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  • Since it looks like this is going to be cancelled, I refuse to watch any new shows on ABC. They get us interested, and do not give it a chance, so I am done with new shows on ABC!! If they last through the first season, I may go to my on demand, and catch up, but will not watch when they first bring a new show on, until I see if there is going to be a season 2.
  • I've heard people complain that this plot has been done 100 times before after only watching one or two episodes. I don't know about you, but when I watch a new show, in the first couple episodes, I can usually pick out things that have been done 100 times! But then it got better & in my opinion, the Crossing does too. So Steve Zahn plays a Sheriff named Jude in a small town (I don't remember what it's called). Jude has a past & to make a long story short without the spoilers, he was in a big city, some stuff went bad, so he comes to idyllic small town where nothing usually goes bad & things go bad.Admittedly, that's been done a few times.) Of course Big Brother Government shows up & takes over. It turns out that these people aren't illegal aliens trying to escape a war torn situation. They're actually Americans trying to escape a war torn situation. This show was cancelled but I still don't want to spoil anything so I can't say anything more about where the people are from or how they got there. There's a lot going on in this show, which is why I wish people would've stayed with it. Every episode, something new happens or we find out something new about someone. It's mystery, sci-fi, action, comedy, love story, and drama all in one show. I'm very disappointed that more people didn't give it a chance.
  • Because it is well written and with talented actors. It is not easy to find sci-fi series having these two...
  • I wasn't sure what I was going to make of this show, based on the mixed reviews here, but actually it's pretty good. I can't see how the complaints of it being a commentary on religion or pushing a "refugee agenda" can seriously be justified except to those who are actively looking for justification of such simplistic theories.

    Sure, the story isn't entirely new but it contains enough twists on previous efforts to make it more than watchable and the characters are engaging and believable enough to hold the viewer's interest. For a nice change, one can immerse oneself in the action and plot without the constant groaning at the hammy acting and juvenile story-lines that so many current series invoke.

    I read that no decision has yet been taken regarding a second season and it seems that this MIGHT be reflected in the current pace of the action: it's a little too fast, and revelations that are usually saved for later episodes - such as the existence of previous crossing(s) - come rather too early.

    All in all, it's an interesting concept and the acting is better than many better-rated shows on now, so I certainly hope that it will be on our screens for as long as the writers manage to hold our attention and keep the story twists coming.
  • This is another great show lost to time thanks to idiots.

    Compelling characters, rich development, and interesting story. And yet, thanks to a bunch of fool reviewers, it's been killed.
  • Too bad ABC cancelled it! Wow, I don't understand what they are thinking. About one of the best new sci-fi series in a long while. I'm done with ABC as well.
  • The opening sequence of hundreds of people underwater grabbed my attention and the show has delivered excellence with every episode. One of the best TV shows I have seen on network TV. The writing is excellent, the plot continues to hold your interest, characters are interesting, twists and turns are satisfying and sometimes surprising, and the acting is well done by all.
  • Another show canned prematurely by a tv network that doesn't understand the concept of audience building. They completely unrealistically expect 10m+ viewers on the first season of a new series, then scrap it when it misses the mark. So many good sci-fi shows lost to this BS in recent years.
  • MarinPetrovich12 June 2018
    Sad to see there will be no season 2.Really got into this show from day one :((((
  • I'm sincerely upset that a decision has been made to terminate this programme. It is control beyond belief, and shows definitively that we have no choice over what we want to watch. Comparisons to Lost are futile. I don't get them. However, not allowing the Crossing storyline to develop to season 2 by the networks is condescending. I absolutely love this programme. I'm not the only one but termination at this point is too premature. Someone needs to work this out. Season 2 needs to happen. It is imperative. Please listen to us - the fans. There is too much room for development.
  • I wanted a S2 even b4 S1 was finished... It was a bad time to PREVIEW a new show this good... Should've waited for FALL... or tried on CW...
  • cbroberg25 April 2018
    I love the storyline and the whole idea of this show. I am thrilled with the first 4 episodes and can't wait to get more of this show.

    Can't follow the bad reviews here, shows are almost all build upon the same reel and has proofed to be working for the majority of viewers which I'm among.

    It has solid acting and you keep wanting to get further into the mistery sorrounding the refugees and their past (our future) and the earlier arrived.

    The suspense is on for me and I love this show fully.

