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  • korkeekonrad30 September 2017
    Raunchy Cartoon meant for adults.
    I think this is pretty funny, I identified with the characters struggles of going through puberty when I was young. I like the voice acting, I like the subject matter, and I like that they aren't afraid to address a subject that is uncomfortable for poorly adjusted adults.

    It's crude but not for no reason like Brickleberry, it's crude because it's about teenagers and preteens and the monsters are hilarious embodiment of teen angst.

    If you liked the league you might like this as well because it has Nick Kroll (Ruxin) and RAPHY!
  • Dawson30 September 2017
    Pretty Raw, Pretty Great.
    This show is absolutely not for everyone. While it's cartoony in so many ways, it does cover a lot of very real feelings and experiences we all went through at that age, and has fun doing it. If you're not easily shocked and have a good sense of humour, you'll enjoy this deep, dark look into the coming of age time for these kids.

    Plus, John Mulaney.
  • gianninidomenico30 September 2017
    I think it's brilliant
    The show itself is crude, with a lot of sexual content regarding pubescent teenagers and their struggle with hormonal changes in relationship with the environment. I personally loved the pop-culture references and the humour, that although irreverent, reminds us the time when we thought and acted the same, even when ashamed of it, even when we knew it wasn't right, just because we felt like we HAD to do it,thanks to hormonal changes. The last concept is well impersonated by the hormone monster, a creature who keeps whispering to boys and girls how to feel and behave. Even when they don't want to, they just do what the hormone monster tells them to. Everything they see is catalyzed through their adolescent experience and impulses. I loved also how sex, and everything around it was reduced to something completely normal, along with fear, shame and envy. Because in the end, we all have been in those moments and thought like the protagonists do.
  • jamie_stephen_jones30 September 2017
    Best adult cartoon I've ever seen
    This cartoon is seriously going to split opinion. Some will call it filth and try to convince you not to watch it. Those like myself will see it for what it is, an enormously funny cartoon specifically made for us adults. "Big Mouth" has a simple premise of a group of preteens entering that crazy time called puberty. It reminds us of our own escapades at that age and throws in some of the best and crazy adult comedy you've ever seen. Watch it!
  • nmfsd10 October 2017
    Why has it taken so long for this to happen?
    The first five minutes made me open my eyes in disbelief. I'm so happy I finally found a show that was brutally honest and funny to the bone(r). The first episode doesn't give up. There is just one ridiculously true situation of satire after an another. I really enjoy this show for its "in your face" honesty and brilliant conception. Finally, we have a show without barriers that is true to the core of one's inner fluidity.
  • wizard_whitebeard30 September 2017
    Not for everyone, but I personally enjoyed it
    Writing a review based upon your own preferences of comedy isn't really being true or fair to a show. So unlike what other people have posted, I'll give it to you straight, this show is not for everyone. But, provided you have an open mind to comedy and are not easily offended it does offer a few laughs and a good little show to pass the time.
  • yunkdena30 September 2017
    Puberty Gone Right!
    Now, this topic is rarely discussed like it's not a thing, but it is and many girls and boys feel alone about it. This show not only isn't afraid to talk about it, but it makes it hilarious and "normal".

    The show is rated MA (mature audiences) so expect some adult content. I mean, the whole show does revolve around going through changes.

    Nick and Andrew are the two main boys who are awkward, tweens then there's Jay - also a tween with an over-sexualized imagination - and Jessi and Missy are the two main girls. The Hormone Monster and The Hormone Monstress guide the opposite sex on their journey through puberty. Add ghosts, a talking Statue of Liberty and genitals that have eyes and you can't get more hilarious than that.

    10/10 would recommend. Puberty doesn't have to be an uncomfortable topic and that's what Big Mouth strives to teach.
  • krejcijames30 September 2017
    Usues an excellent blend of pop-culture and metaphors to help explain what it's like coming-of-age. I love the way the shoe touches on topics that others deem inappropriate. The fact that the first comment won't even say vagina proves my point. He is talking about one episode where one of the lead female characters 'talks to her vagina.' I suppose some may find it offensive, but I believe shows like this will help normalize being able to talk about sex and things with less than well adjusted adults.
  • zmose-1738130 September 2017
    Exactly what you would expect
    This show was exactly what you would expect out of a show about tween kids going through the first few stages of puberty. While yes, the idea of a "hormone monster" provided the series with a hilarious back-and-forth between the monster(s) and the kids, the show was raunchy. This is for a very select audience.

