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  • Warning: Spoilers
    i was enjoying the series till i got to episode 9! it's full of stupid mistakes which could be avoided by a simple google search!or even watching a couple of YouTube clips

    1-capital of Iran is Tehran what they show is Isfahan! 2- the airport they show is like an airport in an underdeveloped country 3- Khomeini's's portrait hasn't been used since his death 28 years ago! since then you can only see khamenei's portrait ! 4- no one asks about your religion in the airport! you either have a visa or not ,no one asks questions specially religious ones 5- American citizens are not allowed to travel alone,they should be accompanied by a tour leader. 6- most names are Arabic, scripts are Arabic and the Farsi spoken is mostly incorrect. 7- how often do you see your army in the street? never? the same goes for revolutionary guards! only police is responsible to uphold the law 8- the revolutionary guard's logo is incorrect. 9- we don't have crescent and star signs in Iran! you can only find this in Pakistan and Arab countries 10- hotel is written هتل in Farsi not هوتل (face palm) 11- most women wear abaya! dear retard director that's again an Arabic type of hijab!!!! the hijab in Iran is very loose they wear a scarf and wear lots of make up! this tight version can only be found in gulf countries 12- the room service guy is wearing Arabic traditional dress 13- Iran has never done suicide attacks! shiias never do it! the list can go on for 30 points at least! i don't know why producers and director don't spend some time to do research before making an episode ,it's either done intentionally which is a pathetic attempt to defame Iranians or not which is an insult to Persians and they should apologize for making this crappy inaccurate image .what you tried to show is actually Saudi Arabia but it's US ally and untouchable!
  • I love how people get technical about the military aspects of these shows. It's escapism, and pure BS. In the real world America are not the good guys, and the world needs saving from them. I love it when AH comments that American Taliban is an oxymoron. Didn't the US fund and train these guys, therefore, they are one and the same? Anyway, this is just one more mindlessly patriotic bs show, trying to show how the middle east is all bad, and the US are just trying to do what's right, which is pretty much the opposite of reality, but then who would watch a show about a terrorist country who travels around the world, bullying others for their resources and/or geographical strategic importance, and still root for them as the good guys? I can't believe after all this time Team Amurika is still trying to pedal this narrative, when not even a brain dead coma patient would buy into this crap. So yes it's bs escapism. Take it for the mindless crap that it is. If you like a tv version of COD, this is for you.
  • We love it!! So much better than that other similar show on CBS. Well scripted and the actors are amazing! The show is action packed and does not get hung up with a bunch of boring drama crap that tries to delve into their personal lives. NBC has a great show that needs to come back for another season.
  • The Brave is awesome.

    It's like "The Unit" without the wodden side story of the wifes.

    It has the tactical strength of Strike Back with recognizable tactics and weapons.

    Anne Heche is horribly miscasted, and unfortunately every scene she's in is bad. The rest of the cast is excellent though, and to address the elephant in the review: Yes, this is better than Seal Team.
  • janojas28 October 2017
    This is a wonderful show that balances action with humanity in a great way. The action is always interesting and well executed, and the human side of things is well done with great acting performances. The story lines are tight and well performed, and I can say I truly enjoy watching this show.
  • As I watched few episodes, I was quite astonished by episode two. It was about one of the main protagonists hiding in Ukraine. The problem was with the atmosphere and caricaturе Rambo-style portrayal of rebels and Russians. To begin with, people don't look there as they are from 1950s. The area doesn't look like poor version of Ukranian portion of Brighton Beach. They don't say "Russians take things without paying" because most of them are Russians in that region. The whole set up is completely unrealistic. Russian say what no Russian would ever say, they act totally fake. Good screenplays should be close to reality, but this one creates its own. It's OK when it does not correspond with real geographic location. But if it does and it's not true, then it's propaganda or dissemation of ignorance.
  • I wanted to like this because I enjoy the genre, but have worked in it so technical inaccuracies are tough to sit through, as is Anne Heche. (Others have made checklists of technical problems in detail in other reviews). I get why many like it - the show has a great look, the story lines are decent and the characters are filling out. But on the downside the exposition can be tedious and so can the dialogue when they see an action taking place. (We see 3 strange men cross the street and someone says, "3 strange men just crossed the street.")

