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  • Very, very faithful to the book. (Except THAT ONE SCENE where I would have liked to see Jaya, haha). Expect a great ride along as the aesthetically pleasing cinema blows you away. There's humour; there's horror. Worth every single penny spent on the tickets. Oh boy, doesn't Chanchal Chowdhury make a good Misir Ali! I really wasn't a great fan of Jaya Ahsan as I don't judge people by their looks but props to her stellar acting performance, I am one now. Everything that does not quite fall in place in a single sentence: Ali Zaker's kid fails to impress, and much like the book, the ending was a bit undercooked. Hopeful for Nishithini as a followup! Should you go for the film? YES (There's a big jumpscare which compensates for everything that you may not like about the film).
  • There was a scene in 'Debi' which made each & everyone present in the cinema hall 'Scream' very hard. Yes, that was scary. And 'Debi' gives you moment like that very often in its 1.5 hours runtime. 'Debi' is an outstandingly made movie with some unbelievably great acting from its lead actors.

    Before writing anything I will say, there's two version of Debi. One if you have read the novel 'Debi' and another if you haven't. Because there were moments when I said, 'Arey eta to boi te chilo na'. And that's logical. You can't portray everything the book had. And to make that balance you need to change things a bit. Director Anam Bishwash exactly did that. And he did a wonderful job. But at the same time it is the same story Humayun Ahmed wrote.

    Debi is a thrilling movie, With a lot of suspense, mystery in it. The story obviously written by Humayun Ahmed is extraordinary. And Anam Bishwash wrote the screenplay pretty well too. But at times it looked like a bit fast moving. Debi had so many thrilling moments which keeps the audience on the edge of the seat. Debi has the power to hold the attention of the audience from the beginning to the end. It presents no unnecessary scenes, which keeps the audience attached with the movie. But there are things which rises some questions!! As well as I can say this without giving any spoiler, Misir Ali had very little presence in the second half. We know Misir Ali's mystery solving skill. But in the movie the portrait of that was missing.

    Again that brings the fact of reading the novel. I knew Misir Ali already, so I was wanting to see him doing that. The first half was fast moving. It introduces the characters very well. The second half is better. Engaging. The climax was very good too. But there is something which you keep looking for. Maybe an extra bit of push. A little bit. But with some great acting the climax looks very very good.

    Acting : After watching the movie I was in regrets. Why we don't see Jaya Ahsan on big screen too often!! She if flawless. Outstanding. In a very simple way she portrayed Ranu as well as anyone could imagine. Words fall short to describe her acting.

    Chanchal Chowdhury as Misir Ali was very good. He did Misir Ali the way it was written for the movie. But as a reader of Humayun Sir's Debi, I wanted a little different Misir Ali. But that's out of equation as you can't claim why Misir Ali is not like the novel's one!! It is Anam Bishwash's Debi.

    Shabnam Faria was very impressive. Iresh Zaker in his little role did pretty well. The character of Anis played by Animesh Aich was a bit weak. Animesh Aich maybe could do bit better.

    Other Aspects :- Anam Bishwash in his first directorial did extraordinary. Was very professional. But which was more outstanding was the Background score of the movie. It was Sensational. Makes the movie way more gripping. Cinematography was good but nothing extraordinary to talk about.

    Overall Debi is my movie of the year. A very very well made movie. Making of the movie deserves appreciation. Bangla cinema needs movies like this more often. And yes, You will miss something very good if you don't watch 'Debi'.

    My Personal Rating : 🌟🌟🌟🌟 4*/5

    Nafiu Kabir
  • This is an average movie at best. Could be a lot better. It has all the right potentials, but the makers couldn't make it.

    Good: 1.Acting is brilliant. And it's suppose to be. This movie has very limited yet powerful star cast. So every character gets plenty screen time to show their talent. Jaya Ahsan was phenomenal. 2. Cinematography was good. 3. Story is brilliant as it's written by one of the best writers of our country. 4. Music and background tracks are good. 5. Nice 1st half.

