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  • ...this would be it.

    I'm not a stickler for depicting *every* scene with 100% military accuracy, but....

    -Squad leader knowingly letting the copilot fly the helo while high on painkillers the day after almost crashing into the forest -Secretly shutting off both engines during training, just to see if she could auto-rotate without crashing -CIA operation lead making sexually suggestive, disrespectful remarks to a male solder in front of a group of others, several high ranking. -A politician, and mother of the lead intelligence officer, referring to him in a formal briefing as "my son." -covering each other's multitude of lies and breaches of regulations. -75% emotional drama during missions (90% the rest of the time) rather than at least *trying* to act like an actual military operation. -A woman sprinting 2 miles then immediately doing 100 push-ups, and pops up smiling, like if she just bent over to pick up a $100 bill. -Pilots having a tense, emotional discussion while in the cockpit prepping for take-off, flipping switches and starting engines, without ONE WORD of pre-flight checks, then continuing said discussion during the flight, again, without uttering a single technical/aviation term the whole flight. NOT ONE. (Oh, she did say "tail rotor" once.) -Unrealistic portrayal of the ethnic make-up of characters: A dozen+ minorities in lead/primary roles, 2 white people with more of a side-story and a smattering of other Caucasians who are either an arrogant jerk, a sexual predator, a stereotypical nerdy white person, corrupt/bad guy or token scene-filler who doesn't speak. (I like to see inclusion of *all ethnicities and genders,* but why would you intentionally alienate a potentially large number of viewers by pushing down that group or casting them in a negative light?)

    But, if you are ok with a brain-dead, sexually charged drama that happens to be in a military/warfighter backdrop, this show is for you!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    As most have commented, this show really is a joke.

    To add to Daniel's

    1. Their "flight" gear looks similar to the crap airsofters buy from Army Navy stores. Is isn't hard to Google search the real 'Air Warrior' gear that is the only authorized flight gear for US Army Aviation personnel. 2. The high risk of the operations and even training missions depicted would require two Non Rated Crewmembers in the cabin for safety and to operate the weapon systems left AND right. 3. The PC would NEVER get out of an aircraft sitting on a "hot" LZ to assist the crew chief in basic loading procedures. Another reason why there would be two crewmembers in the cabin. 4. She is wearing Senior Army Aviator wings. Those require a minimum of 1500 flight hours OR 7 consecutive years on flight duty to achieve, however she is depicted as a wet behind the ears, immature pilot that hasn't flown even the most basic flight maneuvers that would be on every Commander's Task List in any aviation company.. And, yet somehow she managed to get assigned to this fictional version of the 160th Special Operations Aviation Company??? 5. The maturity level of these soap opera wanna be actors is laughable at best. Any one of them would have been bounced back to RL3 for half the dumb stuff they have done during flight operations.. I won't even try and approach flying through a abandoned housing development. (Which btw would have never been approved by his commander, which would have been required, since he can not legally approve his own risk assessment and sign as a briefer.

