Simplesmente Pantera: A man of your kind, such a specific race who thinks that can do everything in God's strength and for the glory of the dick. It's crystal clear that this race is going extinct.

Elias: I have a thing with the sea. I think too much, so sometimes I need to disconnect. And the sea was the place I could go to.

Simplesmente Pantera: Don't even ask cause I won't suck you hiding in the bathroom. You know, I'm too greedy. I don't want your cock; I want your whole body. Don't even start: "Lady, you're not coming?" Who told you a pretty girl like me wants to be fucked by a macho?

Simplesmente Pantera: It was pointless to play macho using a weiner. You're so full of yourself. But I won't swallow it. It's not about being fucked in the ass. Being queer is about resistance. I admit, even I can't stand being myself. It takes a lot of talent to be as queer as I am.