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  • The comedy is intellegent in its own absurdist style. However, I've noticed a theme within the "1 Star" rating reviews; most, if not all, are saying that the show is "offence in this political climate", and should "cater more to today's political atmosphere by discussing some important topics". NOT ALL COMEDY HAS TO HAVE A POLITICAL AGENDA. Let's leave the politics on the news where it belongs. If you want a apolitical absurdist comedy: This show is for you. It's hard for me to see this show being a '1 star' rating by anyone. It's probably not fittingly a 10 (yet) that I gave it, but it's certainly higher than a 6, let along 1.
  • This show is amazing. Howerton does re-visit his Dennis Reynolds, but I don't really see this as a bad thing as that character is PERFECT for this part. Essentially a version of "Bad Teacher" with a far funnier cast and a unique plot. Oswalt plays the role of a small town principal longing for people to like him to perfection. This show is funny, intelligent, and quirky.

    As far as all the low ratings go...I'm starting to think they were written by people who couldn't sell their pilot to a network, this show is brilliant.

    Being a critic isn't easy, but reading some of the reviews on this show made me cringe. People are being entirely too sensitive or expecting this show to show more of a semblance to reality...guess what??? IT'S A COMEDY TV SHOW. It doesn't have to be realistic, it's entertaining....and if you're looking to be entertained, this is a great show for you.
  • What are folks talking about with the poor reviews? I do NOT get it. This show keeps me interested in each and every quirky character. The plot is as unique as the color scheme. Maybe it's just me, but I find that to be a brave deviation from the norm. And it works. I also appreciate the well timed nuances in the sound effects. Yes, this is refreshing. And I want more.
  • It's a funny show. Not deep. Not important. Not filled with great character development or awesome story arcs.... just funny. There are lots of sit-coms that are popular that we don't find amusing at all, but this one is smarter than the average sit-com. If you are fans of humor with intellect, try it!
  • at-525415 March 2018
    Great writing! Surprisingly, I laughed out loud many times during the first three episodes.
  • marie-a178912 February 2018
    It makes me laugh and it's not predictable as hell, so it's looking good so far. I like it.
  • alijohncom12 February 2018
    An innovative story, funny plot, clever dialogues.. And a lot of intelligence in every detail, I enjoyed watching it.
  • As a huge fan of it's always sunny I instantly loved this show for glenn howerton alone. A lot of people probably get turned off on this show because they don't get the style of comedy being done. This is a show that gets funnier each time you watch it because the jokes are subtle. You have to learn the characters and then the mannerisms become hilarious. I hope for Patton Oswald's character to start hitting more. The students are getting better each episode. The three female teacher friends are actually pretty funny. This show is good and I think eventually it will be great.
  • aes746 March 2018
    I think it's funny. All the actors are doing a great job and I laugh through the whole thing.
  • elekid-602509 February 2018
    I watched the first 3 episodes, and I don't understand why this show is getting so much hate. The premise is fun, the kids in the class are a fun ensemble, the lead is awesome, and Patton Oswalt is great as always. I was audibly laughing throughout each episode, and I can't wait to see the premise explored further. I look forward to learning more about Jack's backstory.
  • My best guess it must have been marketed at the wrong segment, maybe someone expected the likes of two broke girls glee, fun loving characters ect.

    Worst thing i can say about this show is that its kind of a Dennis(Sunny) spin off, but its clever and hilarious. Maybe its just for depraved people like me who likes it edgy and anti gentrified, and its all the wholesome people tuning in and getting disapointed.

    I would compare it to Vice Principals, but more original in its writing.

    Seriously, the teacher tickler made me laugh so hard, that joke alone should net this show and emmy and a decent 8 on imdb.
  • To be fair, I am a huge Always Sunny fan and love Glenn Howerton. That being said, I love the premise of this show. It gets off to a slow start, but I am addicted after 3 episodes. Glenn crushes it, and the kids should develop as nice supporting roles. Not sure why everyone is rating so low. On the low end I would still give it a solid 6.5. Get to the third episode and you will be laughing out loud.
  • Great cast with a unique take on humor. If you are a fan of Always Sunny in Philadelphia then you're going to love this. Give this show a try - watch 3-4 episodes and you'll be hooked!

