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  • To Pberry-17501 I disagree with your review and i find it rather an insult .there are different types of autism .your going by your personal experience with your son ..autism affects people in different ways and if an autistic child takes an interest in something with encouragement they can be and do anything they want ..This program for instance is an example brother and my self have autism my brother was a gymnast and i am self employed with a successful business obviously don't understand your son and have never encouraged him as we where by our loving family ..anything is possible this is a brilliant series and i hope it gets another season ..part of autism is determination to see something through..I don't like is people comparing his character or expecting him to go all norman bates ..Autism in this day and age is looked at as incompetent ..well if you see us as been not the norm then i would ask what is normal ..people can be cruel and i have ran into situations where people think i am slow ..
  • I, for one.... can not Believe the reviews I have read. It is totally unfathomable that people have such narrow minds. First off. It is a television show. Nothing more People! It is a refreshing insight to all that autistic children, adults face on a daily basis. It is thoughts of what is possible for ANYONE with any type of disability they may face to have a positive outlook for what they stand for and fight for at any given time in their life. Although, it is extreme... It is the possibility that something greater can happen in the life of someone with disabilities no matter how great or small. I find a learning experience in every episode I have watched and that is to learn more about autism from every aspect and have compassion enough to care ... as a human being. I would be very sad if this show doesn't continue and show it's full potential. I will be forever watching as long as it is aired!
  • oneabello24 November 2017
    RANT Alright, I saw some reviews talking about how this show doesn't portray autism correctly and that this was made by "leftist-whores" pardon my French. First of all, autism is on a spectrum. Everybody who has autism experiences it differently and acts differently. Second of all, there's no need to bring politics into this. I don't see how this program is leftist at all. There are no politicians in it, no controversial methods dealing with abortion etc, nothing about the LGBT or race or feminism. Nothing in this show is about politics so I don't see how it's leftist. Anyway, thirdly and lastly, please learn grammar first before trashing something. There's a difference between "your" and "you're".

    Someone also said that disabled people shouldn't be shown as "superheroes". That is an insult to all amazing disabled people such as Hellen Keller and Stephen Hawking. The people who trashed this show are probably neurotypicals with no sympathy for those with setbacks, whether mental or physical.


    Now, I should stop my ranting and actually talk about the show. Shaun Murphy is a doctor with autism and savant syndrome. People with savant syndrome may have low IQ scores but can be "savants" or talented at something such as art, calculations, memory, etc. Shaun has an excellent memory which aids him when operating on patients. People doubt him at first, but are then amazed when he saves someone's life. This show is probably on par, more on less, with any other medical/hospital/etc show in terms of drama. I'm just glad that there's accurate autism representation on TV and that people with autism are not idiots who can't fend for themselves and need to be pitied and babied over.
  • For those of you who know nothing about autism and find "The Good Doctor" unrealistic, I suggest you read the following, written by someone on the autism spectrum. adult-autism

    And for those of you who don't know anything about hospitals - you're lucky. Unbelievable that there is an objection that Shaun Murphy would never be hired as a doctor because he lacks empathy. And then people compare it unfavorably to House - excuse me, you thought House had empathy? Give me Dr. Murphy any day.

    You haven't met many doctors. Lots of them are arrogant egomaniacs with no empathy. How about the one who said about my mother - in front of her - "I smell an old lady with a urinary tract infection?" Or you walk into a doctor's office and he says, "I only have five minutes so make it quick." Sensitive.

    I watch drama shows for good drama, and "The Good Doctor" delivers with excellent stories and excellent acting. Is it House? No, nothing is. Hugh Laurie brilliantly portrayed an edgy, outrageous character. This is about someone on the autism spectrum trying to fit in. Hardly the same dynamic.

    Is it realistic - does it show what actually goes on in hospitals? No, except for the political stuff. It's a television show, not "Real Life in the ER."

