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  • This film is literally awful. It follows exactly the subplot of Day after tomorrow. It is not just that the plot follows day after tomorrow, a large amount of the dialogue does as well! Secondly be careful of reviews that have a first name and then a dash "-" and numbers. These are "IMDb pro" accounts where the creation date is scrambled (hence a reviewer whose entire activity is a review of this film yet an account creation date of 8 months ago) and ability to up vote their own reviews multiple times.

    The shill reviews amount to a rip-off and people noting them are one of the reasons why IMDb removed its comments section when people started noticing these patterns.
  • I wish there was a zero. This has to be the worst film I have ever watched. The packaging looks good enough to buy. Ops...I did. The plot was written buy a 3 year old and the best bit of acting was the dead blackbird. In the end I watched it just to pick faults of which there are many. Please don't be fooled by the first 3 minutes, it goes down hill quicker than the Titanic.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    ***Possible Spoilers*** omg, this was a total ripoff of the movie Day After Tomorrow. The premise was the same, a lot of the dialog was straight up plagiarized word for word, and even the special effects were sometimes lifted straight from the other movie. The overall effect was a low quality B movie that was predictable and disappointing. Take my advice, watch The Day After Tomorrow instead; this will only leave you disappointed and disgusted. As for the acting, it left a lot to be desired. The only recognizable face was the depressing ex- scientist, and he looked like it pained him to do this movie, but was under a contract he couldn't get out of. The plot holes were glaring, and totally made the movie unbelievable, like super freezing weather blowing thru, yet the ground was muddy and wet afterwards. Also, the satellite shots of the earth showed a massive storm, yet no one in the rest of the world noticed? yeah, right. The a/v was 10/10. The acting was deplorable, but adequate. Overall, though, the movie was 0 stars. Watching isn't worth the download time, or the effort of hitting play on the DVD/Netflix. Watch at your own peril, but don't say you weren't warned. ijs
  • Well I watched the whole thing which is quite surprising because it was a lazy Sunday afternoon and I'd had all of an hour sleep the night before. I thought I'd fall asleep pretty quick which is what usually happens when I watch a movie with the intention of actually watching it while I'm tired but nope, I think this moving was so ordinary it kept me awake. The acting was poor at best, and the cold zone sure did spread south rather quickly. But at least the young bloke got a quick kiss from the girl he saved before they took off and saved them selves. I can't see a sequel coming for this one unless people want to see a refuelling episode.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Miami family visits Alaska in December as climatic cold cyclones are poised to destroy the Northern Hemisphere with cold waves that are cold enough to freeze and crack marble in Italy but not cold enough to harm people in a refrigerator truck.

    This has the basic Asylum style formula of reunite family, save the world etc. Man made climate change is to blame. The film claimed they were in Pemberton, Alaska while it was filmed in Pemberton, British Columbia. Note the spelling of "Health Centre." The characters were bland. Roger, while speaking into a tape recorder claimed it was December 21...the winter solstice, the shortest day of the year and yet it was light out for much of the day while most of the town was snow free with a green park. Now that was not the most unconvincing part. At one point Roger decides to protect himself from the cold blast and digs himself a spot in the snow. That was okay, but when you close up the entrance with snow and light a candle to stay also burns up your oxygen rather quickly.

    I bought this in the US with the title "100 Degrees Below Zero" not to be confused with the superior Asylum film (It pains me to say that.) The frozen stature of liberty, helicopter falling out of the sky, and a man on a rope hanging from a helicopter was not in the film....but if you manage to make it all the way through, there is a helicopter.

    Guide: No swearing, sex, or nudity.
  • Not much to say about this one, Family holiday gets ruined by mini ice age caused by manmade global warming that was predicted by scientist who has a petty party and hides in the woods. We have the standard family with an annoying teenager with Daddy issues that you get in most family holiday / disaster movies, you know the one, who you hope gets chopped quickly. The plot is so close to day after tomorrow that I'm surprised the makers haven't been in court yet. All good predictable end of the world stuff, improved by the use of locations with real snow, and some not too bad CGI. Shame they couldn't find an original script though.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I actually started laughing every time the storm hit. It made a sound like a lion roaring. It is a copy of The Day After Tomorrow, but a funnier version lol Watch it and have a laugh at how poorly it's played.
  • This is the worst movie ever, bad enough for me to leave a review. I know there are still lots of hardwork and acting in it and as always I appreciated that in every movie. and I'm not even expecting great CGI or visual fx... the real problem is there are many scenes doesn't make sense another word .. stupid. Does the script and plot written by a teenage kid or what. And the main actor doesn't have the charm.. he act ok but just doesn't feel good enough. the ending is one of the ridiculous I ever heard. i bet the actors and crew probably feel ashame and frustrated to be in this movie. i hope this is their first movie and will make a better one next time. if you have time to kill and got nothing to do. pls look for another movie... not even worth to kill your time.
  • Yes, I wanted to save as many as I can ... from watching this absolute stinker. So if you've seen "The Day After Tomorrow" you know the general deal. There's really only one difference between the two movies - Tomorrow doesn't want to make you gouge your eyes out with an ice pick.

