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  • Hailing from the obscure "Primal Attraction" label, "Fetish Visions" doesn't deliver on its title, as "Generic Sex" might be more appropriate.

    Company also takes liberties with the running time, as the inevitable DVD bonus excerpt from some other video is included at the end of the main feature, in order to clock in at a fake 106 minutes instead of the real 85 min. length of new material; the honest approach taken by 99% of the industry is to put these "Vivid Girl Extras" or "Bonus Scenes" completely separate, accessible using the DVD Menu.

    The four real scenes have some familiar talent, such as busty Madelyn Marie and lovely Brooke Belle, but are dull as dishwater. Brooke lounges on a couch dressed in latex but her sex-with-boots-on is hardly kinky. Madelyn flaps her false eyelashes at Johnny Castle, and they hump. BFD.