    The star-studded roster was probably the reason that "Big Mouth" was green-lighted on Netflix (it's tough to turn down Kroll, Mulaney, Peele, and others). I was not expecting the show to turn from straight puberty jokes to a cartoon musical. However, I must admit that the show went from slightly above average to hilariously clever when John Mulaney did his musical number about being gay, featuring homosexual legends that have passed from this world.

    John Mulaney is a national treasure.
  • BockscarBomberman30 September 2017
    Good dumb fun
    Some people will complain about it being crude, but that's kind of the point. It's a comedy that's not setting out to change the world, it's only intention is to make you laugh, often by pushing the envelope as far as an internet series can. Which is pretty far. A lot of the humour is derived from shock, and knowing that alone should let you know whether or not it's the show for you, although there is a fair amount of genuinely witty dialogue too. Probably the best thing about it though, is how the characters do talk and act like confused 12 year olds. The frustrations that almost every adult remembers from the days on the cusp of being a teenager are on full display throughout this show. Offended by the harshest language and the exploration of pubescent sexuality? Stay away, this isn't meant for you. Otherwise, just put it on and let it play. Most likely you'll experience a few chuckles and a couple belly laughs, but as that's all the show seems to set out to do, I'd call it a resounding success
  • Zone 97 October 2017
    Where was this show when I was a teenager?
    I wish they had this show back when I was a teenager going through puberty. Not only is it funny but it reminds me of those earlier days. I also appreciate that they touch on female masturbation and point out that all women get horny. Women of my generation and earlier were told as children that girls don't masturbate and those that do are probably whores or sluts. I'm glad to see that times really are changing and people are accepting the fact that yes indeed, it's normal for girls to have sex drives and to masturbate. I honestly think teenagers should watch this show and it could even help them out while going through all of the typical teenage/hormone driven things in their life. Things like addressing porn addiction, having your first boyfriend/girlfriend and then breaking up, starting your period and the embarrassment that can come with it, etc are all things addressed in this show that we all go through.

    Honestly I wasn't sure what to make of this show based on some negative feedback about how inappropriate it is for young teens to be depicted in this manner, but honestly I didn't really notice and it didn't really bother me because I could relate so much to it all. Also, I've seen the same, if not worse on South Park and Family Guy.
  • ak149525 April 2018
    Tennagers and young adults will love it.....
    I am a big fan of animation, whether it's movies, TV shows or shorts, I love animation. After seeing a good rating for this series, I thought I'd give it a try. I have to say I am not disappointed after watching the first three episodes but also I can't say I am super enjoying like how I enjoy watching other animated series like Rick and Morty, Archer and etc. Big Mouth is about school kids who are going through the puberty stage and problems they face during that stage in their teenage life told in a humorous way. The jokes are mostly related to sex, jerking off or the similar kind. So the people of that age or the adults in early twenties might enjoy this very much and most other people who don't fall in either of these categories may find it boring, atleast after watching few shows. If you are planning to watch this show, don't binge watch it, you'll be annoyed.
  • kashiark1 October 2017
    It's bad.
    It's extremely crude, full of obvious mostly unfunny jokes. Occasionally, the show will seemingly almost by accident happen upon a mildly funny joke, but this is an uncommon occurrence. The worst part is that none of the characters are remotely likable; I could get over the humor or lack there of if there were at least one character in the show I wanted to see succeed, but alas, they are all terrible. Tl;dr: if you don't think that giant walking penises or the word, "fuck" is hilarious, you probably won't like it.
  • tr915 October 2017
    Big Mouth
    Warning: Spoilers
    "Teenage friends find their lives upended by the wonders and horrors of puberty."

    Just a few of my thoughts after watching Season 1 of Big Mouth:

    The show is filled with crude and gross out humour. It's like there is no filter or limit to what they will show/do. Obviously most of the scenes are so over the top that you can't really take it seriously. Some people will be offended but if you just watch the trailer, it's clear that the show is not going to hold back.

    I really liked the animation style, the image was crisp, clean and colourful with no sketchy lines in sight. The voice acting was top quality. I found each character had their own traits, Jay in particular I found very funny. The Hormone Monsters gave the show a real whacky edge. The dead characters and coach Steve were used a bit too often and weren't all that interesting.

    My favourite part of season 1 was the Seinfeld scenes, we had the iconic restaurant and theme tune, and then 3 characters sitting round the table. Jessi sounded exactly like Elaine and then Jay came in with some classic Kramer mannerisms. I could easily watch a whole episode of that!