    Having a science background, I am mildly entertained when concepts follow the general laws of physics. Luckily I didn't have to worry here because there was no science to evaluate as nothing made sense. Again and again the laws were broken with clear abandonment. It might have been helpful to have this improve the story, develop a character or idea, but alas no

    I don't want to see any of the actors again as none of them performed with any degree of conviction, except maybe the paycheck. I rather pity any of the cast that took shares in the movie in lieu of payment - unlikely they'd have got bus fare.

    To make it fair, I gave 1 star for committing this to celluloid, probably against the advice of family, friends and anyone who actually read the script before committing to star in it, and another star for the cast surviving to the end of the movie with straight faces. I've seen better acting in commercials.
  • Bad, Bad, Bad,....the writers and director actually got paid for this mistake? No spoilers in this review, it could not get any worse.
  • Decent movie. I know its basically the same as The Day After Tomorrow but its really just a movie to watch to keep you entertained if you have been bored alot, plus, i really love disaster movies.
  • renaissancememe19 March 2019
    One of the most cliché packed movies ever. If you want a good laugh, and a catalogue of almost all of the lamest clichés ever, then give this a check out. The best character is hands down the "mean, old drunked" and zooms about down on a mobility scooter, bumping into people.
  • soniaquebec10 May 2021
    As a Canadian the Hollywood idea of cold is so stupid. People with their coat opened, no gloves, mittens, no snow pants, or even a scarf over their face. And what about their feet?

    Plus the cold weather can brake the windows !!!
  • Competent and well executed film within the genre, but that does not bring anything new.

    I recommend it only to those who really like the genre of natural disasters.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    A poorly made rip-off of The Day After Tomorrow. Same cold blasts that instantly freeze people and animals, same guy hiding from frozen blast at the last second, same scientist predicting the freezing event, same father and son duo battling the weather, same woman staying behind in a hospital...etc... The script of this garbage is so bad I truly think one of my giant schnauzers could write a better story and that is not far from reality.

    The differences are the DAT had a cast that could act, had a real script, and had some originality. This garbage Cold Zone has none of that. And the ending may be the biggest joke of any movie in history.
  • The merit doesn't go mainly to casting. The story and script is excellent. This movie is so unpredictable, I was calling out events and before they happened but every time i was wrong. There is no denying that the editing was excellent too.

    One of the brightest spots is Steve Bacic, whose charisma somehow outshines the rest of the cast. I would like to see him in other good movies too.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This movie copied day after tomorrow except it's super bad. If you watch day after tomorrow you'll know every part they copy. From them asking people to stay in the hospital (library in day after tomorrow) man hiding in hit, (day after tomorrow jumping in hut) ice frozen storm coming for his family PLAGIARISM SERIOAULY NO
  • Had to rate this s**t with 1. Just had to. Worst actors every. This and Batwoman. Get another job, not acting. Do it for humanity.
  • This was SO bad !!!! Good actors act as if they are in the real situation!! So so so bad !! Maybe do your jackets up & put your hoods on could possibly reflect you are cold !!
  • Bad...Painfully bad! I'd never seen under-acting and over-acting all at the same time till this movie. That's not even addressing the terrible script and a plot that is so ridiculous that you continue watching out of sheer curiosity to verify for your own sanity that: yes, indeed someone actually wrote and acted in and worse, financed a movie that tests the absolute limits of human boredom. Yes it actually happened! You begin to wish you were in the cold zone so your agony would end because you just can't bring yourself to turn it off cause you still need to know how much worse the movie gets. And the worst part for the viewer is that you can't UN-watch it.

    My bad review of this film has probably done it more favors than a hundred great reviews. Now, YOU'LL probably watch it out of sheer curiosity...and the cycle continues.
  • This wasn't a bad story. Could have used some better dialogue but it wasn't terrible. I kept being distracted by the mom looking like Catherine O'Hara. :)

    To those folks insisting on comparing this to Day After Tomorrow...whatever. Not even the same story. Yes both involved freezing temps and people running for their lives but that's it. DAT involved a major polar shift of the entire planet. This involved enormous cyclonic activity repeatedly supercooling atmospheric air and sending pinwheels of airblasts down to the earth. At least this movie had a real ending. DAT ended with everything frozen and no epilogue.

    Overall, it was an entertaining movie night for a December evening.