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  • I was a little bit worried when I learned that it will skip a theatrical release, but still looked forward to it. I really liked the first one and thought that the cast in this one was decent. Sadly, almost nothing about it works.

    The script is disastrously bad. The plot and pace are all over the place, making an 85 minute movie feel long. The cinematography is horrendous. The movie is filled with neon lights that are almost headache inducing. The fight scenes are banal and are there just for the sake of it.There are Sci-Fi elements that serve little purpose and don't really fit. Oh, and Stallone and Batista are secondary characters. This would not be a problem if the leads were interesting, charismatic or well written, but they unfortunately are none of those things.

    I enjoy B movies. For me, everything can be forgiven if the movie is fun. But this is just boring.
  • The acting is mediocre at best. The cinematography is just terrible. most of the movie is filmed with a handheld camera and the cameraman has parkinsons. Imdb has not listed any budget for this movie and that is because there is no budget. CGI is awful, explosions and gunfire is so fake that there are no words to describe how bad it is. There is one cool scene and that is the barfight. Other than that there is nothing good about this movie. One of the worst sequels in history.
  • SPOILER: I really enjoyed Escape Plan. It was fun and although a little silly it was well put together well directed. Now I was surprised to see Stallone doing back to back sequels in Escape Plan 2 + 3, but if 2 is anything to go by then Stallone has slipped horribly into Straight-to-Video Hell! Which is quite apt as that's what Hades means (it was the Greek name for the underworld).

    So why is it so bad? - Well, firstly we start the film with characters (and actors) we've never seen before: A team on some kind of rescue mission from terrorists. Wait, what?! We don't see Stallone until 10 mins into the film. It's his team. He's the boss of a security firm in Atlanta now. But he's not the main character. Oh.

    The main character is Chinese actor Xiaoming Huang. No, I've never heard of him before either. Don't get me wrong, I have no doubt this actor is a big star in China. His martial arts are really good, and he has a certain presence about him. But his character here is so underwritten that you never engage with him as a character. So instead of being invested in him, you become a mere spectator of what happens to him. I'm sure Chinese money & market has a major part in his casting, but this isn't how to do it. Also featured is Cheng Tang, who (I'm sorry), is almost unintelligible in around half his scenes. But I think it's partly the director's fault. We frequently can't see him speaking as the camera is doing something strange. So you get a difficult to understand accent from a disembodied voice.

    So, Huang finds himself inside a new mega high-tech prison, where to achieve privileges you have to to win fights in a gladiatorial fight - for no apparent reason. Oh. This is such an old B-Movie cliché that I can't believe they went there, but I suppose they wanted to make use of Huang's martial arts and this is how they do it. It's a bit desperate though. Meanwhile, on the outside Stallone recruits Bautista to help find Huang and another team member who's gone missing. At this point you think this might pick up, but you'd be wrong.

    The problem is that none of this is joined up well. You frequently are barely comprehending what is supposed to be going on. There's no real focus to the film as we cut back and forth between outside and inside the prison - which nobody knows the location of. Dialogue is frequently missed or mumbled, especially by 50 Cent, who is so bad I think they could have employed a cardboard cut-out with a robot voice and it would have been a) more intelligible and b) a better performance. Seriously, why do people keep employing him? Bautista is underused, and is just a man mountain who terms up and does things. There's no character. He's just a thing that does stuff.

    Stallone, obviously is trying to spin-off successful films in which he was the action hero. Now older, he can't do that stuff anymore, however, when he does a little bit of action you can't help but be impressed. Here there's a good action scene in which he and Bautista waste numerous assassins, but I really don't know what that scene was about. It just seemed to be stuffed in there for a bit of action. Another scene is a bit silly really, where he faces a man at least 30 years younger than him in fisticuffs. Dude! You're in your 70's! Stop it! It's getting embarrassing now.

    The special effects in the film are grossly overdone but so low grade that you wonder how they managed to use 90's technology and make them look 80's, and the prison never feels like anything but a rather bad film set. The whole film looks rather B-Movie cheap.

