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  • Warning: Spoilers
    Here we have the 4-minute music video by Madonna for the song "Like a Virgin", a pretty good hit and it also scored several nominations, which is really nothing too common for music videos. I wonder why though as this one here is neither particularly good nor anywhere near Madonna's best. The tune may be a bit catchy, but the video is fairly simple and Madonna looks nothing virgin-like in it I must say. Oh well, she tries admittedly with the dress. The director is Mary Lambert and she worked on many other projects actually too. But despite the big name starring in here, this is far from her best I am sure. A bit of a shame as I quite love Madonna's other "Like a" song and video. This one here comes really short in comparison. And by the moment we get that guy with the lion mask, it is really all lost. Thumbs-down from me. I don't recommend checking it out.