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  • I checked all the 10/10 reviews and it's all people who signed up like a week ago and have only one review to their accounts. Like all of em are pretty much identical and in my opinion are fake reviews to boost the you will not be at the edge of your seat the whole time watching this.

    As for the movie the first half is interesting then they drop the ball at the end. It's full of plot holes the acting of the driver is not bad but when a certain character start going maniac near the end it's laughably bad. Watch it on a rainy day but don't expect something spectacular. I'm a horror movie fan and there's little to none horror in this it's more of a thriller than anything, i don't understand why this is in the horror category at all. Also they could have gone for more social commentary on our use of social media and our phones but it's really on the surface here.
  • This movie had potential but failed horribly in storyline, acting, and continuity. Flipped around too much and the ending (or lack thereof) was a total fail! I felt cheated of my time.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    People say that this film is a copy of Ryde, produced in 2017. I haven't watched that film yet, so, I don't know whether the original is good or this one is good. Thus, I can only write review based on this film. No comparison.

    The plot is really confusing. I mean I was watching blindly the whole time. I even thought that why Brandon and Steph are talking sweetly via phone calls and text messaging. And also in the Brandon and Judd's conversation, Brandon was okay and Steph is also talking normally with him. Then I realised that was the past when that scene where he's preparing to be Brandon and gets into bed and hug Steph came. It was all because of badly arranged scenes. They have inserted past scenes into present without showing clearly that past scenes are past and present is present. I mean they should have at least written very clearly that those scenes are past. But they didn't. Hence, it made me confused.

    How confused? Let me give an example. People say that Mo Dao Zu Shi Chinese animation's present and past jumping is very confusing. They don't know which is present and which is past even when it was obviously written. After watching this film, I want to say to those people that come and watch this film. If you think Mo Dao Zu Shi's present and past jumping is very confusing, after you watch this film, Mo Dao Zu Shi will become nothing. It's just a child and this film is a grandfather in the terms of confusing level.

    What I don't get is that why the film genre is horror and thriller. For thriller, I accept a little. A little even means very, very tiny. There's only one scene that makes me thrilled. That was the scene where Judd first appeared suddenly at the car window next to Brandon. But horror? I don't think so. There's nothing to do with horror. It's not frightening and doesn't have anything that makes this film put into horror category. Who the hell put this film into horror genre? If they put into drama, I might accept because the film is full of talking scenes and so, very boring. I only kept watching because I wanted to see the end. Horror, I disagree.

    Furthermore, the last two scenes are very confusing. In the second last scene, Judd seemed to be dead, but he reappeared as a taxi driver Brandon. So, does it mean Judd isn't dead? I mean he should've died to give the audience some satisfaction. Now, I'm totally not satisfied.

    Because of the presentation style, this film is kind of difficult to understand. If you want to get the whole plot, you will have to use your head and think yourself based on what they showed. So, yes, it's some kind of film that there's nothing when you think about it. But I like those kinds of films that let people to think.

    Although this film is kind of boring and so confusing, there is something we could learn about setting passwords and codes. And also there is something hidden in the film that we all could also learn. So, if we look carefully, there is always something we can get as benefit(s) of watching films.

    To conclude this review, if the director could make this film less boring and the editor made it a bit less confusing (by showing which is which very clearly), this film will be more enjoyable. Right now, all I get is a lot of confusing things. But thankfully, I could understand those.
  • What can I say? It's about a taxi driver going around in the dark, but unlike Ryde (2017), there aren't many instances of murder, and the few murder scenes are not really disturbing or shocking like they were in Ryde. The acting and cinematography are generally good. The taxi itself was more nice-looking than the one used in Ryde, so was the driver. For the first 45 minutes, you're going to watch the two main characters talk in a dark taxi to each other about their lives until they apparently become friends. What the killer does afterwards is not really believable and since the movie has no back story, you have no idea what his motives are. The victim is not attractive or pleasant to look at, and what she does to save herself is pretty basic and uninteresting. The last few minutes were only a little thrilling, although pretty mundane, and that's about it. It's a pretty tasteless movie, but not exactly boring if you like listening in on other people's life stories, so you're not going to miss out on much if you simply skip it.