    I'd rather have a good story that pulls at the heartstrings than sit and watch the Kardashians.
  • williamottoalbania25 September 2018
    Warning: Spoilers
    Very good acting. I have Autism. It's very similar to what I have.
  • I am an intelligent high school student who is very socially awkward and introverted. My life goal is to become a doctor and work at a hospital, and save lives. I can relate to Shaun as a character, but I also love the subplots and story lines that the flashbacks reveal, and this was the first show ever to genuinely make me cry. I love this show, and would love to see it grow and develop, along with the characters and the plots.
  • james-0275926 November 2017
    I am loving this show, more than once it has made me cry! When one episode finishes I am already checking what the following week is going to be about. It is brilliant and Freddie as Dr Shaun Murphy is amazing. Initially I thought I would only care about Dr Shaun, but weirdly they have all kind of grown on me and I am interested in the back stories too.
  • The Good Doctor is so amazing and inspiring! The show carries a beautiful positive message. Telling us no matter how hard life can be there's always something to be happy about. We need more TV shows like This Good Doctor.

    I don't understand all the negativity from all the IMDb reviews. People may hate this show, but I love it!

    Freddie Highmore brings an amazing performance, and the rest of the cast are great. I look forward to seeing what the show brings in the future!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This show does contain some incredible acting, especially from Freddie Highmore. I absolutely loved him in Bates motel, and he does the same great job with playing a character that has very poor social skills, but is very intelligent. Another thing I enjoy about this show is when Dr. Murphy has a vision of his memory and it shows animations of anatomy and the disease inside the anatomy. The medical aspect of the show also has some pretty interesting cases, I am not a doctor so I can't tell how accurate some of the pathologies are, but they do present some rare and interesting pathologies.

    Even though I am not a doctor, I do work in the medical field. A lot of advanced medical stuff in the show is something that I can't tell is accurate or not, but there are some things in the show that are horribly inaccurate. One thing that bothers me so much, and I see this in other medical shows too, is when the residents are operating the CT or MRI machine. This is insane because doctors are not meant to be operating this equipment, this is what we have radiologic technologists for. Also, when the residents are operating an MRI, the image pops up almost instantly with just one push of the button. Also it really bothers me that the surgeons on this show seem to be specialized in every kind of surgery. They have cardiothoracic surgeons performing orthiopedic cases, this is so inaccurate. Dr. Melendez is a good character, but he seems to be an expert on everything in medicine, which even the best doctors are not. One other inaccuracy that bothers me is the fact that surgeons and surgical residents are diagnosing people in the ER. I can understand if a surgeon has a consult with a patient in the ER, but why are surgeons in the ER doing things that ER doctors should be doing?

    I know that I only gripe about these things because I am in the medical field, but overall this show is pretty good, with great acting. The drama in the show could be better, but it's not bad.
  • llaeiom20 November 2017
    Just wanted to say, that me and my family look forward to Monday nights to watch The Good Doctor. My husband and I grew up in the Doogie Howser MD years and think this series is even better than that. Great scenarios, great story lines, great acting. Absolutely love the show and actors. Looking forward to more seasons of The Good Doctor. Thank you!
  • pmisiaszek12 November 2017
    The Good Doctor TV show is totally now my number one favorite! I hope it's around for a hundred season's! Freddie Highmore is an excellent actor! All the actors and actresses are great but Freddie is my favorite! I was so sad when Bates Motel ended and I'm so happy this show was born! Love the story line of this fine young doctor with the disease Savant Syndrome and I like the projection of his medical knowledge figuring out the medical diagnosis with the patient and the reflecting of the memories of his past. This show is an inspiration to all!
  • Anyone who thinks Freddie Highmore can't carry this show is woefully unknowledgeable about actors. He most certainly can. Whether he will get the writing that the show needs remains to be seen. So far, it's a mostly a collection of clichés. However, that may be what is necessary to launch the concept. For Freddie, the role is a risk, not because he can't deliver, but because the character can easily become too close to Norman Bates. Comparing this show to House MD is very unfair. While both of the doctors are oddballs, that's where the comparison ends. House was an SOB who didn't suffer fools gladly. Shaun Murphy's autism colors everything; he can't always control it. When House was out of control, it was because he wanted to be. It remains to be seen whether David Shore can deliver the scripts that Freddie will need. Stay tuned.
  • Very original. For all those TV lovers who hate this series, I bet you would hate it but still watch it on demand. It sounds like a remake. But no. It's awesome acting by all. It is current. It is dog eat dog. It is ego. It is hypocrisy. It is jealousy. It provokes the audiences to the edge, about the mere idea for a person opposite to the hero to understand what our hero says. Truth is one. But if Shaun says it, then it's bad. If Jared says it, then it's good.

