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  • The story is about Ray who simulates 8 hour kidnappings for paying customers. One customer offers to pay extra to be "kidnapped" for the whole weekend. It goes horribly wrong.

    I personally thought it was a good film that grabbed my attention from the beginning and held it. There was maybe 15mins that could been cut from it but overall I enjoyed. There was good acting and a bit of an unexpected twist at the end.

    Its a shame this is on Netflix as had this been an independent film shown in some back alley cinema in New York, then this probably would have been praised for it originality.

    Overall this film won't change your life but will entertain you for a little bit.
  • dustyt-1187916 July 2017
    Going into the film expecting very little its hard to be let down. i wouldn't say this movie surprised me in any way but i was pleased with my choice to watch it. it had a decent mix of humor and seriousness, a well done production that kept me guessing if i was right in my idea of how it would end up or not. The main actors had a fairly good chemistry and worked well together. If you like little romps that don't take themselves too seriously but aren't at the same type gut busting hilarious than this may be for you. Its worth a watch if your the type that will enjoy a semi decent film despite its minor flaws.
  • "Take Me" is an enjoyable film, mainly for the first 30 minutes of it, after the cat-and-mouse game finishes you will want it to finish itself altogether.

    It's a good take on the hostage genre that certainly grabs a few laughs while enjoying the great chemistry between Healy and Schilling.

    The plot revolves around a man who gets paid to kidnap his clients in order to make them forget their vices or in other cases, just for the adrenaline rush and escaping the mundane life. This premise sounds good and it's somewhat put into good use until the kidnapper starts questioning himself, that's where the movie starts going nowhere.

    I believe it deserves a watch considering it's low runtime and the potential of a couple of laughs as long as you don't go in with high expectations to have your mind blown away.
  • Movie was very predictable and a little strange, but I wasn't expecting the best movie so it was a good easy watch. Acting was decent, a few giggles here and there. If you're looking for something to watch where you don't have to think and need some light entertainment then this is for you.
  • A comedy, thriller, mystery, with twists and turns that will keep you dizzy. A low budget, more human, rendering of The Game. A psycho-drama that doesn't take itself too seriously; or does it? A nice ride, even if it is in the trunk. The Sixth Sense for a guy with no sense. A date (with yourself) movie. Ultimately cathartic and satisfying.
  • 3/15/18. Not a bad twister of a silly hostage-taking adventure. You are never really sure what is going on till the end. Schilling was good in this as the hostage who could fight back.
  • Gordon-1114 November 2017
    This film tells the story of a man who runs a kidnapping service for clients who wishes to be kidnapped for whatever reason. His new job is not as easy as it seems.

    I have actually watched a documentary about a kidnapping service, so the plot is quite believable to me. It delivers thrills and mystery, and it is a good film that provides adequate entertainment.
  • sanjin_96324 May 2017
    Warning: Spoilers
    This quirky little comedy about the very serious matter of kidnapping may not look funny to anyone at first, but it surely surprised me.

    Pat Healy, who I realized was in a bunch of stuff I watched over the years without ever really catching my attention, since the parts he played weren't worth a mention. Other than that, I only knew the name, but couldn't attribute to it anything of importance. If anyone had asked me about who I thought Pat Healy was, I would have told them that it's Patricia Healy they're talking about, some kind of female musician.

    Taylor Schilling's a different story. I definitely knew who she was, even without ever watching an episode of Orange Is The New Black. I saw her in The Overnight, a movie which kinda stuck with me, because it had some really interesting moments. Undoubtedly, an attractive woman, who is on the path of becoming a very good actress, due to the characters she chooses to play.

    This is certainly not the first (or last) comedy about a kidnapping situation, but nonetheless it's a funny one. It made me laugh, which, considering the volume of comedies I've watched over the years, is not an easy task. Don't get me wrong, this is not as brilliant as the classic A Fish Called Wanda, but it's still very enjoyable. 6.5/10
  • kosmasp3 March 2018
    The scenario might not be as unlikely as it had been a couple of years ago. But it still is nothing that is lucrative. So when our main character gets an offer with a lot of money involved, he won't ask too many questions. Now you can act morally superior and question the whole thing or just the fact how he handles things. But we wouldn't have a movie, if some things would not flow a certain direction.

    Having said that, it is tough for the actors to act with two things in mind. And that is to keep the viewer guessing. It is not a big secret that you will be asking yourself "what's going on". The movie almost begs you to ask that question. But it's not so much about any twist that is there or isn't. It's about the fun idea behind it. Fun as a movie idea, not necesserily if it were real of course ...
  • Since yesterday i saw it two times, one when i find it on Netflix and another with my parents.

