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  • Give Ms. Mason all the phony awards you can conjure up, but methinks the lady is still a preeminent example of porno hackdom. In this belated feature spotlighting Mandingo (I've sat through at least a couple hundred vintage and largely VHS predecessors that were better showcases for his big dick) we have the spectacle of talented young industry femmes giddy and gushing at the prospect of achieving a Bucket List item of "I f*cked Mandingo!".

    Though overexposure and vast experience humping (and dildoing) means they can take Fred's 14 inches in toto in their vaginas, and a couple of stalwarts (Chechik and Applegate) likewise make his salami disappear easily into their posteriors, none of them make any headway (pun intended) in the deep-throat department. This failing is painfully obvious and makes Mason's stunt video a failed stunt.

    While Chechik is famous for her Golden Showers ability, it is Applegate who does the squirting instead this time around. Mandingo remains a lump of flesh, totally unanimated as the girls noisily, repetitively and phonily attack his member with gusto. End result: terminal boredom.

    Auteur Mason stages it all against blank white backgrounds in some generic porn mansion, and doesn't really direct at all, leaving the gals to their own devices. It exists merely to exploit the current IR craze, and hopefully will find a happy home in some landfill soon, along with its Volume 2 followup.