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  • This four-part series from Brazzers, plus two extraneous vignettes to fill out the DVD running time, was deeply disappointing porn, with no ending. I know that streaming and internet crap porn has replaced Adult Cinema in recent years, but as a DVD buyer I resent having this fact thrown in my face almost maliciously with this release.

    That's because after 2-1/2 hours of watching a boring, cheap-sets (zero production value) story of femme students dealing with a deadly stalker named D, the show merely ends with zero resolution. Reason: the Brazzers folks will be free to concoct any number of additional vignettes of humping with these players, as website-borne sequels, while the DVD consumer is left hanging. I'm the only person on Earth who cares about this, and IMDb is my forum for lodging justifiable complaints.

    Of the five hapless heroines, Ashley Adams is the most impressive, bearing beautiful, big and natural breasts. She gets humped twice, by her teacher Erik Everhard and later by Danny D who despite his last name is supposedly merely a huge-dicked red herring and not the evil stalker named D. With no ending, I can only conclude that he was planted as a reverse psychology red herring in the non-script, and that anonymous pornographer Brett Brando or Jakodema on the ZZ payroll was leading me down a blind alley - I insist that Danny is indeed the nefarious villain of this worthless story.

    Among Ashley's coed pals, Indigo Augustine ruined a promising future by covering her bod with way too many ugly tattoos -Hey Augie, there's only room for one Bonnie Rotten out there! The wonderful Jenna Sativa is a plus, and in a pointless cameo as her mom we get (uncredited) Joselyn James.

    The bonus segments are "A Photogenic F*cking" with Roxy Rae posing & humping Jordan Ash, and the idiotic "Smoothie Slut" in which Bruce the Animal Venture humps Joseline Kelly from behind in a food van (selling smoothies) with the customers not noticing the XXX action just out of sight. What a highly original idea? Or not.