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  • Nubiles is a website into DVD compilations outfit that specializes in jail-bait action, employing attractive, always young-looking actresses. This edition exploits a recent craze for incest, made safe by the ubiquitous presence of step-sisters and the like.

    The actors are anonymous in these three vignettes, but I was able to identify three of them. Ryan Ryder's face is never shown but his instantly recognizable Irish-accented voice gives him away, as he humps Megan Rain as the "Long Lost Brother". This vignette includes the genre's telltale line of dialog after the cum shot: "Better not tell anybody". This highly repetitive verbal exercise in these videos serves a dual purpose: it intends to let the pornographers off the hook regarding any local gendarmes who find incest content illegal, as well as reminding the viewer of the issue in a reverse-psychology way: all this talk of step-this and step-that is actually to encourage the viewer to pretend that the characters are actually blood related and violating taboos by committing incest, sort of in the "methinks one protests too much" vein.

    For the closet pedophiles in the audience, presumably representing a majority, a threesome starring Piper Perri and Maddy Rose delivers the goods,as both the 20-something actresses play on screen as if they were 13 or 14 years old. They're cast as "Step Sisters", humping one's boyfriend named Tim (unidentified) with the 2 on 1 cock shots segueing into lesbian action that again I classify as incest, nothing wrong with that. Talk of "first time" indicates a sexual initiation for one of them, too.

    Other lucky oldies include Damon Dice and Logan Pierce, and though this is a relatively recent video release, Jessa Rhodes is featured with her original, natural A cup breasts, not her current attractive but eminently fake double D's. On loan from the Rank Organisation (oops, my film buff history took over there for a moment), I mean in fact Digital Playground, is contract star Aria Alexander, looking fine as jail-bait paired with "Scheming Step Sister" Aubrey Gold.