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  • As an atheist, I was planning on watching this show, to make fun of it, thinking it would just be religious crap. But hell was I wrong. The show is more about the beauties of life and our universe, than it is about religion. And when it does delve into religious themes and plots, it's not about the belief in god part of religion, but the be a nice person and do good stuff part of it. It's just a really well-made and uplifting show that everyone who wants to have a nice time and feel good should watch. I tried 8 new shows this fall season, and this is the only one that I really loved, I'm very critical about new shows I'm starting and this one was a total surprise.
  • Rarely do we find a show that everyone in our extended family (that lives together) loves. And it's also hard to find a new show where we are immediately invested starting at the Pilot (usually, we have to be patient as the script works out it's kinks). This one is just such a show.

    Jason Ritter has become a fine actor, with comedic timing glimpses of his dear late father, John. Both he and the actor who plays the teenage niece play their roles pitch perfectly.

    If you are looking for a well-written show that doesn't include crude language or gratuitous violence; with a theme about redemption and a higher-purpose, then you'll fall in love with this one, too.

    At the end of the Pilot episode, we all cried out "We want to binge...don't make us wait".

    Were already hoping that the network is approving a second season.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    What a fresh, smart and heartwarming show! It is so clever and funny. I was hoping it would be good because I like the idea and the main actor. There are so many shows out there that are corny and predictable. This show is not that. I have always liked Ritter in every show I have seen him in. I believe this is his best performance to date. He is brilliant in this. I love the spiritual character too. I believe it is the best show to come along in a great while. I hope it continues.
  • This show really reminds me of the 2008 comedy/drama, Eli Stone, staring Johnny Lee Miller. The religious overtones aside, there's this quiet hopefulness in each episode. It's like some trusted loved one from your childhood quietly whispering into your ear that everything's going to be okay.

    Jason Ritter's boyish like innocence as he rediscovers the simple beauty of a rain storm or a starry night on a quiet country road... Simple goodness that I wish I could squirrel away for posterity, only to later devour like Grandma's canned jams.
  • You can't not like Jason Ritter (who is also the spitting image of his late and talented father). There is simply nothing to not like. In this show, he is funny, vulnerable, kind and all too human. However, I find the female characters rather b*tchy - this comes from a female reviewer. Even his angelic mentor can be rather obnoxious. But nasty females aside, this is an engaging show. It is a dramady - not fully comedic, and not fully dramatic, it does deal with real issues and the characters he encounters will warm your heart. The scene in the airport with the pencil seller is not to be missed. It is a refreshing change from the violence and filth that seem to be dominating the airwaves. I highly recommend it.
  • robair4 October 2017
    OK so I am supposed to be finishing of a design for a client. While I do my design work late at night I like to put on a TV show in the background. Tonight it happened to be 'KPSW' normally the show is on in the background and I just pick up a few things as I work. This time I stopped and watched it. Sure its not the next big thing but I tell you what it is pretty close. I can see me watching this with my kids on a Sunday evening. The characters so far are intriguing don't ask me the names as I am useless with names. I especially like the young girl and I bet plenty of young girls can relate to her in different ways and that is just from the first episode. I am not going to go into details of the show but I will say this if like me middle aged man with kids and who likes to think he has a heart and that the world is not all bad you will enjoy this show and I cant wait to see the next episode.
  • This is definitely weird. As I write this, there are 3 reviews posted, 2 of which are from Lancaster, SC - which is where I'm from as well. (And Lancaster ain't all that big.)