    I am personally tired of basic comedies. This show is clearly not.

    Enjoy 10*
  • I don't understand any of the negative reviews on this. As I'm writing this 3 episodes have been shown, and At this point the only complaint I could have is I don't know enough about the characters... but its only 3 episodes into a sitcom. There hasn't been time for the characters to be totally fleshed out yet. I think its very funny so far, and extremely enjoyable to watch.

    It is a pretty original angle for a sitcom: A once successful guy sees his career go off a cliff for as yet not well explained reasons and is forced to take a job he believes is beneath him, while trying to keep his students from forcing him to actually do his job. As someone who feels they have not lived up to their potential in life I can very much identify with the main character to a certain extent, and I think the same can be said for a lot of people today. The first few episodes feel very similar to the first few episodes of Community, one of my favorite shows, with Jack being similar in some ways to Jeff (especially Jeff from the first few episodes), although Jack is more ambitious and frustrated with his new situation while Jeff was more sex obsessed and narcissistic. I think if you enjoyed the first season of Community you will almost certainly enjoy what I have seen so far of AP Bio. Of course Community ended up being so strong because secondary characters like Troy, Abed, and Annie as they developed became so awesome, and if AP Bio is to go anywhere then the student characters here will have to com into their own as well. But what I have seen so far is very encouraging, and if you haven't you should give it a watch.
  • This show is hilarious! Howerton is good, the lady teachers are good, that one lady...she's good. To show you I'm being fair, Patton Oswalt who is usually good, is not good. He's bland. I hate saying that, because he's usually pleasant. I can't wait to see more! Yes it's a mess, but it's a fun mess! It's way better than The Mick, which I only tolerate for Kaitlin Olsen.
  • I love all the people on here pretending to be critics. They say it's not funny and then admit that they hate the main actor. Well no wonder you don't like it. You are also not a critic.

    This show is funny if it's your kind of comedy, which in this case, it is for me. It's not complex, which I don't think it's aiming to be, so if you want complex watch Altered Carbon. I will continue to watch it and don't listen to these other "critics". Make a judgement for yourself and enjoy if you like dumb comedies.
  • Many intelligent reviewers have already stated a similar sentiment to what I'd like to share so I'll try and be brief.

    This show is very well written, excellent quirky characters portrayed by great actors, quirky/unique comedy that is actually refreshingly original! I like It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia and I love The Mick but I've always disliked Glenn Howerton's character Dennis on IASIP so I didn't think I'd like this show but damn it is good!!

    I think there must just be something inherently different in our human brains because I simply cannot comprehend those reviewers giving this show a 1 (or anything below a 7 actually). I can only assume it's due to strict religious beliefs, possibly a lack of appreciation for creativity...? I HATE simple, boring, dumbed down shows like Big Bang Theory, or utter trash like Two and a Half Men (just a couple examples of really basic lame programming from recent years. I am assuming reviewers who dislike this show love shows like that?? If so, then it makes sense that they can't understand/relate to/appreciate this intelligent and quirky humor. I just hope there's enough clever people watching and giving high ratings to keep shows like this that are truly well crafted on the air!!!

    If you like this show and generally appreciate supremely well crafted television with unique vibrant characters, interesting plot lines, CREATIVITY, and no laugh track may I suggest a few others worth checking out:
    • The Good Place
    • The Mick
    • iZombie
    • Veronica Mars
    • Curb Your Enthusiasm
    • Seinfeld
    • It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
    • Gilmore Girls
  • Love it!!! I would love to see Niecy Nash guest star again!!
  • I've been dreading the fact that Glenn Howard will not return to It's Always Sunny (because let's face it, he makes the show), but having watched the few episodes of AP Bio, I don't care. This show is better than It's Always Sunny because this is basically a Dennis Equivalent's show.

