Duke: Pity is worse than a fist to the face.

Baker Dill: If I didn't catch fish all day, I'd find a way to kill you.

Constance: Okay, Dill. Say fate gave you the choice: you can get the lady, or you could catch that tuna that's in your head. Which one would you choose?

Baker Dill: Well if it helps, I called your office. They said you are real.

Reid Miller: That's very kind of them. Did you ask them what real means?

Baker Dill: I didn't have enough coins to get into that conversation.

[first lines]

Duke: [on a quiet still ocean] Do you see that, captain?

Baker Dill: Yeah. I see him. Alright, what do you think man? Do you think the beast is close? What do you say, Duke?

Duke: He's down there somewhere. Making up his damn mind.

Baker Dill: People don't change.

Karen Zariakas: I'm still the girl at the bridge.

Baker Dill: [about Karen] She never knows whether opportunity's all around her, or it pours off her like rain.

Reid Miller: I am the rules.