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  • Jackbv12310 November 2017
    Most of my favorite Christmas movies have a leading lady who is energetic and quirky. This time, it is Eric Close, as Robert, that has that spirit. He and Catherine Bell, as Lydia, are a great compliment to each other. The movie is enjoyable as we watch their relationship grow. Robert needs to learn to organize and Lydia could use some spontaneity.

    Many Christmas movies are appealing because of one or more kids. Trinity Rose Likins, as Amelia does a great job as a beautiful little girl. Her memories of her mom are special. Jesse Filkow is her brother, Thomas, and he rounds out the family.

    This story doesn't surprise us much, but neither does it stretch our credibility. It manages to provide heartwarming moments without doing so.
  • poohpooh-3424112 December 2017
    I watch almost all of the Hallmark Christmas movies but this couple really have no chemistry on screen at all. The kids are super cute in the movie, plus love that they are toy-makers.
  • This movie is dated 2017 ... so cannot understand why everyone is in 1990s fashion. Oh well, there is plenty of real snow here, indicating it wasn't knocked off in an LA back lot. Busy Dad is overtaken by work pressure ( welcome to real life for 95% of us) so hires a "life balancer/coach" like you do... From there we get a series of small challenges and conflicts none of which constitute a gripping tale.Catherine Bell is the coach and romance. Catherine has an enormous facial philtrum, which is both intriguing and distracting. In addition Bell is a renouned active lesbian in real life and the lack of actual romantic sympatico was discernable, i'm afraid. There has to be some spark, however pretend that is - and i don't believe Bell actually "turned up" for her performance, even though it was passable. Storyline is tolerable , camerwork, editing, script are all professional. A fair film, even if it was low key for 90% of the time. No "zing" though
  • All you need to do is see the names of one female and one male and you always know how these formulaic things will end. No suspense whatsoever. However, in this case it was worse because the romantic couple were not the least bit romantic. Absolutely unbelievable that they got together. And the whole "dancer in a box" was just plain creepy.
  • Christmas-Reviewer19 November 2018
    I Have Reviewed OVER 500 "Christmas Films and Specials". Please BEWARE Of films and specials with just one review! For instance When "It's a POSITIVE" chances are that the reviewer was involved with the production. "If its Negative" then they may have a grudge against the film for whatever reason. I am fare about these films.

    In this film

    Lydia, a successful professional organizer, is constantly trying to grow her business, but even her ambition takes a back seat to love when she meets Robert, a frazzled widower with two young children who happens to be a toy inventor, who must come up in 12 days a new toy that will save his company. However both Lydia & Robert bring out the best in each other. You know how this film will end but the films charming leads make you forget.
  • Kirpianuscus28 December 2017
    It has all the pieces of a Hallmark Christmas film.challenges, romance, kids, the him and her, humor and ... Eric Close. so, ideal choice for winter holiday period. but, few problebs are enough for be obstacles to the complete joy. the chemistry between Catherine Bell and Eric Close is missing. the children are great but the script is thin. the predactibility is not surprising but it seems be only link for entire script. and the love story is too...cold. but, after the final credits, it could be defined as nice movie. and this is the only significant thing, in fact.
  • Sweet single dad hires professional organizer to step in and help at Christmas. He's the brains behind a family toy store and she is the organizer. The beauty of this film is that his motivation is really in the right place, he prioritizes his kids and just needs a little help not dropping the ball. Catherine Bell and Eric Close have great on screen chemistry, and the kids and brother fill in the heart warming cast...with a little help from her best friend. Christmas cookies, poinsettias, and a discussion about the bright star Sirius...make this a Hallmark film you should see.
  • Undemanding, predictable snooze-fest with two leads with zero-chemistry.