    Wow. There are simple life truths that I learned from HOUSE.

    GOOD DOCTOR is going to teach more.

    Thank you mr. David.
  • David Shore is widely acknowledged as the genius, the artiste, behind HOUSE, arguably one of the best TV shows of the last half-century. The good news is that Shore is back in the saddle with another medical show about another doctor with exceptional skills. The bad news is that this show, while it has its moments, does not quite tick on all cylinders.

    So what happened? First, the production budget does not seem to be quite where it should be. Spotting deficiencies in a series is no less a skill than that deployed by the main character in Good Doctor. The giveaway is the character actors, the secondary roles. They don't quite come across as genuine, suggesting a production on a very tight budget with limited resources.

    The second issue is tone. HOUSE was about a genius who was also an SOB. You always knew where House stood, so you the viewer could always know how to relate to him. This character is too complex for his own good. The flashbacks are way overdone, a sign that the writing is not doing a proper job. There is also an issue in that the mannerisms of someone suffering from autism do not engender empathy. The opposite. In fact, there has never been a successful show about a character like this. Which means (a prediction) that if this show is going to make it, the lead character is going to have to develop social skills at a pace never seen before in the annals of medicine.

    Finally the question no one dared ask! How much did the skills of Hugh Laurie contribute to the success of HOUSE? The answer is that Laurie is one of the greatest actors in the biz and could have compensated for any shortcomings in Shore's scripts without missing a beat. Is Highmore on the same level? Don't think so.
  • I Saw the first episode, the episode goes on with the flash back and present, the story was short but heart touching. characterization of the lead role is interesting. The series going to rotate around the doctor's and management politics as most of the TV series. My rating will be 9.5 I recommend to watch this show and its not going to be boring like most of the series.
  • This is another gimmicky medical drama where the protagonist is brilliant, yet ..."special".

    David Shore, the creator of House, went this time for the "Autistic surgeon".

    I am amazed by the fact that Shore didn't go even further and create the "Blind surgeon" or even the "Surgeon with no hands", tightening knots with his feet and cutting sutures with his teeth.

    Anyway, this is a ludicrous pseudomedical melodrama, which tries to manipulate the audience with its superficial emotions and its omnipresent orchestral music.

    Very conveniently for the young savant doctor, on his way for the interview for his residency, he has the chance to show to the world (and the TV audience, of course) his great skills, using McGuyver-ish techniques and means to save a young kid. That was some luck indeed, otherwise no one in the hospital would accepted him, and this would be the shortest medical drama in TV's history.

    Overall the show annoys me. The whole production actually. Its so manipulative, so unnecessary melodramatic that, for me, it accomplishes the opposite result of what the producers were hoping for. Every time the "brilliant" doctor thinks, you see a bunch of medical sketches and illustrations and the explanation of medical terms, designed to think that something "magical" happens. And the music is constantly trying to enforce you how to feel, in a similar way the canned laughs are trying to point you where the joke is, in a family sitcom.

    Personally I won't check the 2nd episode. The intentions of the creators are obvious and I don't like them.

  • marksink201025 September 2017
    Great acting that you would expect from Freddy Highmore. I will definitely continue to watch additional episodes to see how the underdog Dr. Shaun Murphy make out. The flashbacks help make the story. It has not yet been told how this child survived from childhood and was able to obtain and complete medical school. I give it a 9 out of 10 and hope the writers continue with the great work from the pilot.
  • Some part of the Story makes you cry literally. The Idea of a genius doctor finding it difficult to have a proper social relationship is quite common in Movies and TVs. One famous example is "Sheldon Cooper" from "Big Bang Theory". Even "Sherlock Holmes" has some issues over Human emotions. These qualities are always welcomed by the viewers. The setup of a hospital is also very popular among many, like "Grey's Anatomy", "House MD". Come to think of it, This TV series is much like House MD but with a Good Doctor not a pain in the a** kind of Doctor.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Just finished the first episode and to be honest I think it's going to be a show full of clichés that people have already seen in other similar shows.