    This brutal, at times savage, comedy, without the typical cliche plot lines is everything I've been looking for in a new series. I'd watch anything with Glenn, and this looked extremely promising from the very first episode.
  • I really like this show. It is extremely quirky which kind of worries me because quirky always struggles in the ratings - and after reading some of the other reviews I can already see this happening... but if you want to watch something a little different this is the show! Hope it survives because I think it could become a sleeper cult type hit!
  • abslatt3 February 2018
    I am seriously baffled by all these negative reviews. After watching the first three episodes, I'm excited to see where they take the show. The contrast between Glenn Howerton and Patton Oswalt's characters make for an interesting dynamic, and the supporting characters are promising. Really not sure where all the negative reviews are coming form, it seems like it could turn into a pretty decent show.
  • I think this show is very entertaining. All of the bad reviews makes me feel like someone went out of their way to give it bad reviews, obviously someone is butthurt. It's funny, plain and simple.
  • tman-742489 February 2018
    Warning: Spoilers
    This show is classic nonsense comedy, but with a black humor twist. After watching the first three episodes for FREE on, I can honestly say it's already better than 3/5 of the tv shows I'm currently watching, all of which I personally consider good television. The show's highlight is the personality, and witty schemes of sunny's dennis reynolds, but instead as a psychology professor who's unfortunate past has led him to teaching at a school in tampa florida.

    I love that the show is already exhibiting authentic school issues. I say already because by starting so early, you can kind of see that it's going to be a focus in the show. Public schools in the US aren't the greatest, everyone knows that, and surely a tv show isn't going to open any eyes to it, nor could it accurately represent every US school, but so far it's shown an effort to bring into the mix the problems public schools face with budgeting issues, and student dilemmas (such as bullying). An excellent example right out of the gate would be the teacher's chair being in such poor condition that Jack Griffin (Glenn Howerton) has to buy a new one himself. There are other examples, but I want to keep this mostly spoiler free.

    One of the supporting characters, Principal Durbin (Patton Oswalt's character), is an excellent character to demonstrate some of these problems. For example, his job, the same as any principal, is to keep the teachers in line and make ends meet for the school at the end of the day. What's great is that he has to be laid back to some degree, so as to not get on the bad side of the teachers, such as many principals would surely agree, and Patton Oswalt is the perfect person to play that role. In many ways this show reminds me, somewhat coincidently, of Charlie Day's most recent film, Fist Fight, which was just as absurdly rooted in the US school system, and displayed just as accurately the problems that teachers and principals face with making ends meet in an overtly underfunded public school system, while also adding a humorous spin to lighten up the message.

    Fortunately enough for the show, Patton Oswalt's character isn't the only excellent supporting character. The show introduces very memorable, and each uniquely genuine teachers and students as supporting characters who can each stand on their own. For instance, the other teachers that Jack acquaints himself with serve a valuable role in teaching him valuable lessons about being a teacher, despite not being very good teachers themselves. Obviously that is for humors sake, but the dynamic he and they have formed functions very well as a "when I need you" mentor circle that I just loved. They also keep him in check by mocking him when he's acting too absurd, which I find a humorous and creative approach since not only are they going to teach him how to be a teacher, but maybe in time they'll teach him to not be so full of himself. Eh I doubt it, but it's a thought nonetheless.

    Of course this show isn't just topics of public education, there are some comedy aspects as well. Jack Griffin, the Harvard Psychology professor who was denied tenure after some yet-to-be-revealed past with an ex-colleague of his. Jack's spiteful demeanor is only comparable to (sorry) Dennis from It's always sunny in philadelphia. Jack's thing is that he's very upset at a gentleman, and is dedicated to ruining his life. Sadly enough for the straight A students taking an advanced placement biology class in florida, he's decided (or perhaps it was his only option) to "teach" their class for a year while he works out his play to destroy his arch nemesis. This of course has led to them being enlisted, or perhaps conscripted, into his makeshift life-ruining militia. Of course, as you might would expect from students in an AP class, they are all but willing to take part in his wacky shenanigans.

    The show reminds me of an old movie from the 80s, Summer School, but it's almost the exact opposite in every way. Suffice to say, I liked that movie, and that this show reminded me of it is nothing short of pleasant to me. I may watch it later in fact.

    Nevertheless, A.P. Bio is brimming with potential for messages about society, humourous plots and schemes, lessons, and all around good comedy. I can't wait to see where it goes, and honestly I can't recommend it enough.
  • robin-39411 March 2018
    This and Champions are the BEST new shows. I love the kids in the class as well as the teachers & staff. Great seeing new talent get a shot.
  • Came into this show with no expectations and quickly binged watched the first season and loved it. Love the characters and it's actually pretty funny. Can't wait for the second season
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