    Technical mistakes in the day and age of the Internet is something I don't understand... many of the mistakes are easy to look up. There should also be technical advisors keeping an eye out for these things. I get that sometimes there might be some inaccuracies to develop the story, or a creators of the show want their story as is and figure most people won't notice inaccuracies, but in this age of immediate information they will be noticed. We're several episodes in now, and inaccuracies continue. Some appear to be glaring omissions, but others are simply ignored, like including a woman in the field of a tier one team. There are women in the intelligence part of the unit, but no woman has ever completed the training to be on a Tier One combat team (neither can a majority of the men). But it is Hollywood, so there must be all skin colors and a woman represented on the highly-specialized team. The military is diverse, and an honest representation through diversity (except for the female) is honest. But with this show diversity - and a complete politically correct narrative is the show's priority. Everything else takes a back seat - so it doesn't feel genuine. For these reasons - and Anne Heche - I will be shocked if this show gets a second season.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I really wanted to like one of this years new military shows including "The Brave" (NBC), "Seal Team" (CBS) or "Valor" (CW). It didn't take too long before the character "Patricia Campbell" played by Anne Heche to become...well...Anne Heche and all that that implies. Somehow, in the middle of the desert when trying to pry some information out of an American Taliban the big point that is going to bring him to his senses is his love for gender equality. I literally laughed right out loud. Who isn't for gender equality but that is the thing that is going to bring him to his senses? I wanted to like this show. Clearly the writers are far more interested in pushing some political agenda than creating entertainment based on a military thesis. Anne Heche as the leader of a special OPs team? Really? Could they find anyone less convincing?
  • It took me a couple to three episodes to get into this show and now I enjoying watching it. Yes, there's a lot of errors with technical jargon, etc but hey this is TV and most of the things they do on TV is NOT real. Remember Quick Sand in all those old tv westerns? Yeah, not so real. So you take it with a grain of salt and enjoy this show for what it is. A pretty decent way to spend an hour watching a pretty good action show. I certainly hope they renew The Brave because I have come to really enjoy watching it.
  • OK first of all the name "Fahim Jarif" is not a Persian name. The airport supposedly shown as Tehran international was not like the real one a bit, as it looked like an airport in a old ass African country. and of course the biggest terrorist in the movie have to be an Iranian high ranking official. And no they donاt ask you about Quran when you are travelling to Tehran. At last but not least Farsi is not written like this --> س ق د ا ب غ ق Get it right. Tehran is not like that at all, most of the cars shown was from the 70s The city looked it was from 40 years ago. There are not military personnel in every street. Some of the writing was even in ARABIC which is not realistic at all. Liked the show before the episode 9. Episode 9 is absolutely trash and racist and not realistic.

    would give 1د10
  • charliehalboth20 December 2017
    I like this show and recommend it. Better than any of its competition.

    Good cast. Intelligent storylines. Well paced. I remain interested and sometimes a bit involved. I hope it is renewed.
  • This show clearly doesn't know anything about the intelligence community or the SOF community. In the opening credits, they refer two main groups of protecting the United States, and Special Forces Operators. That is an incorrect statement, because Special Forces is the name of the Green Berets, it does not refer to anybody else in the spec ops community. The term they should of used is Special Operations Force(s). Second, going back to the term "Special Forces Operators" is incorrect also because Special Forces(Green Beret) are not operators, only tier 1 groups like DEVGRU, Delta, JTF2 and SOG are deemed operators. Second error in the first 6 minutes, is the intelligence aspect is being handle by the DIA (Defence Intelligence Agency) yet, the call the Special Operations Group? The SOG is a CIA spec ops unit, the DIA would of called JSOC as the DIA is a part of the military. Third error, within the SOG group their is a female, the SOG is infamous for only recruiting from Tier 1 groups in the military, and no female has EVER made a tier 1 group or any SOF for that matter. Clearly a lack of detail, I turned off after these quite simple errors.
  • To be honest, I only watched the first two episodes. After I watched the pilot, I have no interest whatsoever and completely bored. Then forcing myself to watch another one, I'm just utterly shocked that there are people would willingly produce this stuff. If you are a true, die-hard patriot of the United States, that's cool and I'm not against you by any means. But the dialogues, characters' names (antagonists particularly), settings, and story plots are nothing but cliché. Outcomes are extremely predictable, antagonists are like retards, and everything in this show lack originality.