    There are so many other issues with this series. Many which could be corrected without even paying for official military advisers since it is all a Google search away. The producers obviously decided on the lazy approach and hedge their bets on the general viewer not having a single day in uniform. It is an embarrassment to US Army aviation and especially to many, very skilled, female aviators I have had the privilege of meeting.
  • blynn-7650411 October 2017
    Having served in the military for 21 years and watching the first episode of Valor....I have to say I am highly disappointed. The negative light cast upon our women in uniform by this show is beyond deplorable. When the CW3 walked out onto the physical training field, her uniform might as well have been yoga pants. Hey I know she is to be eye candy for the sake of ratings, yet there is a line that should not be crossed....have some respect for our soldiers regardless of gender. The indecision of the main characters and the soap opera antics of the secondary characters kills any progress made by the action at the start of the show. Enlist the help of a better military adviser,change the story line to include more action and allow the CW3 to have more facets to her personality.
  • I made it 12:45 in. This show is a disaster. The writing, acting, direction, editing. Most shots last 1 second or less and they switch mid dialogue almost every time. It changed so fast I felt like a needed 3D glasses. The scenes don't even make sense on a realistic timeline. I'm not even sure it deserves 3 stars. There is no way this show will survive beyond it initial ordered episode count. This isn't one of those guilty pleasure bad shows. This one will give you a tic and IBS.
  • writenurse9 October 2017
    Character reveals for new show. It's rough, very rough. For one point of reference, if you have US Military service in your life or that of your family, do not watch. You will be disappointed. There are so many breach of regulations, out of uniform issues, fraternization infringements and stupid breach of protocols in every scene, it is unbearable. If a major drama developer wants to make a top-notch and top-rated series, they should at least hire some resource people whose jobs are to help ensure the closest things possible to RL. Failing that, at least TRY. Maybe I am a die-hard cynic, but as a veteran, it just irks me that in the great ratings hunt in over-saturated programming, some attempt at authenticity should be attempted, if not secured. Get the facts right and viewers will almost always overlook the obvious failing in sets, props and other tell-tale fails. The story here fell away, just because all the little details were too glaring to have the dialogue impress. A waste of time.
  • Truly awful. The lead is caked in make-up, struts about as if she's on a cat walk in front of her fellow soldiers and officers. She argues at her senior officers instead of respectfully debating an issue. All around spend time apologizing to and for her when she mucks up or has hurt feelings. And the cliché of her just being a strong woman in a man's world is laudable. When you cock things up it's on you and you alone. Stop whinging. Feminists must be cringing at this. The scripts are trite and full on tropes. Realism. Er. Where? People in the armed forces should probably watch this before a battle/maneuver to give them a laugh at it all, if that's the outer perception.
  • dncorp10 October 2017
    Warning: Spoilers
    Sorry CW3 Nora Madani, most U.S. Army 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment (S.O.A.R.) Aviators are much more Experienced (Old, in their 40s to 50s), that went thru the U.S. Army Special Operations 160th SOAR (U.S. Army Special Forces) Course, that would include S.E.R.E. 3 or 4 aka C/D "Imminent Capture". She would have the Air Assault Wings Badge because the 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault) influence at Fort Campbell, and the U.S. Army's Airborne Wings to earn the right to wear the Maroon Beret (Airborne).

    Commercial "Military like gloves" not worn by Aviators as not Fire Resistant.

    Maroon Berets are U.S. Army Airborne, not considered "Special Operations Forces". Beards, long hair, mustaches not allowed, only U.S. Army Special Forces (Green Berets) are exempt. Yes, the 160th SOAR wear Maroon Berets only if Earned as Fully Qualified Operators. Meaning you would have more than just One Wing.

    2nd Lieutenant Porter and CW3 Madani equals Court Martial Fraternization within Immediate Chain of Command, same Unit (Squad, Platoon, Company, Battalion, Brigade, Division). Immediate Bad Conduct Discharge.

    U.S. Army Officer and U.S. Army Warrant Officers do not stand in Formation with the other NCOs and Enlisted.

    Wrong U.S. Army Airborne (186th Airborne "Shadow Raiders") do not do U.S Army Special Forces Rescue, Recapture, Recovery Operations.

    Nap Of the Earth (N.O.E.) is trained and practiced at Basic Aviation School Fort Rucker Alabama. "You've never flied below tree line before". "No Sir"- CW3 Madani. She would not even be a CW3.

    More proof, the UH-60 "Adele" is not a MH-60 Special Operations Helicopter, that would be used during Training, "Train As You Will Fight".

    A MH-60 can fly with only one engine.

    Classified U.S. Military Personnel Records are only kept at ___ _______, they would not have access to them. Anybody involved with a U.S. Special Operation Mission would have had their U.S. Military Official Records pulled and placed into a SCIF. My U.S. Army Official Military Records 201 File indicating my being a U.S. Army Special Forces Long Range Reconnaissance Patrol and U.S. Army Airborne Ranger Vietnam Allegedly were destroyed during Warehouse Fires at Saint Louis Missouri, later on as a U.S. Military Officer I was by name (because of Combat Experience) selected to be with the U.S. Army Special Forces Teams to U.S. Ally Iraq during the Iran Iraq Wars and CIA Operation Cyclone, as the 1980s U.S. Military Special Operations Forces no longer had Combat Experienced due to the previous Reduction In Forces of the U.S. Military including within U.S. Army Special Forces. The U.S. Army Special Forces Team Leader O-3 deferred Command of his ODA and ODB to me because he did not have Combat Experience and I did, the only way he could have known is from my "Allegedly" Destroyed U.s. Military Personnel Records.

