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  • It appears that most reviewers sought an adrenaline-filled action thriller or jazzy melodrama. This is not one of that too-common coin. Rather, like most films in which the quietly brilliant Bill Nighy appears, this one is delicate, smooth, evocative, relevant to just about every human who is not trying to escape being human (or is working to escape the madness of modern society and return to being just human).

    This film honorably expands the canon of interwoven lifelines each of which, like the Borromean rings, supports and enriches other already-solid stories. Like Crash, 360, Magnolia and Hereafter, all of the characters are entirely plausible, especially when they find themselves coping with unfamiliar and threatening circumstances. Most rise to opportunity for self-improvement; a few find a chute to the pit.

    Like most truly mind-expanding (dare one say "spiritual"?) movies, this one faces the conscious viewer with a series of "I've been there too" and "what would I do?" and "who would help me?" moments. And for the generous of heart, two persistent questions: How have I been helped along by people with no reason to get involved but their own generous mindsets; and What opportunities to help others, and thereby myself and my world, are presenting themselves in this moment?

    Quiet, compelling, and worth a slot in any ethics or social-psychology class.
  • The understated quality of this movie might be why it hasn't received better reviews. I don't think it means to be a treatise on homelessness or a precise rendition of the conditions thereof (an assumption I've seen some high profile critics make). That's a fate that befalls one of the characters and her two children, part of an ensemble whose interlinked stories together make a case for empathy and impulsive altruism being among the most admirable aspects of human nature.

    Homelessness is one thematic layer to a story that investigates kindness as the social glue that matters most and is possibly also the most underrated of dispositions or inclinations, often being seen as weak or oversensitive. Personally, I found it a lovely film, quite moving in places with its acknowledgment that, without kindness and the generosity of strangers, society would fall apart.
  • Brilliant story, brilliant acting, brilliant directing. I don't understand why this movie has a low rating. From the very beginning, it captures you, quite sad at some point but it just kept getting better. A well deserving ending I must say.
  • I loved this film. It has an unwavering pace and it gently wraps itself around you as you watch it. I felt gently enveloped. I cared about the characters and I realised about half an hour in, that I was hooked. I really do not understand the negative comments about no story, or ending. The story line was deftly projected, the characters being delineated almost like a web being woven in front of you. It's not a thrill film, so if you like things simple and easy to digest, then stick to a diet of fast food; this is a repast of many dishes, all of them fine food.
  • And beautifully observed, well acted and atmospheric. It tells a simple story, believably, to a beautiful soundtrack. A thoroughly enjoyable film
  • mris2312 September 2020
    Love the cast, the acting, the writing, the story- all of it was so clever and intertwined. A really beautiful story of how small acts of kindness can mean the world to other people. Bill Nighy and Zoe Kazan are amazing actors and them together is everything I didn't know I needed. Give this movie a shot, it will bless your soul.
  • maniort16 February 2020
    There is nothing wrong with a movie that isn't polished like a diamond. No, the writing isn't perfect and the acting is not genius (albeit good), but stories are bigger than their words. The cinematography is very nice, especially if you're a fan of NY.

    I look forward to more from the creator.
  • Old school feel good movie. Came away feeling very pleased. Cast of diverse characters whose fates brought them together in a lovely story. Enough connection between characters so as not to feel you are trying to follow multiple/individual story lines.
  • Lone Sherfig directs this wonderful story that is not far fetched. The mom and two boys run from violent dad, a cop. They meet Tahar Rahim who is managing a Russian restaurant. The lawyer friend of Tahar's takes Zoe's case and wins. Her husband goes to jail. Bravo. I could watch Zoe Kazan read the phone book. Now I discover Tahar Rahim is also a great actor. Enjoyed this film. Even minor characters are interesting like the nurse and the lawyer. Bill Nighy is great to see also.
  • This film grabs you from the first scene and carries you to the very last. Every character is portrayed with total believability. Domestic violence, mental illness, broken lives...are shown with dignity and compassion. An uplifting reminder of the simple, healing power of kindness and second chances.
  • A thoughtful movie. Pretty much any movie w/ Bill Nighy (as actor and producer no less) is worth a consideration at the least and a viewing as well. And so it is w/ this gem.