    Although the script doesn't work for all the reasons I've given above, I reserve special mention for the director, Stephen C Miller, who seems to think that erratic and inappropriate camera movements is what directing means. This film could have been watchable if Miller was not at the helm. He's dire! It's like an 8-year-old was given a camera kit and tracks. This isn't style, it's mess. Nothing about his direction works. Nothing. No thing. In all seriousness, Miller has killed what might have been just a bad film and made it a very bad film indeed. Producers! Stop employing him! He has no idea what he's doing! Nothing he does works!

    Please, Stallone, you are better than this. You can write really good characters and you are actually a good actor. Do some thrillers. Act your age, dude. As for Escape Plan 3: Devil's Station, at least it won't have Miller directing. John Herzfeld at least knows how to use a camera.
  • I very much enjoyed the original movie and so was looking forward to seeing this. I watch about 30 minutes before I just stopped. Plot jumps all over the place and there is zero flow to the movie. You have no interest in the characters and the whole feel is just hollow and pointless.

    Do yourself a favor and spend the 30 minutes I wasted doing something else.
  • What an awful movie this is, I cannot believe this movie hits the theaters. It is clearly a B-movie, very cheap CGI, the acting is poor and the story? Take a stack of cards, throw it in the air, there's your story. I knew this movie would suck but I did not expect it would be that bad. It is full with plot holes, if you see this movie, question marks will be floating above your head during the whole movie. A lot of viewers will leave their seats and some might ask their money back.
  • JazonZaztrow15 June 2018
    Let's be brief. All of the fighting / action scenes are shaky cam nonsense. 95% of the dialogue is expositional. The direction seems very basic. This feels and looks more like an episode of an American broadcast network crime drama television program, than film. I didn't go in expecting anything and I was left with less.
  • OMG....where to start with this god awful film.. anyone giving this above 6 out of 10 is reviewing this for the company or sponsored as they are lying through their teeth and the guy who said it was better than the first is lying to himself...

    this movie was so bad and the actors couldn't talk properly, the acting was so wooden and forced, the movie CGI was cheap and nasty and its been done before a 1000 times better too. the first film was a good movie with a convincing villain and the story worked, this one there is no story and to really take the p*** Stallone is in this film for about 10 mins tops and even 50 Cent looked bored.

    i cant express how bad this film really is and Stallone should be ashamed of such a poor sequel, this mess is hitting cinemas soon and i feel sorry for those who go watch this utter mess.

    avoid this garbage like the plague
  • neil-swift-2345315 June 2018
    What a shambles of a movie. No coherence whatsoever. Just jumped from one scene to the next without any links. If Stallone wasn't in it I wouldn't have bothered but the role he played and time he was in it just didn't amount to anything. "Enjoy" at your peril.
  • This is how you butcher the original movie,the only reason i watched it i thought this one follows the first one.
  • If you are thinking that - Ohh I enjoyed first part let finish the sequel. Its a total waste of time.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I scratched my head and repeatedly watched the scenes but failed to understand the conclusion of this movie , what was plan B it didn't even talk about that plan and editing was awful I slept while watching it because I can't understand what's going on the screen. Please at least add some concept or climax that correlates the past scenes or else it is a flop.I started watching it because of syllver Stallone nd it's part 1 awesome movie , but this is a sure crap.
  • Sure this film had some cheesy writing and a flawed screenplay not to mention poor editing, but the pacing was great, directing not bad, acting decent and more importantly, I enjoyed it and still found it entertaining. Not even close to the first film, but certainly not deserving of the 3.8 score. Had the editing been better (I'm guessing most of the plot issues were from cutting the film down to a decent length), I would have score it higher, but still deserving of at least my 6/10.
  • Below average sequel with little action and too much interior scenarios . It blends suspense , thrills, action , twists and turns . it is believed that no one can ever flee from impregnable prison , except for a daring man , Ray Breslín : a senile Silvester Stallone . As he manages an elite team of security specialists trained in the art of breaking people out of the most impenetrable prisons . Years after he fought his way out of an inescapable prison , Ray has organized a new awesome security force formed by brave members played by Dave Bautista , Xiamong Huang , Jesse Metcalf . And his usual colleague , the resourceful technology expert Shu Ren : 50 Cent Jackson , as well as his sweet companion Abigail : Jaime King .But one of his team members goes missing , as he is kidnapped and disappears inside the most elaborate jail ever built : ¨Hades¨ , entirely computerized by a huge super computer called Galileo and ordinarily changing its shape , then Breslín has to return to the hell he once escaped from . As a decrepit Ray must track him down with the help of his former colleagues , infiltrating himself into a futuristic facility with extreme security measures . This is not a prison , it is a Machine . He's back.