    Bad: 1. Editing and Overall direction is pretty bad. They can make some moments more dramatic and intense. 2. Scary moments are not that scary. Again loud sounds can't fully make a moment scary. 3. 2nd half is very dull. 4. Lack of a good villain makes it less interesting to watch. Yes a Villain is there, but poor script totally ruined it.

    I didn't read the original novel but i knew the story. So I have written the review taking it as a normal movie perspective. I was a bit excited but totally disappointed after the show. It's not a bad movie, it's average at it's best. TC
  • Warning: Spoilers
    A film, when it's from a popular novel, should follow the proper genre. According to my opinion, the novel is a psychological thriller with mystery in it. But, the film totally gives us the wrong direction about its genre. After watching it, it seemed that it's a horror film with a lot of paranormal activities in it, which is conceptually totally wrong. Now come to the point of acting.... Ranu (portrait by Jaya Ahsan) was look like she was addicted, not mentally unstable because of too much over acting. Her body language was improper too in some sequences. Misir Ali (Chanchal Chowdhury) was pretty much ok; but couldn't find the depth in his character because of some additional sequences of him which wasn't in the book. As a result, Misir Ali character has been downgraded to show him as a funny character. Ahmed Sabet (Iresh Jaker) should be romantic as well as psychic according to novel, where his romantic part was totally absent. Only the psychic part was ok (At least he looks like that maybe). Anis (Animesh Aich) was ok, but too much nervous all time. Only Nilu (Shabnam Faria) has done the proper judgement to her character. Now come to the part of story... Director hasn't followed story properly. Some important parts of the story has totally been ignored. The opening of the story should be like the original novel, as it shows us the mental illness of Ranu, but it was totally been ignored. The relation between Misir Ali and Nilu is totally absent at the film. There is an important part at the novel where Misir Ali tests ESP of Nilu and her friends, where they fail first time and after that Nilu again comes to Misir Ali to test her ESP; this part is totally missing. The final death sequence of Ahmed Sabet is the lamest part of the film. At least filmmaker should read the second part of the book (Nishithini) to know how Ahmed Sabet was reported as dead. I couldn't find the urge of meeting Nilu with Ahmed Sabet proper. Why a modern woman will meet a person who has a fake FB profile only by knowing his mother's name was Nilu, I don't know.... So lame... Again, the changes of ghost sequences were too much unnecessary.... Why they had to show two teenage girl ghosts rather than one female ghost, I don't know.... At last I have to say, it was much difficult to accept this poular novel as one of the lamest films I've ever seen because of poor direction and unnecessary horrors.... A total disrespect to HUMAYUN Sir and his creation.....
  • The people who read the book will definely love the movie because they will see Thier favourites "Misir Ali" and "Ranu" come into life. On the top of that this movie has got some powerful visuals which will for sure intrigue the viewers. Chancal, Jaya, Shabnam, they did a fabulous job in the movie. For all the book lovers, this movie is a must watch!!!!
  • One of the best Mystery/Drama i have ever seen.First time,when i did read the novel"Debi" it was excellent proportion to its time when it released.But Today i have watched this film and this movie has blown mind.There is nothing to say about it's brillianc,it is a Masterpiece or more than that.You can say after Aynabaaji in 2016 another masterpiece has released in this year.
  • As we all know Misir Ali is Humayun Ahamed's one of the greatest creation, a mysterious man. So if any director wants to portray him he should read about him, he should know the writers perspective, reader's point of view and all that. But the fact is all of these things were completely absent in director's mind. Now let's explain about the movie-

    1.Storyline- The only strength of the movie is is storyline or plot, which was created by Humayun Ahamed. Director here gets no credit. He may get credit for spoiling the main story.

    2. Casting- Casting was also not up to the mark. The only reason this movie was hit because people wanted to see Misir Ali. They wanted to know what their imagination turn into the movie. Chanchal Chowdhury as Misir Ali was good choice but he could be more grumpy, more like as he in the books. It's not the fault of Chanchal, he is an amazing artist, he played his character as director wanted. Ranu as a mentally unstable person could be more like it. And Iresh Jaker as the villain(!) was the worst character.