    There isn't much more to say really, comedy is subjective so you can't be sure until you try it out. Big Mouth has the potential to go on for at least a few more seasons.
  • timdinchhammonds1 October 2017
    Definitely for adults
    All power to the Netflix executive, who put pen to paper and gave this the go ahead. It was certainly a career making or career ending decision; You will go far in my opinion.....Whatever industry! As the title says, this is definitely for adults, as with that great lens of hindsight a lot of the jokes hit the mark. I would think they would put the fear of God, in anyone coming to this from the opposite direction.It superbly depicts the gaucheness of the almost teen awakening that we have all gone through and at the same time, sticks two fingers up at decorum and political correctness, that just get in the way of portraying what it is to be afflicted by the hormone monster.No parent watching this, will ever wash their twelve year old son's socks again, without complete Hazmat protection!
  • christiank242 October 2017
    This show is actually REALLY good
    Warning: Spoilers
    I don't take time to write reviews, I just don't have the time or patience but this one time.. I had too.. This is one of the funniest animations I have seen in a very very long time.. I have refereed or asked other friends to watch it also.. .. They have felt the same.. It was a surprise, by all of us.. that it would be that good.
  • joannebloxham15 October 2017
    Just got Netflix and found big mouth on a random search. How a program can be so very wrong but so funny then you will like shows how boys and girls feel and act when there hormones kick in at that special age. Given it a 9 rating watched the whole of season one in one marathon sitting and laughed at every episode. Sorry the review so long but just to say would recommend to friends for sure can't wait for season 2 excellent accidental find nice one.
  • johannesvanthart16 October 2017
    A very funny show that covers some important topics
    I loved Big Mouth. As most reviewers before me have also written, the show is not exactly subtle. That doesn't make it any less funny, however. The show has 5 main characters: Nick, Andrew, Jay, Jessi and Missy, who are all in their own way going through puberty. They come from very different homes, which causes them, along with the Hormone Monster/Monstress, to react very differently to all the new things they discover.

    Most people seem to think the show is mainly meant for adults, because of the abundance of swearing, genitals, sex and the use of scary words like 'vagina'. I disagree, however. Although the show for the most part covers lighter subjects, such as first kisses and stuff, it's not afraid to occasionally touch on more serious items, such as sex positivism, especially for women, consent/boundaries, slut shaming, homosexuality etc. Things that are important to know, especially for boys, but are often not given enough attention, for example because of parents' awkwardness, or even neglect, as the show clearly illustrates. Paying more attention to the aforementioned topics at a young age, will hopefully create a generation of men more aware of what women go through, so they might avoid the mistakes Nick, Andrew and Jay make because of ignorance. Obviously, things like consent and boundaries are also important for girls. Girls get horny too, to quote the show, which causes the male protagonists' heads to literally explode. The prejudice that only men want sex hurts both genders, as it assumes men don't have boundaries and that men always have to be dominant to have sex. It's exactly these things that make this show so important. So by all means, have children watch this, show it to them in school. It's funny AND it teaches valuable lessons.

    The only reason I didn't rate this a perfect 10/10 is that I personally didn't really see the additional value of Coach Steve, other than just being gross and possibly mentally challenged?
  • IreneHvR9 October 2017
    BRILLIANT! I'm getting this for my future teenagers!
    I think all 13 year old's should watch this! yes it's awkward.. yes they'll watch it while constantly giggling...

    But it's all true! Which is awesome!

    My kids are almost 3 & almost 4 months... Can't wait to see them get into puberty (not too quick though...) Love those awkward memories! :-D
  • kssiedler8 October 2017
    If you don't find it edgy or entertaining, chances are you're stuck in the pornscape.
    It could also mean you've broken your hormone monster's spirit. Maybe you simply aren't old enough to get over feeling squeamish about the subject material.

    If you like it, it's likely because you realize it's not all absurdity, raunch, and teenage drama, though "there's nothing wrong with that." There is significant pathos here too.

    I hope they come back for several moreseasons. Even without the cliff hanger ending to Season 1, there's plenty of material left to cover. 70+ million years worth, actually. I'd like to see Sigmund Freud as a recurring character.
  • thebeatdownfromthemeatdown30 September 2017
    I wish it was better
    I love everybody involved in this show. I Really love Kroll's shows, Mulaney's stand up, Mantzoukas' podcasts, and all the others but this show is not funny. I just don't get how this many funny people can strikeout, it's like "The House" I couldn't be more excited and that might have lead to high expectations and the let down. I love how they tackle real situations for kids such as hormones and puberty but they use them as an excuse to be super crud without any real jokes or resolution.