    At least one of the other posters is a believer (most likely Christian) -- while I am not. I'm an atheist, in fact. That said, I love - LOVE - this show - the actors (all!!), the writing, the redemption. At least the pilot (here's hoping they don't fall down some hole or other). Anyway - whether it's some quirk or intention of the universe in action here ... all in all, I urge one and all to give the show a whirl. I'm betting that more than a fair number of you will find it well worth the while.
  • I am watching the first episode right now and let me tell ya this is a uplifting and fun show the joy here and the lessons on redemption here alone are a good enough to make you want to watch but they add hilarious humor and heartfelt moments into the mix then you have a terrific show and I cant wait to see where this one goes its just pure joy to enjoy
  • sai-pradhyu8 November 2017
    What a good show. It's a shame that it's not getting the attraction it needs. The characters are so lovable and kinda relatable. There are many sci-fi shows out there, many fantasy. But this how is one of those feel-good shows that are enjoyable and fun to watch. ABC should have tried it on another day. but maybe it would have got the attraction if it was on another channel like the CW. One thing is for sure, it didn't seem like the creators put in all their effort but it doesn't look like hasn't been. I hope we get more seasons of this show. There are many articles out there that say (Kevin probably won't save the world because the show might get cancelled), but I try and remain optimistic.
  • pinkybahz4 October 2017
    Warning: Spoilers
    This new show is both funny and touching. In the opener, the physical and metaphysical influences on our lives are combined in the person of Kevin Finn, a lost man who needs a path. Enter Yvette, a warrior for God, to guide and protect him.

    Jason Ritter shines as the star who must transform to help his sister, niece, and the world at large. He handles the comedy as well as the drama, by illustrating the bewilderment, doubt, and fear that would naturally emerge from a person who has the daunting task of saving the world.

    WARNING: Spoiler 🚨 When he touched the meteor, I was hooked! LOL
  • This show has been a blessing to me recently. With all of the bad in the news, and pain in the world, it's refreshing to see a show that focuses on the good in people, and what it means to help others out there in "the universe."

    Shoes like this are rare, and often get canceled before their prime, but this one has the reminders of shows i watched with my family growing up in the 90s. I miss family shows you can watch like this that make you feel good.

    Jason Ritter, like his father, is a master of comedy and story telling, his portrayal of Kevin is wonderful, and shows how someone came from a dark place in his past, to achieve something better!!!

  • Five weeks ago I would have said that modern television was lacking a fresh, genuine comedy. Then, Kevin (Probably) Saves the World rocked our world like a meteor. This exciting new show by ABC starring Jason Ritter offers everything that one would be looking for in a show. A riveting cast with beautiful sincerity and believability, a simple yet complex script accompanied with flawless directing and a modern take on "It's A Wonderful Life" with enough twists and turns to keep you on your toes and aching for more at the end of each episode.

    Kevin (Probably) Saves the World is the break I have been hoping and praying for for Jason Ritter since I first watched him in Parenthood. With each piece of art I have had the pleasure of watching him in, I have walked away wanting more. I have constantly wanted more for the brilliant actor and even more pleasurable person. Finally, my wishes have been granted. Now, I can sit and smile while I watch Jason craft the beautiful character of Kevin. As an audience you are immediately drawn to Kevin - wanting to know more about his past while eagerly watching him manoeuvre the crazy adventures being thrown his way. As we watch his relationships grow with his family, friends and most importantly, himself you find yourself filled with empathy and appreciation for this unique journey being displayed in front of us.

    If I am honest, I came for Jason Ritter. However, I stayed for Jason Ritter and JoAnna Garcia Swisher, Kimberly Hebert Gregory, Chloe East, India de Beaufort, Dustin Ybarra and J August Richards. For whatever reason you want, I highly recommend you give this show a chance. Let Kevin save your world.
  • lanechanger11 October 2017
    All I can say is Please give this show a chance. Ignore the one bad review on Kevin Provably Saves The World. It's funny, the characters are interesting and Jason Ritter is wonderful as Kevin. I watched 15 minutes of the pilot, then quit. Thank goodness for On Demand because I had the chance to try again, and thoroughly enjoyed it. I rarely give a 9 vote but this is worth it. ♥
  • The idea of God working his wonder through an unlikely character is as old as the Bible. There have been several films ("Oh God" series comes to mind right away) and TV series (the best one was "Eli Stone"), and most of them are comedies with just a slight religious overtone. KPSW doesn't give as any more than these films/series did, but it is entertaining with a good cast, especially Jason Ritter.
  • smutell29 March 2020
    I LOVED this show and wanted to strangle the network when they canceled it!😤
  • I LOVE THIS SHOW!!!!! Everything else on TV is trash. I love watching a show where someone is actually trying to do good things for the world. There is no violence, not very bad language, and not too much sexy stuff. I loved hearing Jason Ritter on Gravity Falls, and I love him even better in this show! Every character is my favorite character!!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE RENEW THIS SHOW!!!!! I WOULD DIE BEING LEFT AT A CLIFF HANGER!!!! Also, I am part of the audience. I record every episode and watch it later because I usually can't watch it air with homework to do. Everyone who watches this show loves it, so PLEASE RENEW IT!!!!
  • rbcmd-342247 November 2017
    Wonderful show!! It is so nice to sit down and watch a feel good show with the family that you all leave feeling happy and full of hope.

