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  • I don't know what the critics are talking about. I love this show!! I wait for Monday to come around so I can watch. It taps into the "bad girl" excitement that is missing in the everyday life of being a mom. And Manny Montana...No explanation needed. I do wish he played a bigger role in the series. I'm hoping we see more and more of him. Ignore the critics and give this show a chance!
  • Action packed, quality tv show leaves you wanting more. Clean enough tv show to not make you feel dirty after watching it, but still an adult show with rich characters. Great writing that I could watch again and again on tv or in the cinema. Classic characters you want to see develop which remind me of Breaking Bad or Better Call Saul. I hope to see these Good Girls tv show characters develop and grow.
  • would be this show. Great storylines with promising development and shockingly convincing and easily likeable characters. As a 30-something housewife and mother of two, I utterly appreciate this show.
  • This Show is amazing!!!! I hope Rio and Beth start something.
  • Loved it! Funny, fresh and female centric. Can't wait to see season 2
  • vso-4440217 April 2018
    Love this show! It's a mashup of Desperate Housewives and Thelma & Louise. It's funny, yet thought provoking about how far you'd be willing to go to protect your family. A must see show!
  • Good Girls has: Good friends Great suspense Simmering sexual tension Mad true love Deep Mother's love Good cops and wicked bad robbers

    This show has it all, told in an an exciting way that keeps you hooked while you laugh and cry.

    Hint: I was so caught up in the drama I binged this series in a day, the show should be leisurely enjoyed, a couple of episodes at time, with a good whiskey or bottle of red and some popcorn; Treat yo' self.
  • emailcarissa20 March 2018
    I freaking love, Love, LOVE this show!! This is such a new kind of show and all the actors are amazing!
  • When I heard about that show I didn't think I had any desire to watch something far-fetched and cheesy. It is neither. Christina Hendricks is amazing, definitely worth the watch, and Matthew Lillard is perfect for this role- just looking at him makes me want to punch him in the face. The younger sister can be annoying but that's the writers fault, and not a reflection of her acting ability. Retta is great and Reno Wilson, although his role is smaller, is perfect. Even the annoying grocery store manager (David Hornsby) is good because you like hating him. Alison Tolman is fun to hate too. All in all? I'm watching the first season for the second time with my husband who likes it too. As one who rarely enjoys free television, I encourage others to stick to original series on Netflix and HBO etc to give it a try. It's a cut above what the three networks usually offer.
  • theblabla24525 March 2018
    Warning: Spoilers
    I watch very few comedy shows cause not a lot of them can make me laugh and/or keep my interest but this show...Oh...My...God!

    The characters in the show are highly likable. They got different personalities so there is something for everyone and it also adds to the comedy. Seeing three vastly different people trying to accomplish a common goal (to get out of debt) is surprisingly hilarious.

    I was worried that the plot was going to stick to them having to owe the gang throughout the entire season but it ditches that before your even a quarter way through the season and instead does a multitude of funny adventures to keep you entertained.

    The writing is spot on. Good dialogue, nothing seems forced, it is natural.

    Overall, this is a very good show.
  • amassa-3178320 March 2018
    This show is laugh out loud funny So nice to have a different type of show on TV We are hooked on this one.
  • miranda-869935 July 2018
    A new fun and inventive show. Please watch it, I want a second season! The three lead actresses are fantastic, They're chemistry is amazing. If you like parks and rec or any heist movie you should watch it.
  • dipookie6624 April 2018
    I'm enjoying this show so much! It's nice to see everyday women forced to take on situations like this. The cast works well together. Very diverse, which makes it balanced. Hope to see it return for a second season.
  • There's some funny jokes but there's just so many moments where you facepalm & get so angry at their stupidity....
  • Unlike other reviewers, I absolutely love this show! The actors are marvelous, the premise is believable, and the comedy actually makes me laugh. I cannot wait for the next episode. How nice to see these dramatic actresses in a new vein. I've even recommended it to my girlfriend in Idaho. Guess I enjoy a difference of opinion then some of the others, but I will look forward to more of these ladies' capers.
  • It was a great first season, well almost full first season. Near the end the writers imo were struggling. Season 2 is a disaster. All decisions are just idiotic. When the whole popsicle scene happened I was turned off for good. Its just so dumb. I know its not a realistic show but come on at least try to make it not so easy to see what is coming at every turn. The whole FBI guy thing is so badly done. I really wanted to like this show but this is a show where you have to turn your brain off and look at the pretty actors because the plot, writing is subpar - its dull.
  • brownm198410 March 2019
    Love this show!! Such a refreshing show! Love the chemistry between the female leads. Funny, heartwarming, and suspenseful all rolled into one!
  • Laughed so hard I snorted. I am loving this show. As a mom, this is perfect to watch after a hard day dealing with kids.
  • mayaduenas18 July 2018
    Addicted to Rio's sexy voice, his demeanor, and mysteriousness! I hope they will show his back story!
  • Starts well but then you realize it is always the same procedure every episode.
  • This is a review for both season 1 and season 2 of this show.

    This show has both its greatest strength and its greatest weakness in its main characters. Early on, it seems like a worthwhile endevaour to follow the misadventures of these characters, to see what sort of crazy hijinks they get up to, but what plagues them by the of season 2 is the same feeling of staleness that most shows like these struggle with. If characters always get into trouble, then it's neither shocking nor interesting to see how they get out of it, cause you know from the start that they will and that they will inevitably get into more trouble later on.

    So this is what I mean by the earlier sentiment. The characters start to feel like paper-cut outs of their earlier selves, where they are put into situations as opposed to naturally growing with the show. Add to this, a frustrating amount of storylines that disappear into nothingness, and you have a show that, while great at times, fails to really deliver on its promise.
  • Liked this series so much. Also kinda want to see Beth and Rio get together... can't wait for season 2
  • dblxl20 January 2019
    I personally thought the show was not that bad as I began to watch it. When it comes to TV shows, I like to watch two episodes before fully getting involved. This show like a few others got me at the end. By this I mean is, by the end of the season I do not want to watch the second one.

    It is as if some writes or producers make a character unpalatable or just hard to tolerate overtime. Mostly this is a character that does the dumbest things repeatedly and makes the audience smack their forehead. Depending on how into a show you are you could just pause and digest the situation then resume. Some scenes really make you think or question, while others you might relate to. But the decisions that are made make your eye brow really touch your hair line.

    I am giving the show a 6 because it was not a bad show all in all but, some scenes and episodes are just mind boggling
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Loved the first few episodes and a lot of the first season. But I could see the signs in the 2nd half of what it's become. It's rarely funny any more (shame because I thought Mae Whitman was frequently hilarious) and the women who are supposedly desperate but proving themselves smart and capable are more often being just idiots. Someone blackmails them, then gets trusted in a murder plot? Seriously? Beth in particular is presented as stepping up but makes stupid decisions. The tone of the show is yet another "edgy" "gritty" show but that's so common these days it's tiresome if not executed well. I've stopped watching.
  • JUST WATCH IT. Legit such a good show, do it and do it now.
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