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  • Entertaining movie which shows the true aspect of bollywood, their fake movements.. We all know how these newcomers get those roles. Brilliant acting by lead actors specially Priyanka bose. Good job
  • amit1152 January 2019
    Watched it on netflix, loved it. If you like typical bollywood movies you may not like this. This movie shows bad side of movie industry i.e. struggle of new actors and explores the prostitution in mumbai and issues faced by sex workers in India. Very well acted and very engaging plot.
  • sandeeponthenet28 December 2018
    All you need is add a lot of cuss words, frontal nude scenes, a prostitute, a love angle and crude violence and what you get is the new-age cinema. To add class to the positioning, attribute the story to grand names like Manto...

    These are the movies that people will never watch in the theatre so it's better to release it on platforms such as Netflix. Ashcharyachakit is one such stupid, idiotic, nonsensical movie attributed to the legend Mento. The producers must think twice before making such blunders. I am going with 1 star but that's because we don't have an option of zero star.
  • nerruscobby27 January 2019
    It was a good movie. There's a lot of drama happening and nice to watch once.
  • Amazing acting by Priyanka Bose and the pimp...shows the murkier life of a prostitute and behind the glitz and glamour the dark side of a reigning they lead a dual life behind the fasad of their celebrity image....then there is a pimp who thinks the whore as his procession... This could have been a great ending only if the climax was as dark and gloomy as the film...but the writers changed it to a happy ending ...that too an implausible one.... It actually seems that climax is of another movie

    Possible climax of the movie Climax one - the autorickshaw guy double crossing the driver at the end and killing him and going away with the loot...the pimp convinces the whore that her lover has betrayed her and she goes back to her business thinking this is her life and their is no way out Climax 2- the whore killing the pimp and the driver and runs away with the loot to lead a life on her own terms
  • kazisifat-6949818 January 2019
    I think this a worst Netflix series I ever seen, it's very lower standard story, nothing like to watch on this series , deshdrohi more better than this series
  • nkj-vsp5 January 2019
    Story about whore and her story. It is open and nude in Bollywood industry you could feel now everything is open and widely like Hollywood scene
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Amazing acting by priyanka bose, the pimp and the driver...........very engaging movie, show the murkier life of a whore and the dark world behind the glitz and glamour of a bollywood superstar..... the story was engaging till the climax and then the writers lost it, they tried to make it a karan johar movie by giving it a happy ending..........and messed it up spoilers alert .........the ending should have been that the auto rickshaw double crossing the driver and going ahead with the loot and the prostitue forced to go back to her business........or alternate ending,,,,,,,,,the prostitute double crossing the driver in the end and runs away with the loot to lead a life on her own terms