    It is very well done....reminds me of t.v. when there was an excitement every week to sit down and watch. Great for people of all ages.

    Funny and down to earth!!
  • carolinag-176677 November 2017
    When I first saw the pilot I thought it was a bit corny, but nonetheless I was laughing the whole time. Each episode has just the right amount of corniness and those aww moments. Tuesday's cannot come soon enough!!! And even on Tuesday where life happens and I have to miss the show, I can't hardly wait to get home and watch it! Definitely a guilty pleasure! Please Season 2!!!!!!!!!!
  • I just watched the first episode and totally enjoyed it !! It reminds me of Highway to Heaven and Touched by an Angel but with more humor. It still has a message without being overly preachy. Jason Ritter is fantastic as Kevin who doesn't have a clue why he was chosen or what to do but is being trained by heavenly helper Kimberly Hebert Gregory. JoAnna Garcia Swisher is his brilliant sister that loves him and forgives his indiscretions because she knows he has a good heart. Chloe East is his niece that thinks he's crazy but is seeing his good heart as her mom does. The real trick is going to be that he can't reveal his mission to anyone. All I can say is there was more than a few times I burst out laughing from situations he got into or just his antics. I highly recommend this show.
  • Joanne Garcia Swisher and Jason Ritter are perfect to evoke enough empathy to watch the premise unfold. Intelligent writing with a great mix of light humor and reality. Some things are a little frustrating (e.g., "the universe" as a living thing), but the promise of a caring dramedy without trying to ignore the spiritual is worth staying with this young new show to see it mature. Watching this makes me feel good, and, boy, do we need more of that these days.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Why would I call a television series about a guy who might be nuts "daring?"

    Well, for one thing, they talk about God as if He's real. They talk about Him respectfully. And they talk about living a life of service.

    When's the last time you've seen that on a major network?

    The pilot episode was all about love...with nary a bit of boinking to be seen.

    Great stuff, funny without being smutty, nice physical humor, too.

    Bravo to the folks who decided to make this story.

    Give it a chance. It's really fine.
  • inspirewrite11 October 2017
    Warning: Spoilers
    As I was watching this show I noticed that Sam Huntington from Fanboys is featured as a main character in the 2nd episode but I can't find him in the Cast. He is a great actor and should be added to the cast list. Jason Ritter is wonderful, he reminds me of his dad so much. He is a very unique actor. This show is light hearted, funny and makes me laugh.
  • Need to figure out why these producers couldn't keep this show full of positive messages, positive characters, positive values and positive energy going ....tough writing call, I guess , but I'm sure there are people that could bring their talents to run with this ...but ....alas!
  • Let's be honest, the comedy was optimistic, it was heart-warming, it was uplifting...of course it was doomed to failure.

    And then, yes it had a diverse cast which would appeal to those that ONLY care about politics...but it also had an angel and a Christian treatment and morality which would, of course, gain their ire and dismissal.

    And that doesn't only go for the outrage culture, but also seems to go for a certain age demographic.

    The fact is, if the show had come out between the birth of TV and the birth of the new Millennium it would have been a hit. Unfortunately it was released in a jaded era where things that are heartwarming and uplifting are shunned.
  • Okay let's get this out of the way. First off, Kevin is kinda a knucklehead, but I can't help but relate to him. He expresses himself so openly and transparently that it makes me appreciate the child in us all. But Kevin Is also bold when he needs to be and willing to acknowledge his own shortcomings (albeit with the help of his soulful guardian). This is a quality I find severely lacking and not often addressed either in entertainment or real life. The producers are sending the obvious message of return to traditional family values vs let's just throw more grit and eye candy on the screen for the sheeple. It is a bold move, but I applaud it and look forward to any effort of its like.
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