    This thrilling flick packs intrigue , nail-biting violence and lots of fights . The movie takes place into four walks of a high technology jail with plenty of computers and glimmer lights . Of course , expired Stallone is also locked and equally determinated to get his freedom, using his special skills to break out , as he goes on to push the boundaries of what is human possible , dealing with his preparatives and fights to escape by confronting nasty enemies . Sylvester Stallone plays in his ordinary , but already out-of-date , style as the obstinate hero to get the wished escape .The final confrontation between Stallone supported by his underlings and the baddies is stimulating and violent , including some surprises . In the film shows up some actors from previous installment as 5o Cent Jackson , and Stallone himself , adding others as Xiamong Huang , Dave Bautista, Wes Chatham , Titus Welliver and Jaime King who replaced Amy Ryan as Abigail .The motion picture was badly directed by Steven C Miller and was filmed in 20 days only , and several countries was exhibited direct to video . Steve C Miller is an expert on action and terror movies , usually played by famous actors , but with no much success , such as : Line of duty , First kill, Arsenal, Marauders , Submerged , Extraction , Under the bed , The agression Scale, Scream of the Banshee , Automaton transfusion , among others. Rating 3.5/10. Only for Sylvester Stallone's hardcore fans .

    This Escape plan trilogy is formed by the first , original and the best : ¨Escape plan¨ 2013 by Mikael Hafstrom with James Cazievel , Arnold Schwarzenegger, 50 cent Jackson , Amy Ryan , Vinnie Jones ; in which Stallone finds himself set up and incarcerated in the world's most secret and secure prison, ¨The Tomb¨ -a highly fortified prison based on his own design- and he must use his skills to escape with help from the inside . Following a third outing titled ¨The extractors¨ 2019 by John Herzfeld with 50 Cent , Jaime King , Sea Bruckner , Russell Wong , Daniel Bernhardt, this latter concerns a rescue of the abducted daughter of a Hong Kong mogul from a formidable Latvian prison,, then Breslin's girlfriend is also kidnapped.
  • It wasn't a real killer movie that let me sit with open mouth. No. The story was a bit weak and too straight forward and some scenes were too artificially overplayed. But it was exactly what I needed to just sit back and enjoy good old Sylvester Stallone doing a good job. Some of the other characters did a good job too. So six stars for a movie that I would probably not watch again soon, but it was good to start to relax the brain from work and start the weekend.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Watch this film! It has all a bad film needs. Bad acting it looks like it came off from a student short film. From the beginning we felt really disappointed, the transitions from scene to scene was awful, though it made us feel like we were high and was suffering from all the diseases, hitting us all at once. Though I give the director kudos for best crossover film it has given us. We saw a snippet of the fast and the furious, I mean they tried so hard to squeeze in a car scene, even though it was clearly unnecessary.

    There was also a weird Jimmy Neutron vibe, whenever, Huang Xiaoming, the star thought of something brilliant. The prison itself made us feel like we were watching a Star Wars film, it sucked, it made me feel sleepy. The plot itself was an idiotic way to make a sequel to the first one good. I mean the movie stars off where a guy from work gets fired, and the movie suddenly takes off to a revenge story with a guy making a high-tech, advance of the art prison in one year. Stressing the point where he just did all of this just because he got fired by Sylvester Stallone.

    In conclusion, the film is the worst film we have watched where they scenes made us laugh, and make fun of the acting of all the casts. The movie is pretty much comprised of Sylvester Stallone being an inside voice to Huang Xiaoming. But all is well in the end as we left the theater laughing and recalling all the bad acting, the movie could pass as a comedy but as an action?