    To bad it's not a binge show which draws 1 point down in my review.
  • I'm sincerely upset that a decision has been made to terminate this programme. It is control beyond belief and shows definitively that we have no choice over what we want to watch. Comparisons to Lost are futile. I don't get them. However, not allowing the Crossing storyline to develop to season 2 by the networks is condescending. I absolutely love this programme. I'm not the only one but to cancel at this point is too premature. There was so much room for growth both for the storyline and the characters. Someone needs to work this out. Season 2 needs to happen. It is imperative. Please listen to us - the fans, the viewers, i.e. the ones that make these silly, power-hungry, studio bosses their wedges of money.
  • I love this show. I am tired of people expecting a show to do a big wow from minute one. Allow the show to tell you things. At least give a season or two, before giving up. People expect shows to get a second season after the first episode. People compare it to Lost but it isn't Lost. Allow yourself to escape for an hour a week and enjoy the show because usually the show goes back to something either in a previous episode that was not shown or in this case, into the future to see why these people come back. You have the sheriff that has a past that still needs to be explored. You have a 'Apex' who raised a child and while she may be stronger than most, is willing to do anything to protect a child she didn't give birth to but loves her as if she did.
  • mlim-416 June 2018
    Kept me hooked to the TV, too bad we won't be seeing season 2. Stupid TV network has cancelled this show.
  • I really liked this show. I enjoy these sy-fy shows, but they always seem to be cancelled after 1 to 3 seasons. I need to just not watch new shows until they actually finish a series these days since lately it seems all the good ones I like never get finished. Which is something I have a hard time dealing with are those cliff hangers and then never close them! They really needed to give this show a chance. I scrolled through the user reviews and saw very few bad. Not sure why they cancelled. Such a shame.
  • Seriously ABC??? Another great show cancelled? This may not have been your new "LOST" but it was certainly close. I still have season 1 on my DVR. The plan was to binge watch it just before season 2 started. Yes, I liked it that much!! Still hoping someone else will be wise enough to pick it up. -Unhappy-
  • Dardeb29 May 2018
    Heard it is going to be cancelled, I am very sad about this news! Keep it on for at least another year please!
  • I just watched the pilot, and I have to say this is some of Steve Zahns greatest work. I have spent the last hour trying to find episode 2 that is how amazing this show is. I'd pay any amount of money to get episode 2 right now. If you see a preview for this on TV in the next few months, I urge you to watch it and you will not be disappointed at all. Everything in this show works together and keeps you on the edge of your seat waiting for more. I will not say anything that happens in the show for I do not want to spoil anything. Just know it is original, gripping, well made, and very well produced.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    In a small Oregon town, deputy Nestor Rosario picks up Sheriff Jude Ellis (Steve Zahn) on report of a body found on an isolated beach. They are shocked to find hundreds of bodies and 47 survivors washing ashore. Homeland Security agent Emma Ren (Sandrine Holt) takes charge of the situation. The mystery deepens as the survivors claim to be time travelers from an apocalyptic future where people are being hunted by genetically superior Apex. Incurable Mantle's disease has decimated the regular human population. The survivors are revealed to be not the first to time travel into the past.

    This network sci-fi series is better than most of its kind. It has an intriguing premise that is different enough to be new. Zahn and Holt are solid leads. Killing off Holt does disrupt the show. Killing the lead is becoming a thing on TV nowadays. It's still going strong but it's cancelled before finishing its first season. I don't think network TV is built for these types of shows or anything other than bland sitcoms or procedurals.
  • ctmur4 January 2019
  • I'm loving the Crossing, I can hardly wait for the next episode to air. I really hope there will be a season 2! please please please!
  • I think this show is great! It's only on episode 4 but so far so good.

    Here's the problem though, it's probably going to be cancelled. And how do I know this? Well, almost all cool science fiction shows that run on ABC, NBC, FOX get canned after one season.

    I wish it was a Netflix show so I could binge it all at once and have some hope for a second season.

    I just hope they tie up the show when season 1 ends, it's probably too much to ask for though.
  • Sadly this great sci-fi story was cancelled by ABC, the same network that renewed that other show before its big name star forced it to cancel with a racist rant. When I discovered and binged this show this weekend I was surprised to find a show of this caliber on ABC, then disappointed that it was cancelled. This network really needs to up its game. Shows like this, which was well received, don't get their full audiences in season one. It takes time for audiences to find a show like this. Fortunately the show runners wrapped its first and last season with some sense of closure, even though it was incomplete. I guess better to go out well than peter out.
  • In this super-heroes, zombies & vampires saturated times, isn't there a place for this type of stories?

    I don't want to blame ABC only, because they are not alone, but looking back, they are responsible to gut a lot of shows before there's even a considerable time to gather public response...

    Can it be true that shows like Lost, Heroes, Fringe, wouldn't happened, or be right away cancelled if they premiered today? Look like it...

    It's to bad. Like in everything, there is a need for diversity in TV shows as well.

    This show had great potential to be something big!

    The collection of season 1 gutted shows add one more victim. And I don't even count the half-hour sitcoms... only the hour dramas.
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