    On short, it's about a young boy who suffers from autism, but also "savant syndrome" and he is a phenomenal doctor who gets a chance to save a life in the first act, just in time to change everyone's minds about having him work at the San Jose Hospital.

    Just as I was googling the hospital's name, I found out that this drama is in fact based on a Korean show that aired for only 20 episodes: Good Doctor (Korea, 2013).

    There are a lot of things that I find wrong in this show, starting from it being directed similar to BBC's Sherlock (drawings and writing floating in the air) to it trying to be deep just like House MD. (background story of main character who had a rough childhood and his only motivation lies in the pain of the past that he doesn't want to experience again)

    On the bright side, it might be a decent show for people who haven't seen BBC's Sherlock or House MD, but boy .. I suggest you go see those instead. I like Freddie from Bates Motel, but he may have been more suitable for Norman's role than this one. He seems too young and his character seems to suffer from a weird form of autism in which he conveniently socializes when the plots asks for it. The story tries too hard to make him look weird and out of place. For example when he brings in the boy, after saving his life, he's kicked out from the hospital (with a bit of comedy?) even though everybody who came with him knew that he saved his life and that he was a legitimate doctor.

    But anyways, I am not going to bore you any more with this review. I will wait and see if the next episodes will be better than the pilot, but by the look of it, it might just end in the first 10 max episodes.

    EDIT: Watched the second episode and it's even worse. They are trying too hard to make it look like Dr Murphy's current actions always trigger a memory from the past and in given situations he has to "fix" the past by helping other people. I find it extremely disturbing the justification of being irresponsible and ordering a lot of test just to have an example of a patient who would have been helped if the test was ordered. He's supposed to be a resident, why is no one taking care of them around this hospital? They are ALL busy with an operation? Is it difficult to have more than one doctor taking care of the students to make sure they are not screwing up? It's people's lives at risk!

    Also, the other characters are just fillers and don't seem to have an impact whatsoever. Take for example, Dr Claire who promised a patient that she's gonna make it after the surgery even though all the medical records proved otherwise. Why wasn't she punished for this? And then.. when they had to make the unbelievable call by none other than Dr Murphy (who's the best of the best and can't even be surpassed by people who are doctors for more than 20 years), Dr Claire refuses to take the risk and help the patient letting her emotions control her and proving once again that she's not ready to be a doctor. Well, lesson learnt! In the end, she even takes credit for saving the patient's life. What a great hospital that I would never want anyone to go to. I understand it's fiction, but at this point, it feels like bad reboots of previous shows. (Take Scrubs as an example if you want to make better television!) Lowering this to a 3. Not worth and I am not going to watch any other episode. I'd rather rewatch the better shows this one is based on.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I was intrigued by the premise this show presents. But it is just a slight twist on the same old hospital drama, and not enough to make me want to watch it regularly. I gave up on medical shows after about 3 seasons of Gray's Anatomy, and never went back. So the main character will be bullied by the rest of the staff, but he will show them how brilliantly smart he is.