  • I have never written a review for a movie. But here i am.... Where to begin ? There are just so many flaws in this movie, not to mention... This is the #1 Worst Movie i have ever seen. And i have seen some crappy movies. The acting in this is horrible. And 1/2 the actors english is unrecognizable. Lets just say that Stalone speaks the best English out of the entire cast. The story line in this Stinks, and is way too unbeliveable, and yet super predictable. I'm actually wrighting this during the final 5 minutes of the movie, as i'm appauled thati finished it. I don't think anyone took the time to read the script before making the movie. And did i say the acting SUCKS ? Sly is a 6 in acting on a good day, for this maybe a 4. everyone else ranks right at 1 at best.... I WISH I COULD GET 1.5HRS OF MY LIFE BACK....DON'T WATCH THIS CRAP.
  • Sly should have stayed content with the first movie. Resorting to cheap production and half baked scripts for a quick buck. Bautista was making something of himself with GOTG, he should immediately pull out of Escape Plan 3.
  • 5/10, however it doesn't deserve a rating under 5. Some good actors, and some bad. The script - decent, with flaws. But the movie wasn't boring!
  • I understand not every one likes these kind of movies, but a rating of 1 is rediculous. Why. watch the movie. With Sylvester Stallone movies you should know what to expect. Action, gun play, fight scenes, cheesy my opinion the fight scenes well choreographed. The plot is ok and the pacing is pretty good. Just a good action film to watch...
  • Is it the best movie, no but it was good. If you just want a good movie to watch then I would recommend it.
  • This movie got leaked. And it sucks too.

    It's just boring.
  • htony1 July 2018
    They should've at least gave it a chance in theaters. But of course since it put Asians in such a light, it had to skip a theatrical release. But it does make me wonder though just how these reviews would look if the movie wasn't so Asian centric....
  • Stopped watching after 20 mins, you need subtitles as half the actors can't speak English, this movie must have been made for the Chinese market. The plot makes no sense and the acting is awful. I think Stallone is in the movie for about 10 mins. Give this one a miss.
  • I like Stallone, a lot! He is one of my heroes. However, the first movie was bad and sadly this one is really worst. I wish IMDB allow us to rate with "0".
  • WTH happened with this movie? I like and I enjoy the first movie two action heroes together this movie is a peace a garbage!!! Stallone and Schwarzenegger headlined 2013's Escape Plan teaming up for the first time since the Expendables but moreover working together for the entire movie. Why Stallone why? Why was this movie made? What is wrong with this movie? Boring as hell, A lot of CGI, shaky cam, horrible dialogue, horrible acting, terrible music sound, Stallone isn't even in this movie.

    The plot makes no sense. This movie is more a sci-fi film, it has no action. The plot is pointless. Horrible shaky cam jumps up and down. When Stallone fights on the end, that is his stunt double. Stallone is far too old to fight with a younger guy. What the hell Stallone? Why did he went to make this movie? Did he do it only for the money? In this movie Stallone isn't much in it! His character Ray Breslin is useless, he does nothing. Sly is old and his character is old fat sack! Sly even him self is disappointed, I am dissappointed Sly. Hades might boast some decent star power, but there isn't a celebrity in the world who could save this bargain bin nonsense from feeling like a bootlegged ripoff of its own franchise. Not even Arnold Schwarzenegger, who faced off against Stallone in the first one, could have rescued this from abject boredom.

    The ending is unexplained this movie is nosence un realistic joke! I will never watch this movie again. I don't need to watch this movie in my life again. I am staying away. I am Stallone fan 4 life but this sequel? Attrocius sucks! It sucks, sucks, sucks and sucks more. Dave Bautista is wasted in this movie. The plot makes no sense, the soundtrack makes no sense. This movie is garbage waste material deserve to be in trash. Who ever is going to buy this movie on Blu-ray disc will have a bad day! Stallone's worst garbage movie he ever did, he only made it for the money.

    Jaime King as Abigail is in this movie replacing Amy Ryan, but we don't see the actress whole picture only half of it. 50 Cent I don't see him full lengt I only see him half. Horrible cast, horrible acting, horrible writing, horrible direction. Steven C. Miller messy blew it, you blew it Miller! This movie is really bloody messy, stay away. It has so manny CGI colors, no songs, no heart, no souls nothing!
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