    If you have somewhat of a standard for motion pictures, you'll see the things I mentioned in a heartbeat. Modern propaganda isn't slogan on posters anymore, I've been to certain countries that still run propaganda, they are all on these TV shows about the military or a strike team, this is just like that. Like I said before, my intention isn't to offend any patriots out there, just a comparison.
  • This is a comedy and you should watch it as such. If you take it seriously, you will be disappointed. It plays like an infantile notion of what special-ops is like. The extremely wooden and unconvincing characters explain everything, even comment for those in the public who might miss something, like: "That's a convoy." or "What's he doing?" and lots more. This has got to be a joke. You would have to be half brain-dead to take this seriously. Unfortunately, the burlesque element is not strong enough for me.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    A U.S. Army Special Forces Captain is usually in Command of a Detachment not a Group, this Detachment is not like a U.S. Army Special Forces Detachment and includes Women Operators, and Special Warfare Operators from other Branches and even Other Nations Special Warfare, usually a Detachment of a 1 or more ODAs and a ODB at U.S.A.F. Incirlik Turkey not just 5 or 6 Team Members, as part of a Larger Independent U.S. Military Joint Special Operations Task Force under the Direct Command of the U.S. President with advise from Director ODNI, not the DIA.

    On purpose we NEVER use anybody that looks like Captain Adam Dalton, Unless their hair had been dyed black or dark brown, and their skin dyed light brown to medium brown. Wearing the wrong color shemagh is the easiest way to be identified as an American especially when worn like an American scarf around the neck "like a rag" (an insult to Arabic Tribes) instead of as a shemgah (that most Americans do not know how to properly do). Improper wear of a Shemagh is as easily detected as like everybody wearing a baseball cap correctly and only you wearing a baseball cap of a different color on backwards.

    Burkhas, our women wear Burkhas, as by Hadith Law, Women must have a Male "Guardian", this allows us to be the Armed Guardian. Many of the Women of Rich Influental Families wearing Burkhas may have many Guardians as a Status Symbol, this allows us to have many of Us as her Armed Guardians. Our women wearing Burkhas are carrying lots of things under their Burkhas including wearing a Bulletproof Vest, ammunition, sometimes Scorpion Full Auto Submachine Pistols, lots of ammunition and handgrenades.

    Height, most are under 6 feet tall. This is why Yemenis Osama Bin Laden stuck out like a sore thumb at over 6 feet tall, 6 feet 5 to 6 inches. Think about a Large Tree sticking up in the middle of a field of grass.

    Weapons, we NEVER use U.S. Weapons (Short Range Jungle Warfare M16s and M4s), as an indicator of American "Spies".

    Use of Americans of African Ancestry even at U.S. AFRICOM, does not happen, due to the ingrained since birth different attitudes, physical things like even walking, and movements betray them as Americans, this is especially true at U.S. Military Joint Special Operations at U.S. AFRICOM (Africa), with the local Africans readily detecting Americans of African Ancestry. Sorry American Equal Opportunity does not exist anywhere except the U.S..

    Shooting somebody thru automotive glass with a 5.56mm M4, sorry, the automotive glass especially the non U.S. Specification type used at Most Other Nations, deflects the small caliber 5.56mm too much, she would have aimed for head shot, the glass would have deflected the 5.56mm enough to hit their Agent driving the pickup truck Entering the Hospital Women Never Speak to Men, especially Holy Warriors of Islam (in this case Al Nusra Front aka Al Quada Syria (AQY), just like the "Islamic Police" the Afghan Taliban) that Enforce those Muslim Laws.

    We don't say "50 cal" we say "12-7" (12.7mm machinegun).

    Extraction, after the Previous Failed and Recent Hostage Rescue Attempt at Syria, U.S. Ally Turkey's Muslim Government stopped the U.S. Military Use of Helicopters from U.S.A.F. Incrilk Turkey.

    Tattoos, nope, not allowed, no identifying markings, most U.S. Army Rangers (with Ranger Battalion Tattoos), U.S.N. S.E.A.L.s (Eagle and Trident tattoos), all had their Tattoos painfully removed.

    Families, nope, most U.S. Military Special Warfare Forces no longer have "Families", after so many Deployments that can be Years Each, most remained Single, Permanently "Separated" or ended up Divorced (not on good terms), and loss of Child Custody. Spending 90 percent of time Training 5 percent Administrative time, 5 percent "Personal time" during the Training Cycle, Training Cycles are continuous and only stopped for Missions.

    "Old" Men and "Old" Women, by the time most are fully qualified, most are age 35 to late 40s. 6 years minimum Active Duty U.S. Military Service before consideration, age 24 before 10 years of Training even starts. "Immature Kids" need not apply.

    Always suspected that our Women Operators wearing U.S. Military Uniforms were trained by the CIA's Special Activities Directorate and or the CIA's Special Operations Group. We have had Women Operators since the U.S. Army Special Forces Teams to U.S. Ally Iraq during the Iran Iraq Wars, and CIA Operation Cyclone. Islamic Laws meant we must have Women Operators. The only time I have heard the use of "Tier 1 Operator" is these Fictional TV Shows and Movies, we grab anybody from anywhere based on Mission Requirements. 12 Armed Men, instead of 6 couples (6 men and 6 women), come get us we're stupid.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I liked this show until episode 9, I'm from Iran and when I saw this episode it was unbelievable, have too many flaws in it. For example show some views from Isfahan and main story is in Tehran, people have Terrible accent and use wrong phrases and half of them speak Arabic.WE ARE PERSIAN, not Arabs.