    If a man has to hire a professional organiser in order to secure a client contract perhaps it's time he found a new career/day job/business etc.
  • Eric Close is the fun dynamic toy inventor who is a bit of a mess and Catherine Bell is the calm personal organizer who helps him. It is a fun movie. Listed as a Romance but it has a lot of humor and drama. Love the scenes where Catherine Bell is opening and asking what these two drawers are for. He replies as she opens these messy drawers "This is the drawer that we put the stuff that won't fit in the other drawers and that is the drawer we never open".

    He has 2 kids and this makes everything work in the movie. The little girl is in her first role (she seems familiar though) and her part really adds to the drama of missing her mother who passed away and the disorganized life of her father. Catherine Bell is very good with her. We have some great toy shop scenes, especially when he is testing out the Santa Sleigh flyer. The ballerina toy and the last toy at the end are so well done. The title I guess was originally 12 days but then became "Christmas in the air" because of the Santa Sleigh toy that flies. Title is still not quite right. Maybe needs something about the 3 C's of organization Consolidate, Concentrate, ?.

    I am a great Catherine Bell fan and loved the other Christmas movie she was in this year "Home for Christmas Day". This one is better due to Eric Close who is just great. The organization theme has my wife cleaning out drawers in our home so the movie effected us in a positive way. We will watch it again.
  • I watch all types of TV shows and I count on Hallmark to produce quality 'escapist' material. Anyone who tunes into the Hallmark Channel should expect wholesome love stories and mysteries that are absent of gore & perversity and this formula works for a lot of viewers. Even though the scripts lack the unique wit of British television shows, the fictional stories are a relief to watch because they eschew the coarseness, profanity, and general lack of intelligence & good role models so prevalent on American TV.

    Christmas in the Air is a good example of Hallmark standards - a gentle love story surrounding a couple who are a case of opposites attracting. Robert and Lydia have unusual professions that are an enjoyable element in this story, normal values, the usual frustrations of modern life, with the added dimension of a single father of two kids. As the widower, Eric Close gets to play a frenzied father who really wants to be there for his kids and we viewers are spared any overly sorrowful moments. Catherine Bell never disappoints as the demurely sensuous yet down to earth beauty who easily commands the lead female role. The predictability of these types of movies is not a negative. In fact, I consider them encouraging and comforting in this day and age.
  • This movie was not what thought! I DVR the movie and watch a half hour and if it wasnt for Kristen I would have stopped it sooner But she had something done to her face!! I dont know but I didn't like it She is a great actor and I did think it was a little sappy
  • zyxnix11 December 2017
    Catherine Bell is top shelf lady material...however...something has happened to her face. Her checks just seemed to be so puffy...maybe she had a cold or something during filming. I just couldn't get past that. I have to go watch old Jag episodes to get over this. Overall, it was a good movie.
  • This was being shown on the Hallmark channel so I just turned it on and watched it.

    I didn't know anything about it beforehand but I really enjoyed it.

    I love that he is a toymaker and very creative.

    The main stars looked good together and I liked the story.

    I watched this to add to my Christmas challenge and I am glad I did.

    I will watch this again.
  • adamjohns-4257514 November 2020
    Eric Close is so adorable in this. He plays the cutest Dad with the best laughter lines around his eyes. He really gives a great performance as well as looking like an absolute DILF.

    It's a very Christmassy film, with lots of seasonal cheer, which I think is helped by the kids in it. I like the idea that he's a toy maker, it gives the film an even more festive feel. I also like the thought that has gone in to the relationship, he gets tidier while she gets a bit messy. A compromise between them both to accept each other.

    It's really rather charming and lovely. No unnecessary comedic characters and all acted very well.
  • Instead of the usual eventplanner , it's now a personal organiser. Ah, it's a twist I guess. Didn't feel the chemistry between the leads. It's an okay movie to watch during Christmas
  • Love Catherine Bell to bits, especially in Good Witch but seriously, how difficult would it have been to get the brightest star in the night sky located correctly?

    Yes they showed Orion but Sirius must have strangly shifted position from down and left of Orion's belt to above and right.