    3. Cinematograpy- Nowadays all the people watch movies from Hollywood, Bollywood. They are used to watch stunning cinematography there. As a government funded movie the director could use more qualified cinematographer, not a bangla third class comedy drama cinematographer. No good looking shot, no tricky shot, nothing at all!

    4. Storytelling- The worst part was storytelling. I don't what drives the government officials fund like such a dumb director who can't even tell his story properly, who can't write up and organize his scripts properly. The death of Ahmed Sabeth was funny as hell. And the appearance of the ghosts was hilarious. Special effect was far far away from reality.

    The fact is this director destroyed the Misir Ali. I will not forgive him for this.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Write your review here:- its really a awesome movie. it's story, casting, directing & all of thinks was so perfect.
  • As far as cinematography is concernedit was up to the mark....the plot as we all know is based on Humayun Ahmed Sir's novel "Debi" so obviously you expect some Master class depiction of the story in the movie...but after watching the move it felt like they were in a time limit and had to finish the move at a particular time as if they were in a time table.... Chanchals dialogue felt like he was in a hurry as if he had to rush back home ASAP to finish some work he left incomplete.... The Ending wasn't clear in clarifying how Nilu became Raanu..... And personally I think it would be better if they stuck with the novels time table
  • ahmedbappy-6945321 October 2018
    Warning: Spoilers
    Nice movie & fantastic story. casting, directing,shooting & dialogues all of thinks was mind blowing.
  • rakibulh-6969422 October 2018
    Warning: Spoilers
    Story taken from Sir Humayon Ahmed's book...just wow and acting amayzing.. Chanchal you are always rock man bt joya you are ules.
  • jim-4191521 October 2018
    It was too much good.typically in our country we can't watch this kind of movie...
  • rsshaikat25 October 2018
    This movie made another phenomenal definition about horror movie in Bangladesh...
  • This is an adaption of a novel of same title written by the famous writer of Bangladesh, Humayun Ahmed . The adaption is good and a bunch of talented actors did justice to the characters . The most interesting character of this story is Misir Ali , played well by Chanchal Chowdhury . The cinematography was pleasing . But at some point I felt this is just a visual representation of what I read . It could be better . The mystery it started with fails to keep the suspense on that level after second half .Dark environment and sudden scream ain't scary still I would appreciate for the environment they created , enjoyed though . Character development of Ahmed Sabet was poor , which was a crucial character for this movie . Except these minor flaws this a worth watching movie for the interesting story and brilliant acting
  • If you love mystery,if want a glimpse of horror, you will love this. The main theme about this movie is mystery thriller. Great Casting.
  • Misir Ali is one of the most iconic creation of Humayon Ahmed. As noble writer as well as a famous director humayon ahmed is one of the most popular writer in Bangladesh. As a adaption of his famous work "Debi", this movie are far far away from the original book "Debi" . But it is appreciate that the director is trying, but it was far far away from humayon. Joya ahsan and Chonchol Chowdhuri is trying their role but they don't do it.
  • When the first trailer of "Debi" came, it really made all of us curious . Cinematography, background score, acting as well as goosebumps were all welcome change in bengali cinema.

    The movie starts promisingly but with time it lost direction. What were they thinking? I think the makers were confused between psychological drama and horror. Jaya Ahsan is the producer of this flick so naturally its Ranu's story. She performed well but the screenplay is all over the place. Iresh Zaker as Ahmed Sabet is good but the character is different from the book. Shabnam Faria acted well, but her face off with Misir Ali lacks the required sparks. Finally about Misir Ali, folks this movie does not do any justice to him. Chanchal Chowdhury tried to make a ulcer stricken version of Misir Ali, but his sharp mind is completely missing. We were told that Ranu was not hallucinating after all !