    This have a great story, maybe unusual, so far from the usual "conservative" works of Hollywood (oriented by market) without giving up the good techniques per be a "little budget". Definitely It's a professional and artistic work without a godfather studio and media!
  • Felicedoll28 October 2017
    This film is well written and has great acting. The original plot kept me entertained throughout. This Indie film is truly unique... so smart, funny and weird! The strange concept of paying for your own kidnapping is brilliant! Taylor Schilling and Pat Healy do a great job with this very original script. This film will keep you guessing and laughing!
  • The best thing about this movie was that it was instantly forgettable. The tone of the movie repeatedly changed throughout the film and there was a drastic mismatch in the acting abilities of the two leads. However intentional, the actor-director's fumbling bumbling idiocy and stale humor was excruciating. Taylor Schilling added a bit of life to the mix, but she wasn't given much to work with. The plot might have succeeded as a quirky short film, but at 83 minutes it was painful. It seemed that the director assumed his character's toupee would suffice as a major plot line.

    The Take: We're not movie critics, but we might be better.
  • Beththebest893 February 2019
    This was a really fun watch. It was quite unpredictable imo. I wasn't expecting much due to its mediocre rating on Netflix, but I was pleasantly surprised at how entertaining it was. The acting was there and its unlike any other movie. It was also an interesting take on what the people who ask for and perform staged kidnapping might be like.
  • I must admit the concept is interesting. Who would've thought about having a fake kidnapping company? Nonetheless, however interesting the premise was, the plot is seriously lacking. All the twists and turns it would take, were already on my mind by the 20-minute mark (I'm just guessing that number... though I maintain I've predicted pretty much everything that would happen in no time). To compensate the lack of originality of the script, the directors work would have to be of utmost unpredictability. And, yes, the director accomplished that. The diverse rapid shifts in tone, from thrilling to comedic to sexually ambiguous to sardonic and to emotional, to name just a few, where scattered across the entirety of the movies duration, granting life to the stale screenplay. Obviously, none of that would have been possible without these amazingly authentic characters and fascinating performances by the lead actors. Maybe all this shifting could've made the characters, and evidently enough, the film, a little bit unstable and consequently a trifling and vain experience, however the director didn't push it too much, marking more the comedic side of such sudden transitions.

    It's, overall, a decent movie. Not at all innovative, but entertaining enough to wrap up a tiring week with a couple laughs.
  • Didnt laugh tons but the plot was enjoyable enough to stand on its own feet.
  • I absolutely loved the movie. The plot is different. The actors have done a great job. It has a good flow to it. You really feel for the character Ray. If you enjoy watching simple flicks with no elaborate stories then you'll definitely love it. Do watch it!!The end was good and there were no dull moments.
  • MaxHaydon199418 July 2017
    Warning: Spoilers
    'Take Me' started out as an interesting prospect. A man who kidnap's people for cash is faced with a difficult client. However... the film struggled to carry with only two main characters seen throughout the entirety of the film. The acting was in parts slightly cringe worthy and although not unwatchable, certainly not that enjoyable.

    The main issue I had with the film was that it promised so much, little hints to where the story could take us. Small plot twists that kept me interested. But ultimately the climax was nothing special. That's not to say the film was a complete flop, the plot was good it just lacked conviction.

    Overall I wouldn't recommend the film, it's very poorly produced and just not worth the time and effort to sit through, but I'll give it a 5/10 for plot alone.
  • educallejero15 August 2018
    This movie is entertaining. It accomplishes what it clearly promised by being a black/dark comedy, with more humor related with the situations (often terrible and dark) instead of jokes (often a bit silly). It doesn't give you more than that though. While the ending and the acting is good, you the movie toys around too much with the same concept (a situation goes out of hand, the characters doesn't know to what extent the others are pretending or not, neither do you, and that table keeps getting turned a thousand times until the movie ends. Its good and smart, but it gets a bit tiresome.
  • That was beautiful. True art. Total impersonation on multiple levels deep. The climax was real - and the hold back was absolute self-control. That was true power on a different level. And, it only gets better. It was a privilege to watch you perform.

    If you're reading my review and wondering if you should watch this movie? I think if you are looking for a movie that shows you real art, rather than a consumerism based movie, with astonishing performance then yes I suggest you should watch it.
  • I really enjoyed this film; I was laughing all the way through, just so funny. Though I admit this was mainly due to watching Taylor Schilling's stela performance as the 'kidnapped' Anna St. Blair. Schillings way with her super expressive face and body language coupled with perfect timing and voice acting, pitched perfect for each scene and encounter is perfect for a comedy film. Truly an underrated actress. If you're out there Taylor Schilling please make the world laugh and make more comedy films! This film is highly recommended... Graham. UK.