    I am also quite bothered by the back flashes that show his abusive father, the 2 boys running away to live in a school bus, etc. I guess that we will learn more as the show proceeds, but it made me very uncomfortable
  • While the concept was interesting, the series has become entirely too predictable. At first, controversial topics were handled fairly, giving a fair voice to both sides of an issue. However it has now devolved into a weekly morality lesson from Hollywood's one-sided point of view. Sadly, I won't be watching anymore.
  • releasethecity28 September 2017
    I watched the first episode and it was very underwhelming. On a side, I'm wondering why people are only interested in aspects of autism, if the autistic person has savant syndrome. You don't hear about shows that's main focus is on high functioning and lower functioning autism that isn't the stereotypical "rain man" savant syndrome. Honestly, I enjoyed the flashbacks more than the present day, that would have been a great plot for the show. His journey with his brother and becoming a doctor. I feel there was more depth and unique storytelling in those flashbacks than another House, M.D 2.0. Because the directors and producers created House, it's really hard to not compare the two in terms of plot patterns and diagnostic imagery. Overall, I'm disappointed that it wasn't a unique plot, but I think Freddie Highmore is a great actor, so he'll definitely carry the show.
  • I can't believe the high ratings for this series, it is very typical and unconvincing.

    I've given it a few episodes to see if it grows on me, but it doesn't, it makes me cringe more.

    Sorry, but that kid is unconvincing and annoying. He's trying way too hard.

    It's a generous 3/10 from me

    EDIT: dropped it to a 2/10, even the commercials for this show are annoying.
  • I liked the premise and it seemed to be getting good reaction, so I figured I'd at least check out the pilot even though I have my doubts when it comes to network drama. What with a million shows with Chicago in the title, it's not like network TV tries very hard for substance. The Good Doctor was watchable, I could get through it, but I wasn't really sure if I liked or cared about anyone other than Freddie Highmore's character or his storyline. When he wasn't on screen I found myself fairly bored or cringing at bad acting. I guess other than Highmore and the administrator who is his advocate, they just cast for pretty or prettyish faces and played devil-may-care with actual ability.

    And literally half the episode is spent in a board room debating whether the doctor they ALREADY hired is competent. Zzzzzzz. I kept thinking, what's the big deal? Is it really that big a deal? Clearly, despite the autism, the doctor is a genius and beyond valuable and competent. Not to mention it was extremely distracting from the plot, along with all of the handholding of delving into Shaun, the Highmore character's childhood flashbacks.

    The whole thing was very cliché, trying for weepy moments, and really formulaic and forced. The whole holding the plastic knife his brother gave him in the operating room was really pushing it on my gag reflex and, "Is this really happening? Are the writers not even trying to pretend they're not cliché?" Not to mention, the writers seemed to have no confidence that the viewers could get this basic not particularly well thought out storyline without their breadcrumbs to lead them there. What makes a good or great show are the subtleties and nuances, which this show had none. All handholding.

    I'm guessing by the high ratings for this show and for This Is Us, another okay show, that a lot of people only have cable and so their choices are limited and they're too lazy to explore beyond the network channels where you'll find much better shows. The best shows, typically are on the premiums channels like HBO or Showtime, or streaming like Netflix.

    Nurse Jackie, that's one right there that manages to take a tired formula like a hospital and make it complex and interesting, and only in a half-hour program. I just don't know that I care enough or have enough confidence to go beyond the pilot. I know sometimes it takes a while to get the ball rolling on a show but what they gave me so far doesn't leave me with a lot of confidence. The Good Doctor is certainly no E.R. or House, and with all of the programming in TV land, I'm not sure why I should take an hour from quality viewing to stick with this one. Needs to work harder for my attention.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    "The Good Doctor" was amazing for much of its first half of the season. Then came the mid-season finale and it was rather disappointing. And then it went downhill from there. Ex. 1) Shaun accuses a patient of being racist based off their religion. 2) Shaun refuses to use a patient's preferred pronoun and bashes a transgender patient due to not understanding her. 3) The show is obviously starting to push an agenda and it is extremely obvious, though it was never an issue at first.

    I originally rated "The Good Doctor" 9.0/10, then changed it to 7.0/10, then changed it to 6.0/10, and now give it a 4.0/10. It just keeps getting worse and when I thought it couldn't get any worse, I am proved wrong. I thought I have seen it all but I was wrong.

    Please fix this show. Please! I am trying so hard not to give up on it at this point but I understand that some series have a rough spot, and I am hoping that this is what that is right here.

    If you fix your act, I will come back to give a much higher rating...but right now...I am sorry. I think a 4.0/10 is fair.
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