    The movie has "The Shining" twin sisters too. Wonder if it's a mere coincidence or lazy writing ?
  • The movie, today, i am going to talk about is DEBI. It's an adaptation of famous Humayun Ahmed's paranormal novel called DEBI. Supernaturally incited Ranu, played by Joya, craving for normalcy in life, ends up with Mishir Ali (Chanchal), a forty-year-old professor, who opts for unfolding the veracity of the puzzle digging deep. But, before I hit the theater, I didn't know any of the detail stated above, not even the genre. As soon as the introductory sequence screened, it took me by utter surprise, as it set the tone of soul stirring mood with its breathtaking yet haunting visuals, sound effects and musical score. And it didn't loose its momentum till the very end. But, why should it take me aback, I wonder. May be it is because of my skepticism for Bengali filmmakers of not attaining a major success in the fields of horror or psychological thriller. Not only that the story is enormously powerful, which is also screen-played with authority. It is not a period piece as the novel is set in 80's Dhaka, but this screen adaptation portrays the same plot in present day. CGI is introduced onscreen, though not perfect, but I believe they will find a solution by the course of time as it's an inception to BD films. Anam Biswas, as a debutant director, appears with flying colors. Joya Ahsan slams a triumph with her lead role as she always does. Chanchal, is effortlessly meticulous in the whole movie. However having said so, I felt Faria and Zaker could have done better. I would also say, on some moments it seemed that the dialogues were off the sync with the acting and expressions on-screen. Apart from these mere minor issues, I think it's a wonderful film that holds onto a powerful message behind it. The interesting thing I encountered when the movie finishes and a short lived applaud started to hum as a gesture of appreciation. I really enjoyed the movie. J
  • Debi is the magnum opus of the book writer. One of the greatest litterateur characters Misir Ali has been started with this creation by none other than Humayun Ahmed. A pioneer for Bengali Literature as well as Bengali Cinema history.

    Come to the points. It's not a bad movie for those who never read the book. PS it is foolishness to compare a movie with it's adapted book. I know this. And I am not comparing this movie with the book. If I do it will be highly insulting for the book. Misir Ali by Chanchal Chawdhury, a failed attempt. He is a talent actor undoubtedly. But he missed the opportunity. Alas! The character name would have been Bashir Ali. Not at least Misir Ali. Just making Misir Ali dialogues from the book and smoking cigarettes doesn't mean you are Misir Ali. I hold myself from breaking the screen. OK let it be an individual movie. Leave it. Joya Ahsan is also very very talented actress. She did her best. But she is not the perfect cast for this role. She is too old for the role Ranu whereas Chanchal is too young for Misir Ali. Animesh Aich! I wonder why he is here! Any small charcater from TV Drama is far better than him. Totally waste of an important characted Anis. In fine, wrong casting is one of the main problem of this movie. Everything is happening so fast as if, "O you people already read the book we know so why show you the detail? Just see the happening forget the situation. Anyone who never read the book will wonder why all this happening! So in this sense, the director is also capable to make Debi from the book.

    I wish, actually I know, in near future the trilogy Debi, Nishithini, Nishad will be made by a talent director. This is too hard to make such book into a movie. It's too hard for anyone.
  • arnobg-614628 June 2019
    "DEBI" is the beginning of the culmination of Humayun Ahmed's masterfully woven character Misir Ali. The sheer amount of star power, of Chanchal Chowdhury, in this film is insane. The movie both embraces and transcends its novel origin. It has reached the stratosphere of all the films that are based on Humayun Ahmed's writings.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Good movie based on a great story by the legendary Humayun Ahmed. A lot of effort has been put into making the movie. Kudos to the team for that! A film worth watching!

    However, I won't give it a full 10/10 due to a few reasons:

    1. Choice of some casts: Misir Ali and Anis. No one beats Abul Hayat as Misir Ali.

    2. Overdoing the Saber character (not from actors side, but from direction side).
  • Debi- movie create a great history in Bangla cinema. It's awesome.
  • Wow. Great piece of work. Joya was out of box and the whole movie was brilliant
  • sujoymallikseu1 November 2018
    Warning: Spoilers
    Osthir 😍 😍 Joya crush 😍 Sabnam k vlo laghe nai Nabila hoile bhalo hoito
  • It's a Amazing Movie.. Really Enjoyed It Very much .. Missing Humayun Ahmed Sir too much .. Hopes It's One Of The Masterpiece Movie For Bangladesh ..
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