The film closes with a dedication to Ryan McHenry - McHenry, who sadly passed away in 2015, wrote and directed the short film Zombie Musical (2011) from which this feature film was adapted.

During the scene when Lisa sings her song at the school's Christmas concert, the man seen playing keyboard is Tommy Reilly, who co-wrote the music for the film.

Many in the cast, including its stars, saw the film for the first time at the film's premiere at Fantastic Fest in Austin Texas.

Debuted at the 2017 Fantastic Fest film festival in Austin, Texas, September 22 2017.

One of the posts seen in the #EvacSelfie bit was from "Ash Campbell" - a mashup of Ash Williams/Bruce Campbell from the Evil Dead franchise.

American actor Tyler Collins, who starred in director John McPhail's previous film, Where Do We Go From Here? (2015), has a brief, uncredited non-speaking role as a zombie during the scene when the undead attack the bowling alley.

Currently filming in Port Glasgow, Scotland.

Brian Lonano was at one point considered to direct.

Paul Kaye, who plays 'Headmaster Savage' is killed by the zombies near the end of the film. Kaye is most famous for his portrayal of 'Thoros Of Myr' on "Game Of Thrones", a character who is also killed by a zombie... albeit a zombie bear.