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  • I went crazy for DD Busty when it first made the scene about three years ago, with its beautiful and hard-to-match models in pointless but arousing vignette action. This edition is run-of-the-mill, and the lack of advancement or novelty of the label recently is a shame.

    Obviously Emma Butt takes top honors, as the Brit Porn veteran who just keeps getting bigger over the years (literally) is exuberant and a great improviser which keeps her scenes lively. Her vignette titled "Lust Beyond the Lens" has Thomas Stone as the lucky shutterbug who gets to view her and then hump her, trademark spectacles on her kisser and all.

    Opening segment has Spanish dialog, untranslated because the talking in these videos is irrelevant to the fans. Susana Alcala is the nurse servicing Pablo Ferrari, with "Hooters for Health" a typical pidgin English title affixed.

    This content was ground out for cable/satellite TV use internationally as individual snippets, kindly compiled onto 2-hour-plus DVDs. Given its flashy packaging and guaranteed huge mams models on screen, it has definitely found an audience.