    2nd Lieutenant Porter Special Operations packet while with U.S. Army 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault). Of course he was not accepted. Six Years U.S. Army ->U.S. Army Air Assault School->U.S. Army Airborne School->U.S. Army Ranger School->U.S. Army Ranger Battalions at least One Year->U.S. Army Special Forces School-> Assessed to U.S. Army Special Forces Teams.

    CW3 Madani "are like flying helos hands and feet moving separately", clearly not a U.S. Army Aviator (Rotary Wing) as you don't use your feet (foot pedals, except during hover). Basic Flight Aptitude Flight Test (F.A.S.T.) required to get into U.S. Army Flight School, she would have flunked, as most questions are about how to fly a helicopter, most will fail because they attempt to do Fixed Wing Coordinated Turns using Stick and Foot Pedals. You do not use Foot Pedals (Feet) flying a Helicopter only as trim or during hover, Right Hand Stick, Left Hand Cyclic and Collective to control Rotor Pitch there is usually an RPM control also on older helicopters on the cyclic "collective" on MH-60s overhead center two levers.

    From what I can tell, CW3 Madani "Pulled Pitch" (Collective) too soon, she would have 'Flared" too soon and dropped thru (stalled too high), with a hard crash landing, not as depicted. Auto Rotations are only trained on simulators now a days. Also during an Emergency an Experienced U.S. Army Aviator (even Lower Grade CW1 fresh out of flight school) checks all Switches and Circuit Breakers as Routine, first on Inflight Checklist.

    The Helicopter depicted are UH-60s not MH-60s that have a distinctive box like thing on the nose of the MH-60 as an Electro Optical Long Range Day and Night capability for Aviators to fly using a video screen. All "Glass" cockpits are typical of MH-60s that also have Mid Air Refueling Capabilities that UH-60s do not have.

    The CIA would never allow a Conventional U.S. Army unit to be part of CIA Operation Perseus, for Operational Security Reasons.
  • colcomp14 November 2017
    Of all of the "new" military based shows that have surfaced on TV lately this one is a major BOMB. Shallow and unbelievable characters, a Helicopter Capt. that looks like he just came out of the gutter, a CW3 that is in her mid-20s (most are 35-40 yrs old).

    Poor acting all the way around, too much, and phony background stories just detract from the stories. Too many love interests among all of the characters, like every show on TV today.

    I tried to give this show a break but after watching 5 Episodes my guts hurt just watching our military (I'm Retired after 22 years and have worked along side THE BEST) shown like these "characters".

    In the series Valor there is NO VALOR, just Hollywood garbage.
  • Really? This guy wears a beard like he's in a Special Forces unit? Also, why would he wear it in garrison., stateside?

    Her ponytail, tights as uniform pants? Yeah, okay. Whatever Hollywood decides I suppose.

    Next time get better military advisers.
  • pia-ellefsen2 November 2017
    Where to begin? This is one of the worst TV-shows I've watched! No chemistry between the characters,looks forced and mechanic.... TotallyNOT believable Only watched the first episode! Not a great first impression! This is 45 min I can't get back :( I wouldn't recommend to watch this
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This could get better ...and pigs could fly. It could happen.

    I had to work hard to get past her uniform. Just a tad too tight. My only question when I first saw her was, "What is the CW network thinking?" It certainly doesn't show women soldiers/pilots in the best light. Maybe if everyone enlisted right out of high school and never matured?) Then the fraternization. Then the utter non- professionalism of many characters. Don't get me started on all the technical mistakes.

    Obviously no one working on this show has ever been in or worked with anyone in the U.S. Armed Forces.