    They show everywhere in city there is military personnel heavily armed ready for war, it's not like that here, for me, it felt like producers tried show to viewers that Iran is a Terrorist country, at least producers could have respect our people.

    If producers had a little research about Iran, they would have known It is not like what they pictured.
  • Yet another show about "The Brave". What about the slightly less brave? You know, the ones who are not so sanctimonious about it. In the end, this is another formula show about the people who help keep the world safe from democracy. A more complex view about what US intelligence really does would be appreciated.
  • Full of clichés, weak writing. Plot doesn't make sense and unrealistic.

    Some argue about episode 2, that Sverdlovsk, Ukraine is complete nonsense, but indeed there is a town in Lugansk area called Sverdlovsk and it is under complete control of pro-Russian separatists. You can find it on the maps. But "Sverdlovsk, Ukraine" sounds like "Toronto, USA". There are some places in USA called Toronto, but it is a bad joke to use such names.

    The way Sverdlovsk is pictured reminded me unforgettable "Borat" movie :) Weird people using Cyrillic letters are not Russians and Ukrainians at all. And of course helicopters would be shot down by missiles of Lugansk Pepublic army or intercepted by Russian jets long before landing.

    I'm afraid that the same is for all other episodes.
  • johnwilliam-152588 October 2017
    Another CSI type of show with a nerdy team directing soldiers instead of law enforcement. Unoriginal and predictable like Seal Team. What's with the beards you see in every military movie and show in the last two years. No one in Hollywood has a original thought anymore putting out and recycling the same plot lines over and over.
  • kithsiri1 November 2017
    I was looking for an alternative to 'Strike back' and found this. I like this show. Keeps my heart beat up. Bit similar to 'Seal Team'. One of the best military theme dramas in 2017. Anne, Mike, Tate, Natacha, Noah all cast is doing a great job. Military theme dramas should have interesting material. It is unfortunate this type of dramas don't last long.
  • spamboxcity10 October 2017
    Others have commented about the military accuracy or lack thereof. Critique of the military aspects is outside of my knowledge base. I have a much more simplistic remark.

    A surgeon that in both scenes with a surgical masks has her mask below her nose? I will go out on a limb and say that the majority of the population knows how to wear a face mask. How did that blatant of an error get put on the air?

    I have to admit that I found the pilot episode to be adequate background noise. Nothing really to make me invested into the show to the point that I set aside what I am doing to commit my attention to absorb the characters and plot.

    Candy cane rather than cod liver oil entertainment.
  • kristal-4220110 October 2017
    Watched all of the currently available episodes and I like this show. The actors play very well off of each other, it feels as if they've been in this team for yonks. Not like in some shows where you see and feel the actors aren't used to each other yet, The Brave doesn't have that at all. It works. I like the stories, the variety of characters (Caucasian, Arabic etc) and it's simply great to see Anne Heche, I like her in this role.

    Someone said Sverdlovsk is not in the Ukraine (episode 2): Maybe Google before you complain --> There is indeed a Sverdlovsk in Russia as well, but that's more of a region. The city of Sverdlovsk however IS in the Ukraine: "Sverdlovsk is a city in Luhansk Oblast of south-eastern Ukraine on the border with the Russian Federation. Wikipedia"
  • nunya-459517 January 2018
    I think this is a great show. Its no more far fetched or inaccurate as SVU or Chicago PD. In fact its much. More accurate than any of the CSI or NCIS shows. I do agree Anne Heche is the weak link. But I think its a great show and its too bad its being cancelled. I guess someone wants to make room for another ridiculous fake unreal reality show.
  • excellent character driven special forces ensemble piece. well written, acted and produced. believable scenarios that at times feel as if pulled from current headlines/conflicts. given that the brave airs on NBC it is missing the raunchier aspects of cinemax's strike back, but shares that program's attention to detail and development of character, building of relationships/friendships. well balanced between action in the field and planning in operations. watch it now...
  • jimthorstad9 November 2017
    The variety of story lines, cinematography, acting, and pace in this TV series is really good. Each episode begins with a "tag you're it" and ends with all the heroes coming home, but it is entertaining and flows very well. Years ago we liked 24 and more recently Narcos. The Brave is an excellent production and we hope to see more of it after this season!
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