Star Jason Ritter was also a regular on "Joan of Arcadia" which had a similar premise of an ordinary person who receives a mission from God.

The Yvette role was originally played by Cristela Alonzo in the pilot episode but was recast and re-shot with Kimberly Hebert Gregory due to scheduling problems.

Filmed pilot in Manor, Texas. Currently filming in Georgia.

Jason Ritter plays a character named Kevin who receives visions from a celestial being with the overall purpose of saving the world. Similarly, on Joan of Arcadia, Ritter also played a character named Kevin whose sister received visions from God.

Orginally titled the Gospel of Kevin.

ABC announced in May 2018 that they would not renew the show.

Jason Ritter and Dustin Ybarra played best friends before, in "Us & Them."

In the pilot it is mentioned that Kevin, played by Jason Ritter, is staying with his sister because he tried to commit suicide. Similarly in the movie 'About Alex' Jason Ritter also plays a character who tried to commit suicide.