    I especially like an international cast --- British, Arab-French, Indian, American, Danish, Canadian -- that's always a surprise that a cast can be cobbled together from 'afar' to create and participate in an 'international' story -- displaced/journeyed people in unfamiliar settings/surroundings, hopeful for a better future. Ahh, the immigrant story, eh?
  • Solid performances and I just enjoyed the characters. Whoever wrote this did a wonderful job. Very creative filmmaking!
  • germandane26 October 2020
    Why it only rated a 6, I will never know except maybe people only expect to see fast-paced, intense action movies filled with expletives. For those who long for something a little more introspective, I think this movie is perfect. I appreciated the slow pace, the music, and the setting. It gave me a look into homelessness I had never thought of too much before, that of a person who didn't choose it, but faced abuse and violence as the alternative. I loved the characters, and thought the acting was very good. It was slow, but not in a bad way. In a way that actually made you think and not want to miss a scene of anything that was said. It even had some humor here and there, despite the heavy subject. Some of the scenes were heartbreaking and raw, but probably pretty realistic. I would recommend this movie, and suggest one be ready for thought provoking drama and introspection. It was somewhat heavy, but ended on a note of happiness and resolution.
  • I really loved this movie, it's sweet and makes a person understand what goes on in other people's lives, the less fortunate ones, the homeless, the people who feel guilt. It's just a very heartfelt movie that I'm sure many people can relate too although they may not want to admit it to themselves or others. Really worth watching. The one word that stands out to describe this movie is "sweet, very sweet" loved it!
  • This movie's straight-forward title is very telling. It is a story of a young housewife who ran away to New York City with her two sons in order to escape from her abusive husband. Having no money nor place to stay, they were bound to become homeless, but unexpected encounters save them from their predicaments. As you can imagine, this movie is full of cliches, and every problem in the story is solved rather conveniently. However, I don't want to be too sarcastic on this one. The film is made up of good intentions, and it actually touched my heart. Knowing that this is one of those modern day fairy tales, it makes you want to believe that "the kindness of strangers" still exists in this tough world we are living in.
  • evanko1779 November 2020
    Hats off to the director who treated this story so well.. Normally I wouldn't be able to watch such dark subject matter. Perhaps as a young single mother with two small boys to raise, I could relate. The plot is an abused wife and mother of a cop who runs and must rely on the kindness of strangers of a cold winter in NY. No "A" list actors but I didn't .miss them. As her life goes from bad to worse, it does turn around. Loved it!
  • The core story is about a young mother of two boys, married to an abusive policeman. They live outside the city and as the movie starts Zoe Kazan as Clara is driving into the city with the boys, her explanation is they are taking a short vacation.

    In reality she is getting away from her abusive husband, desperate for a way out and to a better life for her and the boys. In the process things happen and her survival depends on the kindness of strangers. A nurse who leads a self-help group, workers at a soup kitchen, a manager of a Russian restaurant, and assorted others.

    The success of the movie depends on how Zoe Kazan carries her part and she carries it well. Good movie for anyone who has an interest in human relations.

    We watched it on Amazon movies via ROKU streaming.
  • Well we have been here before. European director makes a film set in the US but it deals with the US as if it were a caring country with social programs instead of a cutthroat capitalist Darwinian xperiment

    Hence the negative comments from some who do not recognize the place no guns no car-chases and are totally at sea

    This is a lovely sweet if totally unlikely scenario. Everyone is very nice and if not at first they become nice. The one baddie gets his comeuppance because the system gets it right. Everyone cares. So yes a Danish filmmaker's view of a potential Nueva York

    You'd almost want to live there. If that was a real place Bush the son would be vindicated. We'd really all want to live there; we'd want those "freedoms"

    Absolute must-see if you like humanity and have faith in it; if you think violence brutality money might is right etc are missing here look elsewhere this film is not for you. It makes you feel warm inside. It heals you.

    And yes it is slow-er than Speed or Tarantino. It is about life and hope even when things are not rosy ... And Tahar and Zoe are both ORRSOME actors ...
  • The movie touches you. Its sad and depressing and it can be lonely. The desperation of a mother who is trying her best to keep her children safe, fed an provide shelter. I don't think its slow. I would have liked to see a bit more character development in the beginning or some background on the main characters. Just to see how bad the situation was that made a mother take her kids away without a plan, financially. I know she talked about the whys and what happened but I think its better seen, more effective in the story. The acting was good, I teared up. Its good to see a happy ending after. All and all it is a heartwarming story.
  • The atmospherics and pace of this movie seem a deliberate way to demonstrate what happens when we notice other people, strangers who may be struggling right before our eyes, people who could do with a bit of kidness.

    Notice the gradual cycling around of each of the characters, passing in the doorway, wandering into a soup kitchen, parked under an apartment window. The perfection of Zoe Kazan stroking the retro office chair. She had passed that chair on the street and now she and the chair were reunited.

    This is a movie I could watch a few times, and I'm sure I would notice fresh nuance each time.
  • As per some other reviews, I find this film poignant and moving. Families face many challenges, often unseen, and the acts of kindness can sometimes be missed. A film to restore your faith in humanity.
  • So many great actors, the story intertwines and builds to such a beautiful ending. Loved what began as a terribly tragic start tragic yet inspirational love story was told.
  • rtailor-0490111 January 2021
    I loved this movie. Zoe Kazan was amazing but she always is. This is a story that takes you on the journey of little acts of kindness. The acting in it is formidable. It grows on you until you feel vested in the characters. That's what a good story does. It's not a shoot 'em up film, not a comedy, not a sci-fi tale. It's just old fashioned storytelling that lets you escape for two hours.
  • I'd pay good money to see Zoe Kazan read a soup label if I'm being entirely honest, so renting this film was a no-brainer for me. And she shines as expected. The whole cast shines, actually. The story is heartbreaking at times: what a mother will do to save her children, the cruel, vast and impersonal city, the desperation of survival when you have absolutely no safety net. But as the various stories begin to intersect, basic human kindness and decency assert themselves, and hope is reborn. This movie hit me hard, but was an unexpected gift. It's very slow paced, but never desultory: the plot moves at its own speed, but gets where it's going. Highly recommended.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This film is an oddity.......but in a good way. The story is centered around kindness and weaves the lives of common citizens together for an overall "feel good" experience. The interesting aspect is that even though the film is a positive tale, it deals with several negative elements of the real world. Child abuse, homelessness, drug use, loneliness, loss, etc. It intertwines these hopeless tones with a shimer of light at the end of the tunnel. The characters have just enough quirkiness to draw us in and hold our attention until each storyline has arrived at its respected destination.

    Beautiful cinematography, great acting and fantastic story. I would watch again.
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