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  • This film is just terrible in every aspect. Both novice writer and director's prior short film experience, is very apparent in their attempt for a 92 minute film having any sort of substance, instead of tons of useless filler. With the slow pacing, it felt like over 3 hours. There was just too much insignificant, dumb and repetitive dialogue. It had way too many plot and technical issues on top of the horrible dialogue. It's bad enough this story has been done many times before, and way better, that the filmmaker's should have just stuck to making this a short film and hope it would've at least then be able to maintain the viewer's attention. Cast performances were terrible, but I'm sure that was mainly due to the failure of the director directing his cast effectively and properly. The S/VFX was total cheese, and I've seen better CGI in 1980s films. The score was decent for a B-grade film, as was the cinematography. It's a huge pass from me and a very generous 3/10.
  • This movie seemed more like an LGBTQ indoctrination than a movie. They never let you lose site of the girl that was married to another girl and was pregnant with a baby for them. That's all you could concentrate on and the acting was horrible.
  • takato052414 March 2021
    How any of these people are actors is beyond me. The lead chick, the one they say does voices in clone Wars, she's the worst overreacting actor I've seen in years. Second would be the Asian boyfriend. I hope he has an actual job because this is the second time I've seen him and thought his performance was arbitrary and dry. No one is likable. The story is all over the place. More plot holes than answers. You hope everyone dies within the first 25 minutes.
  • tspike91112 April 2021
    That's what is good or likable in this film.. nothing at all. Horrid acting, annoying nonstop wokeness, grade school quality "special effects" and below armature script.

    Save 55 minutes of your life and pass on this.
  • Look, everyone! I can write a movie! Something happens; then, zombies! I did it! I did it! I wrote a movie! Can I be famous now? Saw this piece of work on Tubi; the free streaming website. It has a few good movies; and lots of garbage, like this mass of mess.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    When major cities burn in the aftermath of a series of coordinated terrorist attacks, a disgraced doctor and her friends escape Atlanta for the refuge of her family property, which is nestled deep in the heart of rural Georgia. What they find there - more than just people, but also something perhaps from beyond our understanding - may be more dangerous than the terrorists.

    Directed by Chris Ethridge from a script by Michael H. Harper, the heroine of this film is trauma surgeon Alison (Catherine Taber*, who is the voice of Padme in Star Wars: The Clone Wars), who has been suspended by her hospital. She takes charge and gets her pregnant roommate and boyfriend out of the city and off to her family's hidden property, where her addict brother and her girlfriend show up just in time to kill another family friend.

    While the human tension between all of the characters is the best part of this movie, it's also a film that isn't sure what it wants to be. Gritty end of the world military movie? Zombies in the woods? Strange lights? Possession? Ham radio evil voices film? Literal Biblical end of the world movie? It's like the filmmakers threw it all in a pot and didn't let it simmer long enough. At least Taber gets a chance to shine as her character and there's some fun action.

    *Ethridge, Harper and Taber also all worked together on the film The Morningside Monster.
  • Let's be honest, it's a low-budget film (probably $5,000 max). It has cartoon like explosions and the gunfire would be better if it has Batman/Robin wording next to the gun saying Bang and Boom. You never see any attacks, danger or anything. Basically it's non-violent, non- action, non-doomesday, non-enjoyable.

    There are four main characters, Alison, Jessi, Hannah and Derek. There are 9 other characters in this low-budget film. Surprisingly, only Alison shows an acting ability. Some of the lesser characters are not bad actors, but they need did not have big enough parts to be judged The worse actors are the main characters. Jessi clearly acts like she is still in high school drama class and Derek is a better robot, then a human.. I'm sure they saw him as a failure so they told him to talk very little, move like a robot and try not to be the worse one in the film.
  • This is one BAAAAAAD MOVIE! And not even so bad it's's just...plain...AWFUL! The acting is laughable at best. The CGI could have been by an untrained monkey. You do not have compassion for ANY of the people in the film. They are SOOOOO ANNOYING that you HOPE they get killed off...quickly! I can't BELIEVE I gave a small part of my life to watch this garbage. Seriously...if I can save just ONE PERSON from going through the TORTURE of watching this heap of trash,my job will be complete. Toodles.
  • tmccull5229 April 2021
    Warning: Spoilers
    Haven's End? The only "end" that I cared about was when this piece of crap movie was going to end. Welcome to PC horror: the female leads are smart, savvy, brave, and heroic, while the male characters were knuckle-dragging, mouth-breathung, toxic testosterone dumpsters. This was a check the box production.

    1.) Gay couple? Check.

    2.) Obligatory, derogatory remarks about the NRA, or anyone the would own a gun? Check.

    3.) Boorish, dull, torpid male characters? Check.

    The story sucked. The acting was even worse. The lead actress, playing a tough as nails survivalist trauma doctor was channeling every sci-fi/horror character from Arnold Schwarzenegger's "Dutch" from."Predator" to Chris Evans' Captain America from the Marvel movies, to Sigourney Weaver's Ripley from "Alien". The "actor" playing her Army veteran fiance' had all of the emotional range and acting skills of a mop handle. This movie sucked on every conceivable level. Trust me when I tell you that "Haven" couldn't "End" soon enough.
  • I love seeing VHS girl in other films. That's always a plus. But this movie is mostly a mess in my opinion. 3/10.
  • I enjoyed this movie. It's smart about not trying too hard to give away the "monster" and follows the trope of apocalyptic horror in a way that was entertaining and leaves the audience with something to talk about after. I don't want to give away anything. 6/10
  • So, if you're looking for a big-bucks, Hollywood production, this is not it. But this indie outing is a taut little tale that pulls you in and keeps you engaged through to the end. No good apocalypse is complete without a band of survivors trying to scrape by in a remote cabin (or, in this case, trailer) outside Atlanta while trying to figure out what the hell happened. This one has got all the pieces, from the plucky female lead trying to keep it all together to her ne'er-do-well brother who you'd really like to see get one between the eyes. If apocalypse thrillers with a splash of horror are your bag, you could do worse than "Haven's End."