Grey Trace: See, you thought I was a cripple but you didn't know that I'm a ninja.

Stem: While I am state of the art, I am not a ninja.

Stem: It does not make sense that humans deliberately malfunction.

Grey Trace: Yeah, that's because your memories are filled with ones and zeros, pal, and our memories are filled with every fuck-up we've ever made.

Stem: You now have full control again, Grey.

[from trailer]

Grey Trace: Stem, he's got a knife!

Stem: [calmly] I see that. We have a knife, too.

[Grey, under Stem's control, takes the knife from the assailant and stabs him]

Grey Trace: [while being choked] Help!

Stem: I need your permission to operate independently.

Grey Trace: Permission granted.

[Stem takes control and fights the assailant]

Stem: I cannot allow us to be killed.

Grey Trace: Stem, what do you think I should do?

Stem: Move Grey!

Jamie: Sorry, I can't let them win.

Grey Trace: Who's them?

Cortez: Grey, this isn't you.

Grey TraceStem: Grey's not here anymore. He's in a better place. In his mind, where he wants to be. I've taken over now.

Grey TraceStem: A fake world is a lot less painful than the real one. All I needed was for his mind to break, and he broke it.

Cortez: [sobs] No.

Grey TraceStem: Goodbye.

[fires gun]