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  • Cheenu (played by Shaam) is part of a tight-knit, loving extended family. The only thing marring this is the unfriendly rivalry between Cheenu and his cousin Shiva (Yugendran). When Cheenu and Shiva fall in love with the same girl (Vishali, played by Sharmelee), Cheenu must decide between his love for Vishali, and his desire to see his family happy.

    The predictable plot is is generally enjoyable, but is hampered by a detracting side-plot. The music is average, with two not-very-appealing item numbers. The acting by the supporting cast was quite good, but Shaam and Vishali were not fully convincing. Yugendran, on the other hand, gave a good performance, and was a much more interesting character (either due to acting or written part) than the other two leads. On the whole, this isn't a bad movie, but it's certainly not memorable.