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  • Warning: Spoilers
    This anime series is set in a world almost the same as our own; the only noticeable difference is the presence of 'demi-humans'; vampires, succubi, snow-women and dullahans. These beings aren't particularly common and biology teacher, Tetsuo Takahashi, is curious about them. It turns out there is one of each type at his school; a teacher, who is a succubus, and three students. These are introduced in the opening episode and as the series progresses we learn more about their various characteristics and the problems they have living with their conditions. The more Tetsuo gets to know them the more he tries to help them.

    I really enjoyed this series; it is told at a gentle pace but has a good number of amusing moments and more importantly has interesting characters. One might expect a series featuring a succubus to be fan-service heavy but it isn't… in fact the character deals with her condition by dressing in the least alluring way she can… there is the almost inevitable pool episode but that is fairly mild. The various types of 'demis' are dealt with in a good way; interesting questions are raised such as what does a vampire do if she doesn't drink blood and how does a dullahan eat when her head isn't connected to her body? The characters are well designed and the animation is good. Overall I definitely recommend this to fans of school based anime who are looking for something a little different. When it was over I was left hoping that there will be a second series some time.

    These comments are based on watching the series in Japanese with English subtitles.