    Too bad. CW had a chance to show how a real female pilot in the U.S. Army conducts herself. Or show how awesome Army helicopter pilots are in general. They blew it.
  • OK, so as a military veteran this show is laughable in regards to any kind of reality and gets a score of 1. Because I could watch Christina Ochoa read the phone book with clothes or preferably without, I give it an extra star. Please put her in tight fitting PT gear for the remainder of the episodes. Even while on combat missions LOL.
  • I really wanted to give it a try, hearing about a new military TV show with a female lead. I really did, being a female in the Army. I came to IMDb to read the reviews to see if I was wrong, but it looks like I was right.

    When the commercials showed the main girl with ponytail in uniform...I knew that if I watched it, I'll just be focused on the glaring mistakes than the show (I'd accept the beard/long hair on the male CPT as civilians not understanding the difference between SOF/SOAR). I know CW is about hot lead actors/actresses, but they could've at least gotten the basic appearances right. I don't want the "there needs to be 3 things wrong on the uniform" excuse - they could've done subtle differences like other shows/movies have done (i.e. her form-fitting uniform).

    Why does Hollywood think that they can lower standards with a hot female lead? Even the uniform for that time the show is set is WRONG. It just shows the director didn't put that much effort to the show - so if he doesn't care, then I don't care for the show either. It's sad that finally we have a female-driven military TV show and it's set up for failure.
  • Seal Team, Six, The Brave... and this dumpster fire of a show.

    One of these things is not like the other. This is a saying we have in the military, when someone in the formation is jacked up, but they don't realize it. This is a good outside example to apply this reference to.

    The other shows have some semblance of realism, the worst out of those 3 being The Brave, being that it borders on the preposterous, but this Valor show... man this takes the cake. Perhaps it's because I am an Army Warrant who flies 60s that I'm so critical, but I can easily remove myself from that viewpoint and objectively say this is terrible writing, no character is likable, just poorly done all around, but as an Army Aviator this show not only makes me not wanna watch but it pisses me off it exists.

    Cancel this crap. I'm certain the actors have no idea how ridiculous they look... someone should read them this.
  • If the world needs this kind of American hero worship series, then please make a little effort to make it at least somewhat plausible! Too many errors obvious to anyone with the slightest military background as already pointed out by other reviewers. The male character being in special operations he has to have an unkempt hairdo of course, otherwise he wouldn't be special! And the plot: what plot? Together with The Brave and Seal another disaster, not worth wasting your time!
  • Let me begin with the actors it looks like a Barbie and Kent series poor acting from the start don't believe the high ratings obvious fake reviews for this shit series to make money don't waste your time on this garbage unrealistic comical crap characters are way too perfect don't waste your time
  • dorisselin12 October 2017
    This is not believable to any military member or military spouse they can not have hair touching their collar. This women has her hair in a pony tail in uniform, that is not allowed in the true military. I am just appalled that your military expert let this go by without noticing. Every military personnel knows this.
  • I do not discredit Matt Barr's acting ability - and, I enjoy how he portrays his character. What bothers me a great deal is how he continuously find a reason to not cut his beard...and the directors allow this to continue! In the Middle East, and on covert missions, this is allowed; but when the servicemen return to CONUS, the beard comes off. If this is to portray one of the top military units correctly...DO IT RIGHT! I did not complete approximately 30 years of Honorable Service to see this occur on a show attempting to represent the "Real Men Of Valor" who are serving 24/7 - to keep us all safe and free. However, I do love the show, and am proud to see the uniform worn correctly, mannerisms enacted realistically, and servicemen returning to the theater still with beards (still realistic), but when assigned to CONUS - as this Matt Barr reassigned to CONUS - which then means, THE BEARD SHOULD COME OFF! Also, lighten up with the fraternization. This will cause immediate termination - with "undesirable" linked this termination. Hence, this is a Taboo, no servicemen care to experience.


