The film was shot in 20 days.

Despite being top billed, Sylvester Stallone is only in the movie for approximately 15 minutes.

Sylvester Stallone said the following about the film when promoting Escape Plan 3 on his social media accounts: "Escape Plan 2 was truly the most horribly produced film I have ever had the misfortune to be in."

Steven C Miller was fired mid way through post-production.

Amy Ryan, who portrayed Abigail in the previous movie is replaced by Jaime King in the sequel.

The Icelandic hacker group Legion's leader, Count Zero, is named after the title character of William Gibson's 1986 work of the same name.

The film was originally slated for a release in the Netherlands on 21 June 2018, but was pulled from the schedule by distributor Dutch FilmWorks. It was then released direct-to-video on 3 August 2018.

Along with Sylvester Stalone and Curtis Jackson, Lydia Hull also appears in the first film. She plays a different character than in this film and the third one.

NFL running back Devonta Freeman makes an appearance in a prison scene.

UFC Welterweight Champion Tyron Woodley has a brief supporting role in this movie.

Last Film Thomas Danneberg dub's Sylvester Stallone was Escape Plan 2 (2018).

Sylvester Stallone and 50 Cent are the only returning actors from the original film.