The first word of the company name "Onira Tech" loosely translates from the Greek - "oneira" - to "Dreams". A very good (yet not overtly obvious) company name as the show revolves around a specialist who dreamwalks in each episode.

On the Reverie User Interface there were several Latin Words : Domum - Home, Redire - Return, Apertus - Open, Exitus - Exit.

The premise of the series involves a powerful computer that sees the cast members via cameras. From the computer's view, the screen shows a box around them with their name and other information. This is very similar to how people were seen by "the machine" (a powerful computer) on Person of Interest (2011), which Sarah Shahi appeared in over the span of 3 years.

The pilot was filmed in Vancouver, Canada , while the rest of the series was filmed in Los Angeles.

Kathryn Morris appears as Monica Shaw. In Person of Interest (2011), Sarah Shahi appeared as Sameen Shaw.