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  • Kendo, or Ken Docherty as I like to call the auteur, has had an up and down career thus far, and "Devious Wives" represents his recent "bread jobs" that have taken him down a peg or two. That's because this ground- out porn like sausage is hardly the pretentious stuff he was making for top labels like daring! Media and Dorcel just a couple of years before.

    It's probably the result of the shake-up in the Adult industry caused by the imminent demise of the DVD - streaming and down-loading (neither of which I participate in) have taken over. So Kendo makes his porn for Television X or the Adult Channel who need filler, and his work suffers.

    I'm easily pleased when the likes of Sam Bentley, Victoria Summers and Hannah Shaw are before the cameras, but their work in this DVD is desultory. Despite its come-on title, the vignettes are only nominally about infidelity, as when Victoria lies to her husband. Antonio Black provides the IR content, but what Kendo fans have come to expect (and perhaps love) is missing -nothing interesting as far as fetish content, and even the goofy editing and overly flashy compositions that I loathe are absent.