst movies I have watched in general.
  • Great movie for 100 euro budget enjoy plp i bet you cant watch the hole thing without sleeping
  • 20 minutes in and I've logged onto Imdb to find out what what this film Is about. I'm typing this and the wife just asked "Whats this about?".
  • Hajimoto06259 February 2020
    I don't think I've ever seen a zombie movie as boring as this one. I know it is a cliche, but watching this really was like watching paint dry, and I love almost everything 'zombie. But this story could have been told as a short. Instead, it is fleshed out to cover 90 with LOTS of filler of the girls washing dishes, going to the bathroom, and packaging food. Good times!

    I can't believe a wasted $5.99 on Amazon for this. Don't waste YOURs.
  • mjcrowley-8659219 February 2020
    What am I watching. Agree with most of reviews. What's with the soundtrack? Boring
  • Two beautiful young girls hide in a now abandoned holiday resort somewhere in Asia (Thailand?) after a zombie outbreak. They spend the days eating, swimming, painting, sleeping and watching movies. "It's another day in paradise", one of them says, and as a viewer you know that can't last very long. Let the zombies enter! Unfortunately that doesn't happen for a long time.

    The moment they leave the resort in search of gas the film gets interesting. In a small village they meet two male survivors and for the first time you wonder what would happen. Will the men take advantage of the girls? Or will they secretly follow them to their safe haven? The scene ends in a surprising way. Nice, we are still interested in the story. After 50 or so minutes the first zombie arrives and that's too bad, because it's all downhill from there. The living dead look so fake and the fight scenes with them are so laughable that you can't take the film seriously anymore. Frankly, as a viewer you don't really care whether they will make it out alive or not.

    Dead Earth (or Two of us) starts out as an interesting and atmospheric take on the zombie genre. The cinematography is at times nice and the Asian holiday resort is a great location. I also liked the music. The girls are very pretty and you're hoping the film will be at least similar to movies like The Dead. What the main characters really lack is a purpose. What were the girls doing? Were they waiting to be rescued? Were they gathering information about the surroundings in order to escape? Just biding their time was illogical given the fact that someday their food and drinks would run out. So what were their plans?

    I think Dead Earth is an interesting mistake. It could have been good, but maybe the budget got away. The atmosphere and locations at least are not bad. I'm told Dead Earth is part 1 of a trilogy, but although the story can be continued I wonder how many are really interested in seeing the sequel. You can count me out.

  • natcalgary4 February 2020
    Everyone knows zombies can't run. jeeeze. otherwise story line was weak but acting was ok. not the worst zombie movie i have ever seen

  • Rastifan5 February 2020
    Painfully boring and lousy acting. There! The only reasons you need to jump this. They tried to play on lesbian sexual undertones, but no amount of boinking could save this one.
  • Worst movie ever. I dont say that lightly. There are some movies that are so bad they're good. That is not this movie. SLow plotline. I had to check my pulse throughout the movie to make sure I hadn't died and became a zombie that is, for some unknown reason, is afraid of water. Dont waste your time on this. Period.
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