    Final score: 4
  • So someone can think of a clever trip to take in a taxi... but there is nothing to this story.... just clever & horrible. Like, so what, what do you learn, except how nasty & psychotic some people can be. Dont bother unless you just want twisted. And of course it's violence against women... really, is that what brings people to watch movies these days???
  • Nowadays, with apps like Uber becoming more and more popular, a movie like this is scary because it's something that could actually happen. I found the idea behind the story interesting and this movie was an okay watch, but I definitely wouldn't say that I enjoyed watching it. There isn't much action (mostly just talking amongst the main characters) and the plot becomes very predictable. It would have been a better movie if the story unraveled with the "reveal" at the end, rather than making the main plot obvious early on.
  • I have seen far worse movies but this one is very generic and forgettable. The whole production is very mediocre but not horrible. It's a micro-budget thriller and really not a horror movie but there are a few intense moments. You're not missing anything my skipping this one, but you could do worse. 4/10
  • jfgibson732 February 2020
    Warning: Spoilers
    Here was a movie about a late night drive through the city in a ride sharing vehicle. The passenger tells the driver about the problems he's having, and the driver offers advice. They become more trusting and open with each other. Then, the passenger murders the driver and steals his identity. He goes to his apartment and kidnaps his girlfriend. She eventually gets away, and he puts on a new disguise.
  • paulbasu12 June 2019
    This is just a copy of 2017 movie "RYDE". Basically this kind of movies Just entertain you till end. Afterward when you think about the story, you find nothing. To me movie is a social mirror. A strong story-line is essential.
  • UniqueParticle10 October 2020
    The cinematography is so bad otherwise average movie with decent story! Fairly intriguing in the last half. The music is great, the editing is very poor though. I understand the ones that bashed End Trip it's mostly bad.
  • ruedotnet7 September 2020
    This movie had potential. It's not unbearable to watch. You will be screaming WTF a lot.
  • Extremely well acted and a decent bit of suspense. It wanders a bit off the logic trail toward the end, but not as much as some of this genre. Was pleasantly pleased with this choice for late-night viewing.
  • Its a film about a friendly new era car services, transporting people from a to b ,just sending a message on a social media channel to get a ride.until one day he gets a ride that maybe his last.

    the production is filmed 90% inside the car cabin, most of it in the dark of the night. the acting are on average, and the kind of plot has been used before. there are some blood and gore here and there and tells a pretty brawled up mental story from more than one person.

    its not the best horror thriller made, the grumpy old man wont return to this later for a second opinion, si its a thin recommendation to this flick
  • T sure what these other reviews are about. Sure, it's a slow burn but it's worth the wait. This is a rideshare movie that most closely models what it's like to be in an Uber and makes you feel comfortable just in time for s$&! to hit the fan. Well acted and worth the watch.
  • This is one of those movies that you just can't atop thinking about after it is over. Had me on the edge of my seat from beginning to end! The writing, acting, and directing are so well done. Defiantly a must see!!
  • End Trip taps into the modern phenomenon of share ride unease. The film made me nervous from start to finish. It's a anxiety provoking watch from start to finish. I wanted to warn the passengers. I enjoyed the cast. End Trip didn't feel like a slasher film, which isn't my fav, so I enjoyed this one. Watch it!
  • This was a well written and suspenseful thriller that had me shouting at the TV and waiting for what's next. So well done! Would certainly recommend.
  • Good story of horror telling dark side of technology. Plot is well but presentation is not. One could not understand what is going on till the half of the movie. Also motive of such dangerous transformation is not clear. At the end man has got wounded in chest but still ready to take flight means we have to watch another sequel. However movie is watchable for its kind of horror and mystery. Acting by Aaron Jay Rome ( URYDE driver), Dean J. West ( psycho killer) and Ashley Lenz (trapped woman, Stef ) is perfect. Movie should have been better.
  • You've seen a lot of these elements before, updated here with a fresh modern angle provided by the power of intrusion & stalking bestowed on us by social media. Dark, creepy, & thoughtful. I liked it. Norman Bates meets Primal Fear meets Fight Club meets The Man On The Train meets The Talented Mister Ripley, all chatting together on Zoom.
  • This movie will not disappoint! This was a great one that will be remembered and on the need to see again and again list! The characters were great and the suspense left me on the edge of my seat. The end makes you want more!!!! End Trip, 2....please!!!!
  • I was nervous from beginning to end, which is the best when watching a thriller. Loved the chemistry between the main actors, and the story had me hooked. Definitely watch this one!
  • Fantastic filmmaking - tense, compelling and unusual. Terrific performances - particularly from AJ Rome and Ashley Victoria. A 'must watch' - and then get a bus home!
  • Wow! This movie doesn't disappoint. It holds your interest from start to finish! The acting is crazy good. It really makes you think what if?! If your looking for a great thriller to watch you found it!
  • This movie has it all and it will leave you wanting more. Highly recommend. Great cast and spot on acting.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    It is a very interesting movie as it is kind of different from other horror movies . Very suspenseful since the beginning and the performances were credible . A good twist in the middle of the movie that i did not see coming but unfortunately the ending is medically not possible Anyway I spent a good time
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