    To be fair I am only three episodes in and it could develop more but right now it seems to be full of cheap gross setups to be gross. I wish It was funnier.
  • mick_houlahan30 September 2017
    After about ten seconds, I considered tuning out. Decided to give it a chance, and managed to make it through the first episode. Not one laugh, and only one (barely) passable joke. Crude, juvenile, derivative, offensive -- all those things we like, but not even mildly funny.

    I want that half-hour back.
  • blaklytestudios3 October 2017
    Odd, Awkward, But Not Bad
    Warning: Spoilers
    This is definitely a "What the f***" series. A series in which you find yourself stating "What the f***" on a routine basis. While that alone can't determine whether or not a show is good or bad, it does set the tone for the rest of this review. This series is almost a Kroll Show reunion in its cast, which all do a decent job telling the story of Jr. High Schoolers in developmental stages of puberty coping with the various issues that many have personally dealt with or at the least had friends who had. One would think the hormonal coming of age comedy couldn't be approached in an original way anymore, but this show somehow did so. It's a bit of an absurdist approach to the concept, but it's full of amusement and hilarity throughout. When I say absurdist approach, I should clarify that this show, at times, can seem like Terry Gilliam & Hunter S. Thompson dropped acid and decided to write an teen development comedy. At some points it borders on paranoid schizophrenia, but due to the comedic timing and the elements at play that, somehow makes the show more enjoyable. I thought I would hate it. I started watching the first episode and stopped half way through to figure out what the f*** I was watching and why, but for some reason I felt a strong compulsion to keep watching anyway. The show can be disturbing, weird, and even batsh*t insane at points, but for some reason again it just works. Sometimes various facets of a show manage to inexplicably generate the means to circumvent their own typically off-putting subject matter. I look forward to seeing more installments of this series. I don't know how, but they have something here. Something previously untapped in the medium. It's the first adult cartoon I've seen in awhile that isn't trying to be the Simpsons, Family Guy, or South Park. It doesn't feel like a cheap reach for trickle down favoritism. I'll watch more should they renew the series. I'll even make the recommendation to my friends to try it. To be clear I would rate it a 7.8, but I feel it warranted the round up.
  • Joseph Godfrey1 October 2017
    It gets old really fast.
    Warning: Spoilers
    With so much room to make fun of our youths, these lame ducks pick stereotypes from 1980's TV; Episode 1 is about masturbating for boys. Episode 2 is about getting your period in white shorts. Episode 3 makes Andrew question if he's gay. Episode 4 is about bullying. Episode 5 is about masturbating for girls. Need I continue?

    Honestly if this is what the creator's puberty was like, then I don't know what kind of audience can identify with it. I felt like I was with a group of people telling inside jokes and they're laughing hysterically at something that is utterly nonsense to me. It's filled with 4 grade puns and anecdote I haven't heard since I was nine years old.

    The humor comes from dime store joke books.

    "What do you call a guy who cries while he masturbates?" "A tearjerker."

    It's also incredibly annoying; One character (Coach Steve) randomly pops up as the virtual period in the end of every joke. It reminded me of the old 'Muppet Show' when Fozzie Bear said "Wacka Wacka", but in this universe the crowd cheers for more. There isn't a single character that I like. They're bothersome. Watching them is irritating. I get so annoyed with the whining that each episode feels 15 minutes too long.

    This isn't comedy for an adult audience. I say take out the penis & labia shots, bleep out the cuss-words and put it on Saturday morning for kids who giggle at bright colors. This show isn't good enough for a Reddit GIF.
  • fauraxplayz4 November 2017
    great show
    Warning: Spoilers
    Parents need to know that Big Mouth is an animated comedy series that focuses on a group of teens who are obsessed with sex. They talk constantly about bodies, body parts, different types of sex, masturbation, orgasms, and many other sex-related topics. Expect cartoon nudity -- including male full-frontal -- kissing, and sex, as well as a realistic and sympathetic look at sexual development. There's frequent cursing and language, too, with plenty of sexual words: "f--k," "s--t," "p---y," "c--t," "ass," "damn," "hell," "jerk off," "sucks," "d--ks," "balls," and "jizz." Characters tell each other to "shut up" and engage in mild fights where they push each other. A set of married parents overshares graphically, talking about their own sex life, sexual history, and desires in a way that embarrasses their son deeply. Some jokes talk about drugs and alcohol: A character refers to a friend who died of a heroin overdose. While this show is about young teens, it's pretty mature and pretty raunchy -- older teens who are post-puberty will probably be a better audience.
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