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  • Someday in the not too distant future, a modern day film historian, Video Porn Era division, will compile and perhaps comment upon the collected works of Omar Williams, itinerant British pornographer/actor who made this generic video. He enjoys his work, largely under-the-radar crude porn, but once again comes up dry in the entertainment department.

    That's because he insisted on cranking out hundreds of one-day wonders with pro-am casts, about as interesting as Reality-TV. with loyal cameraman tagging after his every movement like a puppy dog (and occasionally rewarded with a blow-job or impromptu threesome, handing off the camera to Omar while humping) as Big Willy waggles his big black dick at various housewives or pick-ups all over England.

    Tony DeSergio pops up, as he often does, as a fellow humper to help share Omar's load, so to speak. The girls are far from pin-up quality, with Gina G (paired with Tony) the most obvious pro in the bunch. Cameraman is named Burt and to this day Omar's so clever that I have been unable to discern whether Burt is indeed played by Tony or is yet another distinct member (pun intended this time) of the minuscule crew. If he could wangle it, I bet Williams would do everything himself including camera-work (maybe the equivalent of a selfie phone on a stick) to keep the cost of this junk to a minimum.