  • The script, acting and well, just everything is so unbelievable... and I'm someone that can suspend reality for a good romance.... but man, this is just terrible. Don't waste your time. I recommend searching for Our Girl - a fantastic BBC show that they have withheld from us here in the US, but thankfully some kind peopleput it online. It's worth the time searching for it. Skip Valor, and find Our Girl... you won't regret it.
  • lovegodhope11 November 2017
    This feels very Soap Opera like,think "Quanico",yea.. As a lot of others said,its funny how many unrealistic mistakes you can make,shame. In that sense "The brave" is much better even though it has the same soap opera vibe. However,Madani as a "strong" female (not so great attempt but they are trying and you can tell)is better to watch then on the brave. Im still watching,up to episode 7. Yea its bad but there's a story so for now if im real bored.. Seal is the only non disappointing one so far.
  • kristal-422013 January 2018
    I feel this is one that you got to give a little bit of time. At first I wasn't too impressed as the storyline took off in a way that I found difficult to follow. Then there's the lack of chemistry between the actors, especially Madani & Ian. They are a love couple, yet she seems to have a lot more going for her with Gallo. I'm not talking characters per say, but the actors. Could be personal, I am not a fan of the actor who plays Ian Porter (Charlie Barnett). I kept watching it semi-reluctantly, because I had run out of better things to watch. Then I found it gets better after a few episodes. So this is really one you got to give a little bit of a chance. It's got more drama than for instance Seal Team and it's not as fast paced and good as The Brave, but the series does have its own charm. Considering the bad reviews I'm quite sure it'll get canceled nonetheless. In a way a pity. Sometimes a cast simply needs a bit of time to get into the groove. And one should ask if the actors are to blame for this or simply the story writing and/or casting. I really think Charlie Barnett is a very weak link. But that could be just me. I don't like the looks of him, grin.
  • Just finished the pilot (pun intended!). OK, no one is going to call this a great show, great pilot, or anything of the like.... HOWEVER, I found it relatively entertaining and full of action. I never served in the military, but it's obvious this show is full of inaccuracies. That is just not enough to dismiss a show. I have also never served as President of the USA, head cutter in a hospital, or chief of police in a big city.... and I still enjoyed many shows where reality is not the cornerstone. It's not supposed to be a Ken Burns documentary. TV by definition is not real (just watch FOX news!!). I watched this show after reading all the critical comments, and while it's not going to be at the top of my list, I will watch more episodes. DETAILS: The writing is not too bad, the acting is OK, camera work and cinematography are mediocre but nothing is so bad that I would turn it off. It's way better than it's current rating, and it does have some potential, and I do love a good military/spec ops show!
  • intermilanking8 February 2018
    I don't write many reviews on movies or TV shows, I just rate them but I thought I would take the time out to write a review on this one. As a person in the military I am overly impressed in the care and thought pit into this TV show. Starting from the wear of our uniform to ceremonial events they executed this very effectively. Not many movies let alone TV shows understand the emotion of making the army or any branch seem real. They not only had a great plotline but as well as great designer team. Not much was wrong with their uniforms and not much was wrong with how we execute things. This show not being renewed on a 2nd season is upsetting. For all the prior service I'm this field and out take a look at this TV show and stand by it. Not much gets us right in Hollywood but this does! Great story line great execution and great respect. If you gave this show bad reviews watch it again it truly is something captivating.
  • seth-bayles11 October 2017
    A bit campy but I like the casting, I like the plot, I like that it's not a straightforward "rah-rah military show". Perfect, definitely not but I enjoyed it. The action was also pretty good. Not overly bloody but it was believable and there were enough darkness and mystery in the show to keep it from getting overly campy.
  • See for yourself. You may not like it either. But you may also be surprised.

    After watching the pilot episode, I was already interested. By the 2nd episode, I was hooked. I have now seen the entire season (13 episodes). I thought it was great.

    Sure, there is a lot of soap opera and I bet it is a very inaccurate depiction of the military.

    But I watch TV shows to be entertained with drama, action, high production value that has good picture and sound quality. Sure, sprinkle in some soap opera and political BS too. Why not? This is not a documentary.

    It's entertainment. It doesn't have to be an accurate representation of the military.

    I have also watched a few episodes of "The Brave", "Seal Team", and the entire season of "SIX".

    I would say that "Valor" is by far the most entertaining of the bunch. "SIX" would be second. I couldn't even get into "The Brave" or "Seal Team" after trying out 3 episodes of each show.
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